Monday, June 30, 2014

Wichita Lineman

I am a lineman for the county/ and I drive the main road / searching in the sun for another overload

now here's some irony ....the News-Press has been going on and on for years about the evils of unions, both public and private....Wendy has used Lanny Ebenstein to denigrate unions and the public know, the first responders during 9/11 and the Boston bombings among others....indeed, there is a war against the working class..a war against labor....against the folks who built this country!!!

the reasoning was the public unions negotiate fat contracts and benefits for workers that the private sector doesn't have....well, that's nonsense...the public and private sectors are different..the job types, requirements, logistics ...all different

the public sector is not profit driven; the best way to save money in gov't is to cut the fat...but compensation should never be political

the private sector is profit driven so they cut corners...why even Wendy has to cut corners..she recently took away employee benefits like company life insurance, disabilty and vision plans...even the crew who tried to decertify the union for Wendy got screwed! I think Gerry Fall the Sports guy who kissed up to Wendy got his benefits pulled! OUCH!!

excellent benefits?

but Lanny was trying to get initiatives on the ballot to stop collective bargaining for the over-paid public sector..all this is politically motivated of course but the irony is as the News-Press fixes to die, and Lanny's not writing guest editorials, the Supreme Court may try to weaken public unions this week...last I heard was Lanny as trying to get a job at the Santa Barbara sewer treatment plant..the pay and bennies are good, but the City said no...Lanny didn't even know what a crescent wrench was!!!

on the Supreme Court docket is whether unions can take dues (maint fees) from freeloaders: Supreme Court will make its most important ruling in labor law in decades next week when it weighs in on a right-to-work case that could determine whether non-union workers can be compelled to pay public sector union dues.

Courts for years have recognized the rights of unions to ask non-members to pay dues for union negotiating costs, but a group of home healthcare workers in Harris vs. Quinn are challenging dues they pay to a branch of the Service Employees International Union as a violation of free speech...


well, I don't think the Supremes will be stupid enough to make cops and firefighters pay for the scabs who don't want to pay, and then get the reward of union negotiated raises and benefits...BUT..and this is a big BUTT.. here's the irony of ironies: Antonio Scalia is on the Supreme Court..Tony's Italian and I love Italians..Gina Lollobrigida, who doesn't dig her??? and spaghetti..yum.....

Scalia actually has voted in favor of public unions in the past so he may be the swing vote this time around..Tony and I will eat at Petrini's, drink wine, have some loud fun and then go cut the heads off some Hope Ranch horses...just for laughs!!! Paisano!

no, I don't think the Supremes will rule for the right to work scabs and freeloaders....these fucks can always work for the non-union shops where raises are so easy to come by..oh, I just heard that the Supremes voted in favor of the part-timers, the freeloaders......but if the scabs don't pay maint fees, then they shouldn't get the raises negotiated by the unions... either way, the unions will still have plenty of power and won't be gutted....

I heard that Wendy hasn't given any raises in 8 years... all the guys who lined up thinking Wendy would take care of them for trying to bust the unions, just got busted themselves..

and the Wichita Lineman, is still on the line...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Livin' in the USA

doot do do do do doot doot
Living in the U.S.A.
Don't worry 'bout me, babe
Doot do do do do doot doot
Living in the U.S.A.

well Andy Granatelli croaked last year so this year's Rods and Roses Parade in Carp was missing the big guy...I didn't miss him I'm just sayin' he wasn't there this year...yes, Andy died but I didn't kill him..God did..God kills everyone sooner or watch out for those cheeseburgers!


but I did see lots of people and cool cars, trucks and motorcycles..California is  cars driving up and down the coast...Highway 1 through Big Sur is something everyone must experience...the history there...Esalen Institute, Ventana...Henry Miller Library...the Bixby Bridge...

would you go in a Prius? I wouldn't go anywhere in a need power to get thru Big Sur..howzabout a 1957 Oldsmobile! or a peachy T-Bird!!

now I know that folks like the Water Guardians don't want anymore oil or water used to extract oil, but it takes gobs of oil and tons of water to keep these babies shiny and on the road....drink it up baby

then there's the ultra-cool 1969 Vietnam chopper...being restored so give 'em some money...

Vietnam....the French tried to rule them, the Chinese tried and the USA tried...Vietnam beat them all back...the commies won the war but communism just eventually petered out and capitalism thrives today...I guess because of our intervention..or in spite of's best to let foreign countries fight their own battles...our military is cool and essential, but should be used Sun Tzu said in the "Art of War"...every battle is won before it's ever fought.....

Stand back, stand back
Stand back, stand back

Friday, June 27, 2014

Marigold Sky

Oh, my marigold sky
Gold leaf reflection's on the ocean

one of my favorite outdoor labs is Loon Point in Summerland...I enjoy the vistas which are second to none...I like watching the native plantings fall to Mother Nature...certain plants work in certain areas..being native has nothing to do with it....

well look here...last week I mourned the weeds killed by Union Pacific at the railroad tracks /Loon beach...but now some have grown back providing needed greenery..and no external forced water supply necessary!! survival of the fittest...geez the lessons are lost on the native cult...I wonder why these folks waste time money and energy on such folly as restoration..will I be forever doomed to wonder about these things?? sure, why not..

no fires and no nudity unless you're female

and I like native plants fine..but they must learn to survive on their own just like I did

years ago the Forest Service did control burns in the back country and they did a good job..I love the smoke-ring days when the wind blows.. in the air..they did these burns to control brush and get rid of dead trees and other fire hazards....they never did the controls burns just to go to native-only plants....

nowadays, UCSB is going nutters with control burns to kill weeds on Lagoon Island and Coal Oil Point..they want, they need and they demand that these areas have native plants only and "biodiversity"..biodiversity as I've pointed out before is nonsensical cult jibberish...

dispersal is where it's at...the wind..the wind

now UCSB has been starting fires at Lagoon Lake and Coal Oil Point to control or kill weeds..the weeds aren't hurting anyone or anything, but since they are weeds, they are demonized by the scientists who would be out of job if they simply accepted weeds as part of life, but they don't....this drives me crazier than a virgin outside my window playing with herself

so the recent fire by Coal Oil Point is a prime example why these nativists are so stupidly wasting time and money trying to return these areas to "biodiversity"..years ago, they covered the ice plant with sheets of plastic to kill it...then they planted their little native gardens amd sat on them like a mother hen..then the recent fire wiped out most of the native plants..thank God the eucalyptus trees didn't burn down like they are supposed to do according to the native only cult...oh the myths about eucalyptus

native cultspeak:

per UCSB: Habitat Restoration

"Restoration is the return of an ecosystem to its natural conditions prior to European disturbance."

Status Of Habitat Restoration Projects
Coal Oil Point Reserve has an aggressive restoration program to restore degraded habitat to better support rare coastal ecosystems. Over the past seven years, Coal Oil Point Reserve has successfully restored more than 20 acres, including wetland margins, vernal pools, coastal sage scrub, dunes, and beach habitats. All these areas are now self-sustaining and rich in native wildlife.

WTF???? it all just burned down!!! they forgot about FIRE!!! the scientists burn the weeds and plant the natives then Nature burns down the natives!! I LOVE IT!!!

hey wait a minute..I got a conspiracy theory: the biologists planted 20 acres and 20 acres burned? maybe the UCSB scientists burn the weeds, then plant the natives, then wait awhile, then burn the natives so they can plant the natives again!! 

UCSB Lagoon Lake!!
 so when the weed burns happen and when they are done in drought conditions you can bet the embers are still there and will be swept up by a nice Santana Wind condition...if you've been here for awhile, you know that Santana winds and embers are a bad combination....I bet the Coal Oil fire was from the recent weed burn done by UCSB by the lagoon

now I would have told these folks to chill out and keep the ice plant there because it's a good fire break.. open an ice plant and you get water..lots of water...water does not burn....

however, native flowers, all planted nice and pretty by UCSB and other restoration junkies, do burn..

if you don't like ice plant, remember it's part of the marigold family...and you like marigolds don't you?

Come Together

hold you in his armchair you can feel his disease....

so KEYT had a story last night about Ellito Rodger...Ellito killed a student named Chris and Chris's dad doesn't want any media to mention the killer's name, so I'll call him Ellito...

other students were killed by Ellito and the parents were on TV being interviewed..even Ellito's dad was on Baba Walter's show saying he didn't think Ellito would hurt a flea, let alone slaughter some students..some parents ought to get to know their kids

then on the screen appeared a greasy little rat Italian Jew, Barry Capello... apparently Barry believes that had the sheriffs been better trained they could have stopped Ellito before he stabbed his roommates and drove around Isla Vista in his daddy's BMW shooting young folks and driving into one, on purpose...Ellito had 400 rounds of ammo and was taking Xanax, allegedly

now I find that an interesting statement by beady-eyed Barry Capello, the guy who defended Wendy during the News-Press decline...Wendy, the gal who had thousands of child porn images on her computer.... (no real investigation to this day....maybe Darrell Issa could get involved!)

but I find it interesting that Barry would blame the cops....maybe Barry thinks there's some money to be made and if the parents sue, he's got the case all wrapped his sicko little mind

now the question is if Ellito's parents didn't know their kid, how the hell are the cops supposed to know him??

think about that Barry, you little joo-joo eyed slimeball parasitic monkey-fingered flattop disease

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hello In There

if you're walking down the street sometime, and you should spot some hollow ancient eyes, don't you pass them by and stare, as if you didn't care..say hello in there...hello

well I did...made the rounds: Tri County Produce, 7/11 then the car 7/11 was this old lady in rags...(not the one in the picture)

she went in the store then out and sat down for a spell.. I got my coffee and a News-Press (hey Wendy, I still support ya!)

this old lady of slight stature, meekly asked me for some change..I gave her a dollar and her face lit up and she smiled, looked right at me and said "thank-you"... I smiled back

a dollar...that's alot of money and I felt good and all you phonies and hypocrites who try to tell me how to give my money, how to be charitable I tell you I give my money as I see fit...whether it's charity to a Rescue Mission or charity on the street.. I decide how to spend my money, not you..

if you don't approve of me giving a dollar to an old woman who needed a little kindness, then you can kiss my ass...

that lady made my day!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stuck Inside of Mobile, With The Memphis Blues Again

oh mama, can this really be the end?

no I don't have a vagina but I admire those who do...imagine being stuck inside a vagina with the Memphis Blues and having to be rescued by German firefighters...someone once suggested twice that Lois Capps might be a Nazi and looking at her steel cold blue eyes, blonde hair and angular cheek bones, I would have to agree that Lois is indeed a Nazi..she just doesn't care about anybody or ennathin except winning elections....typical Nazi

but I'm not interested in Lois...her daughter Laura however...hmmm....very nice

but ok so I see an American exchange student got stuck in a giant stone Vagina Germany

actually the guyn looks Mandarin but whatever....the point is he got stuck between a rock and a foopa..... like a billion other men...

and here I sit so patiently trying to find out what price, you have to pay to get out of going through all these things twice....

Monday, June 23, 2014

(I'm a) Roadrunner

Money, who needs it, let me live my life free and easy. Put a toothbrush in my hand, let me be a travelin' man 'Cause I'm a road runner baby

first, I'd like to say "thank-you" to supervisor Peter Adam for finally getting the roads paved in Carp.....on Via Real....I was able to zip to Summerland in no time..caught two chicks in a beach selfie! then they stripped and had sex in the sand!! awesome!

well the News-Press may be skinny, but Wendy still wields enough power to support Andy Caldwell's Sunday guest editorials and she brings in top political talent to the Reagan Ranch Center...for the Young Miss America Foundation, Wendy's personal nonprofit

the latest invitee was Allen West ...I likes to refer to Allen as "Buckwheat" ...and Buckwheat had such a problem with Debbie Wasserman- Schultz, the democrat from Florida! that boy has such a problem with women in general

"Women Suck!!"

Debbie kicked his ass and booted him right out of politics for his teabagger only FOX NEWS and the News-Press will indulge him....birdbrains of a feather flock together...

"YOU ARE NOT A LADY": In July 2011, West responded to a perceived slight from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) with a fiery letter in which he threatened her and scolded, "You have proven repeatedly that you are not a Lady, therefore, shall not be afforded due respect from me!" West later said he had apologized, but Wasserman-Schultz said she had not received one.

"I’M GOING TO KILL YOU": Before running for Congress, West had a 22-year career in the military, but left after he abused an Iraqi detainee: "This is it. I’m going to count to five again, and if you don’t give me what I want, I’m going to kill you." He then fired a shot "a foot" over the detainee’s head.

RELIGIOUS COEXISTENCE "WOULD GIVE AWAY OUR COUNTRY": During a March 2011 town hall, West talked about the "Coexist" movement, saying of their bumper stickers: "Every time I see one of those bumper stickers, I look at the person inside that is driving. Because that person represents something that would give away our country. Would give away who we are, our rights and freedoms and liberties because they are afraid to stand up and confront that which is the antithesis, anathema of who we are."

"These Planned Parenthood women, the Code Pink women, and all of these women have been neutering American men and bringing us to the point of this incredible weakness...We are not going to have our men become subservient."

— Rep. Allen West (R-Fl.), who lost his 2012 bid for re-election

fringe...and Wendy wonders why her paper is going down the tubes!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Seasons

sure does appeal to me....

you know what the News-Press reminds me of? a Pet Spa! ..pointless and uselesss...a plague at local beaches and parks

lapdogs have become trendy social accessories and male-substitutes but girls, the bible warns: neither shall any woman give herself to an animal to lie with it: it is perversion.  
in other words, stick to your own species or your kids will have to wear flea collars for the rest of their lives

another parable is Abraham planted tamerisk trees and God was pleased...heed the words of wisdom in the bible as ye plant, so shall ye sow

there's another paper, the Sentinel, that is looking rather odd these's the freebie owned by Jim Buckey of Montecito Journal least MJ has a real gossip columnist in Richard Mineards..this dude is the oldest groupie and gives us the latest celebrity nonsense, but hey I read it!!

but I did note that Matt Mazzaball is not writng his cutesy stuff anymore...he's only listed as co-founder of the Sentinel...

so now the Sentinel has degenerated into a place for alcoholics to go...they got more stories about Tequila Festivals and Beer Festivals at a city facility, the Cabrillo Rec Center..I need to find out why the Cabrillo Rec Center turned into a drinking beer a recreation?? is a DUI a badge of honor??

well, there was some healthy recreation at the Polo grounds in Carp...a bunch of kids looked to be having some fun, exercising the body...lacrosse or I watched a while and everyone started jumping the fence to get in ..this must what it's like to cross the border was kinda fun!

then I went over to see the dead brown patches at Loon Point parking lot in Summerland....I think Union Pacific hired someone to kill all the weeds by the tracks....I was here last month and it was green and pretty with butterflies and bees..but today, on the first day of summer, it's all dead and brown

I guess these folks don't like insects or pretty things like flowers..there's the black tank with WEED ABATEMENT printed on it...yup, they poisoned the landscape which killed the habitat of insects and animals...

I just can't figure these people out...who doesn't like butterflies?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

She's About a Mover

she was walking down the street, lookin' fine as she could be

so I'm out walking on the Bluffs in Carp on Friday and it's beautiful....the ocean is calm and people are out and about...about a mover

first I see something I've never seen before...this lady with big sexy white legs and a shorty short black dress or whatever it was...her ass was hanging out and within reach if the damn kids weren't there!!

then I see some hippie-types in the grass area...I'm at the top of the bluffs and they are too but on the other side of the railroad tracks..I'm grooving on the ocean..

the hippeis got something on their backs and they are spraying the ground..I watch them for awhile, two chicks and a guy...

I wonder what the hell they are doing so I take some pictures...oh I hope they are not spraying poison on the non-natives..I hope that's not the case because if it is, you might read in the News-Press about three dead people on the bluffs killed by a crazed blogger...

I took some deep breaths and calmed down and went over there and axed them "is that poison you're spraying on the ground?"

the chick says "no, it's water..these containers have water"

"water?" I asked with a snicker

then the guy says he's just trying to get some native plants to grow in the drought...

I look at him square in the eye and I says "the non-natives are just fine..they attract all kinds of cool animals..just leave them alone and let them grow!" I figured they were actually spraying some concoction to kill the weeds....

then they giggled....giggled!!..

the bluffs are not someone's personal leave them alone!! some plants will grow in the drought and some won't....some will go dormant, some will die...and the plants that thrive here are salt tolerant like the tamarisk...because the bluffs are right close to the ocean if they hadn't noticed...

I walked away shaking my head...for effect

damn hippies

Friday, June 20, 2014

Natural Woman

lookin' out on the morning rain....

so I heard that song and always loved it....Aretha sang it like nobody else could...Carole King, whose solo career reached the stratosphere, wrote the lovely music and Gerry Goffin wrote the lyrics...Goffin just died at age 75....

"(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" is a 1967 single released by American soul singer Aretha Franklin on the Atlantic label. The record was a big hit for Franklin, reaching number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100, and became a standard song for her. Franklin included a live recording on the album "Aretha in Paris" (1968).

Co-written by the celebrated writing-producing team of Carole King and Gerry Goffin, the song was inspired by Atlantic Records co-owner and producer Jerry Wexler. As recounted in his autobiography, Wexler, a student of African-American musical culture, had been mulling over the concept of the "natural man", when he drove by King on the streets of New York. He shouted out to her he wanted a "natural woman" song for Franklin's next album. In thanks, Goffin and King granted Wexler a co-writing credit. The personnel on the original recording included Melvin Lastie on cornet, King Curtis and Charlie Chalmers on tenor sax,Willie Bridges on baritone sax, Spooner Oldham on piano, Jimmy Johnson on guitar, Tommy Cogbill on bass and Gene Chrisman on drums

that must have been an interesting session, hearing that song come to life, to vinyl back in the days when music was an art, a means of communication like no other..

and the folks involved in these song, the writing, performing, production were...well, I don't know where they got their chops, but they sure got 'em! genuis

and the Goffin/King song list is amazing...simply amazing..some songs you wouldn't associate with them like the Byrds "Wasn't Born to Follow"....

thank you Goffin and King..

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Angry Eyes

what a shot you could be if you could shoot at me with those angry eyes

ok so the friends of the lady killed in a Buellton ATV accident were angry with me for posting my opinions about what happened, after I read the Noozhawk story which was based on a CHP report...the CHP said they would investigate if alcohol was a I know the family/friends are grieving and upset, but I'm not emotionally involved so my interest is not at all unusual...even though the story said the accident was on private property, public agencies were called to deal with it..the SB County Fire Dept and CHP...I support those agencies with my tax money, so naturally I'm curious as to what happened...trying to piece together info from the CHP report..nothing mean-spirited about that at all....

so the question is are there too many wineries here, the faux-crop of wine grapes sucking the valley dry?? water that could be used to save the steelhead!! priorities people, priorities

wine in France makes sense...they have plenty of rain..but here in this semi-arid climate, why are people growing grapes??? because it's a fad and trendy

the last thing I want to see is all these flower fields and avocado groves in Carp turned into the SantaYnez Valley, Carp could be covered in casinos and wineries and GOD FORBID the obligatory annoying wine tasting rooms....we got enough breweries in Carp to keep the sailors on the USS REAGAN blasted for aweek, so I say no more...residents rightfully fear their bucolic roadways will degenerate into speedways full of drunken drivers.

would that mean I would have to buy a new car, possibly a Land Rover or giant FORD truck so I would fit in with my upscale neighbors?? then I 'd probably have to convert to Republican and learn to speak Chumash!!

but there is something strange about these parched remember the odd case of Christopher Marks..a few years ago he was found dead at the beach... the bottom of the Shoreline Park remains a mystery to this day with speculation from bad investments to a mob hit...

On Wednesday, more than six months after the body of Central Coast vintner Christopher Marks was found on a beach in Santa Barbara, Calif., his death was ruled a suicide by the Santa Barbara Police Department. A self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head was determined to be the official cause, presumably from a .38 caliber revolver that Marks owned but is still missing today. The owner of Sweeney Canyon Vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills and an investment advisor for a firm in Los Angeles, Marks had numerous business and legal disputes related to both ventures at the time his body was found in the early morning hours of Sept. 20. Those economic troubles are thought to be what led to the suicide, although they also triggered a rash of conspiracy theories as to possible enemies with motives. Police initially believed he had fallen from the cliffs above the beach until the coroner found out a few days later that he had been shot in the head. That prompted further investigations, including an underwater search by the FBI, but they turned up nothing. Police believe that the gun was likely washed out to sea in the days between when his body was found and when the gunshot wound was discovered. The family was notified March 22, and the case is now closed.

I found a very interesting take on the wine industry that I actually agree with

Threepenney Opera
and there's some wine wars going on as published by the Wineberserkers and Independent last year...all sorts of accusations against Pence and the winery from a guy named Wes Hagen, from Clos Pepe Vineyards

Here is a letter I submitted to the TTB Enforcement Division today after realizing there's nothing we can do to stop Pence Ranch from misleading the press and consumers:

Mr. XXXXX and Mr. XXXXX:

My name is Wes Hagen, and I am the original petitioner from 1997 who submitted, wrote, researched, perfected the establishment of the Sta Rita Hills AVA in Northern Santa Barbara County, CA. I have also written petitions for Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara and Ballard Canyon AVAs. Your offices have always been extremely efficient and helpful in working with us here in Santa Barbara County.

We have a very troubling situation brewing down here in the Sta. Rita Hills, and we are at the point where the offending party seems to be exhibiting such disregard for our AVA that we feel we need to get the TTB involved.

Patrick Shabram, working for Blair Pence and Pence Ranch has submitted a petition to extend the eastern boundary of the Sta Rita Hills. 100% of the original petitioners and the Sta Rita hills Winegrowers Alliance have voted unanimously to oppose the expansion on the basis of science, history and viticulture. We plan an active and vigorous defense of our original petition during public comment, have requested a year to gather our own data to compare with the Shabram document, and this letter does not serve as a proxy for that process.

It has come to the attention of the winegrowers in this area that Blair Pence and Pence Ranch have been actively and illegally marketing their wines in the press (but not on labels) as Sta. Rita Hills wine. We have assembled some recent and egregious examples that cannot be denied by Mr. Pence, and have included them here in this email. At the least, we expect these to go into the Expansion Petition docket to prove ‘dirty hands’.

We think this is germane to the petition, showing how Mr. Pence has no respect for the proper and perfected process that is required for making claims of AVA inclusion. He’s being tricky. He isn’t using illegal labeling, but then goes to the press and into the market and actively promotes his wines as being from the SRH AVA.

well it goes on and on and mentions the News-Press publishing misinformation...that little News-Press troll Sean Lewis who writes about sports and beer and wine got caught up in it
wow! I hope they straightened it all out

but it might be easier just to grow avocados...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Under My Thumb

there's a squirmy dog, who's just had her day

ok... just when I think I got one McCuckoo under my thumb, another couple of McCaws spring up...this time I'm reading the Arts and Lectures glossy and there, on one page, is Gloria Steinem, the feminist, Sarah Miller-McCune, the heir apparent to the News-Press, and Craig and Susan McCaw...Craig's the billionaire cell phone guy and the fella who made Wendy rich

 now I've heard that Craig thinks whales come from outer space or whatever, but if he can pose for the Arts and Lectures mag, why can't he finish his restaurant in Montecito, the old Peabody's has been in construction phase for THREE YEARS!! talk about dragging your heels...well at least the new wife looks normal (compared to Wendy)

also I'd like to introduce you my Mutter!

speaking of crazy, Andy Caldwell seems to be down for the count, but I'm happy to report that Wendy has found a new editorial writer for her skinny newspaper...Scott Steepleton! Scott will be writing editorials on the front page and Monday Scott blasted Lois Capps for A- supporting the Iraq war/invasion..and B- supporting the troop withdrawal..apparently Lois is responsible for all the Toyota's carrying them machine gun-toting militants in Iraq now....

Scott that's not logical at all

mission accomplished, Scott??

interestingly Reagan wanted to normalize relations with Iraq: A message from President Reagan was drafted.....
"I have become convinced of the important role Iraq can play in helping bring greater peace to the Middle East," Reagan wrote in the Dec. 8 draft.

"The United States strongly desires an end to the Iran-Iraq war. I have no illusions that the many differences between Iraq and the United States can be easily or quickly resolved," the message stated. "However, I am gratified that the dialogue between us, laboriously and patiently nurtured, has improved our understanding of each other.

"The United States stands ready to exchange ambassadors to make formal recognition of this fact whenever you decide that such a step will support the interests of your country. Until then, I want you to know that I attach great importance to continuing and improving our dialogue," the message said.

then Iraq invaded Kuwait..Kuwait wanted our help so the first George Bush Sr. sent troops in but got battle interruptus and pulled out too soon....had he finished the job, Iraq would be Kuwait now and we'd have a nice embassy there...but that didn't happen

I'm tellin' ya, the Bush guys are bad leaders..and the chickenhawks are all screaming bomb bomb bomb!!! more trillions down the drain

lost on Scott is the fact that we invaded Iraq and killed the only person who could control the violence, Saddam Hussein! ironic no? then Scott ties into his Iraq editorial the Peter Lance investigation of Capps' office for the death of Mallory Dies....

the USA invasion simply killed lots of kids and disrupted a civil war..this latest rash of violence, these guys in Toyota pickup trucks with machine guns could be stopped easily..the Iranians could get involved and we know that Iran and Iraq have fought wars before, but Iran should gobble up Iraq and stabilize the region..

America didn't liberate anybody and obviously we didn't train the Iraqi troops very well..we invaded a sovereign country for no reason..and we did a half-ass job..the Bush Doctrine is insane

if Lois loses in November that's fine with me, but if she wins, it's partly because of inane reports that Scott Steepleton writes for Wendy...Scott Steeplton is simply not credible as a judge once pointed out....

but interestingly, Scott seems to say if the Peter Lance -led investigations by the FBI don't nail Lois, then maybe the fact that she voted to invade Iraq in 2002, or was pro-withdrawal of the troops in 2010 will...

geez Scott..get realistic

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Carefree Highway

let me slip away, slip away on you

now it 's true some gov't agencies need to be monitored due to ineptitude and one of them is CALTRANS.....I live close to some beautiful rural roads so CALTRANS is always on my mind, unfortunately....ok they need to pave and maintain roads, but sometime they screw things up so bad, I can't believe what a waste the taxpayers have to shoulder....many roadside highway projects have happened in Carp..from Padaro to Santa Claus Lane, Caltrans landscaped everything and provided an elaborate irrigation system..none of this work was necessary but they wanted to put in some "native" trees....and now we're in a drought..those trees by Padaro were planted about four years ago and on the mountain side of the freeway.... they haven't grown much and some are dead....and some are just skinny twigs..

Caltrans does not a have a green thumb

ok so recently Caltrans monkeyed with Highway 192 and the Arroyo Parida Creek Bridge
it's a cool old stone bridge that some trucker damaged- it needs a small fix but CALTRANS turned it into a one laner and put in STOP signs, signal flashers and butchered some beautiful old oak trees by the creek and thrashed some roadside plants....what a mess they made!

Jim Shivers is the district manager and I don't know why he wants to destroy the neighborhood..he's an idiot possibly with steel plates in his head..he should be fired..they could have fixed the bridge years ago but they want to rip out more trees and build a huge spanning bridge..again, completely unnecessary and I've never seen an accident up here..

first Peoples Self Help Housing and now CALTRANS.....cutting down trees, laying more asphalt, messing up bridges and building houses for poor people...

and I'm payin' for all of it!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

I Am A Child

what is the color, when black is burned?

today I join conservatives, Ayn Rand libertarians, and my Tea Party friends in demanding we get rid of those illegal Mexican kids, those mongrel child immigrants who have overwhelmed the border patrol agents and now reside in military bases...why, here in Ventura the naval base has housed and fed these little bastards!! outrageous waste of my tax money....

The border should be sealed off with electric barbed razor wire fences..that way the little buggers will get zapped and bloodied before they set foot in my version of America!!

my pro-life sentiments go only so far!!

stand up to this invasion!!!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

walkin' after midnight

I go out walking after midnight
Out in the moonlight, just like we used to do
I'm always walking after midnight, searching for you..

tea time

so I see Matt Dies, the father of Mallory, wrote to the News-Press Page 2, praising them for their fourth estate duty...Peter Lance always uses this term to describe a newspaper's job as gov't watchdog....I got no problem with that until the watchdog becomes corrupt, as is the case of the News-Press and Peter Lance..chasing ratings or political agendas instead of keeping the public informed without fear or favor of friend or foe..the News-Press used to do that, but not anymore....

so Matt Dies is understandably upset his daughter was killed by a drunk driver who worked for Lois Capps...but his rant was teabagger stuff and not at all credible

Matt's problem is he believes everything Peter Lance wrote without a judicial review or investigation to be completed....the FBI investigated Lefty, golf great Phil Mickleson for insider trading allegations..are we to believe Phil is guilty before the investgation is complete?

well they completed the investgation and found no evidence that Lefty was guilty of anything....

Matt Dies needs money for whatever reason and the gov't is deep pockets..he won't get much from Raymond Morua, the guy who killed his daughter...

maybe Matt could go after the booze makers, or the folks who initiated the invasion of Iraq which caused Raymond so many mental issues...Matt Dies could sue everyone..

and that fact that Peter Lance was busted for DUI seems to be lost on Matt, who appears to be pretty stupid...Lance was DUI but didn't man up, he lawyered the process, he went to the News-Press and wrote a long series about the cop who busted him..basically smeared her and others..Lance was not vindicated or exonerated, but he did get off on a misreading of the law by Judge Brian Hill....the hearing was a circus and you can read all about it on this blog...Lance is a salesman, not a reporter..maybe Matt should ask Peter why he wasn't doing a series in the News-Press on drunk driving instead of trying to wiggle out of his own DUI by blaming the cops (gov't)

so that's whiskey under the bridge, but the latest Lance investigation seems to be relying on info provided by Raymond Morua, a two time DUI loser and convicted embezzler..why would anyone believe him??

maybe if Matt Dies was a better father, his daughter would be alive having pursued more productive career avenues than bartending....

once you start blaming gov't for your problems, you over-estimate their powers..and undervalue your own...

Winery Death

so I see a Buellton woman was killed in an ATV, or All-Terrain vehicle accident in Buellton...Noozhawk had the story...
 but I had to search to see who was involved...apparently the driver Holly Brooks was killed and a passenger, Alyssa Whitcraft jumped off the vehicle just in time..both gals are associated with the Wine/Wine Tasting Industry...

Holly Brooks and the Pence Ranch
Holly delights in entertaining and managing special events at the ranch. Coming from a family of pioneers in the veterinary field, Holly takes special interest in the animals we raise and frequently serves as their on-site vet. She also manages the gardens, including a broad collection of roses, fruit trees, and other specimens. She can often be seen flying by on an ATV, off to the next project! Holly and Blair live on the ranch in the original 1907 residence, which Holly has carefully restored and decorated to reflect its heritage.

her passenger, Alyssa Whitcraft who escaped injury, is part of the family who owns Whitcraft Winery ...they get grapes and wine from the Pence Ranch among other grape there's the connection

well, I hope there was no alcohol involved but speeding around after midnight in wine country on an ATV and then crashing sounds suspicious.....

or maybe just damn unlucky.. I wonder what's really going on with all these winery people? hmmmm

buy for me the rain

my darlin' buy for me the rain

well I didn't see Andy Caldwell's Guest Opinion in the Friday the 13th edition of the News-Press, so I guest Andy's down to a few times a week while Lanny Ebenstein has been discharged from editorial duties...sorry Lanny... try El Latino, the weekly freebie that Wendy owns..
Katie speaks, Andy giggles
now Wendy says she's a businesswoman and it's true she's been giving the business to Santa Barbara for a few years, but maybe she can save the News-Press with some thoughtful ideas...haha

Watergirl speaks, Andy stumbles

anyway I did see Andy on TV at the Santa Barbara County Supervisors' meeting in Santa Maria...the topic was the fracking ban initiative..Andy was sitting next to Mike Brown former CEO of SB County and now COLABer..

a bunch of folks spoke to the issue and most were anti-fracking....

now I noticed when the gals from the Water Guardians spoke, Andy was in defensive mode: fidgeting, yawning, looked really nervous, and he almost fell off his chair..both Mike and Andy looked fat and out of shape while the Water Guardian women, Katie Davis and Rebecca Claassen looked fit and pretty in a watery, ethereal kinda way

Rebecca speaks, Andy freaks
then the guy who accepted Andy's debate challenge way back when the News-Press was still a viable newspaper, well Andy kept his eyes fixed on the ground while Water Guardian Gary Paudler spoke..maybe Andy was looking for some ground water??

then Andy got up there and spoke crazy: telling of lies by the anti-frackers and if the initiative passes, we will be turned into a third world mean like Santa Maria, Andy? ..I don't know where this guy comes up with such nonsense

Andy's tired

so I'm watching this and it's very funny and entertaining and educational and I don't think fracking has much of a chance to win support, even in the conservative north county...

so it goes to the voters..and who are you gonna believe....a coupla tired old dudes from COLAB or some babes from the Water Guardians??

fracking may die in November, to rest in the graveyard of old technology...

but remember this: Gravestones cheer the living, dear, they're no use to the dead....(no use to the dead)

Friday, June 13, 2014


took a walk and passed your house late last night....

calling all investigative reporters!! well locally the only one who comes to mind is Peter Lance....Pete has investigated the cops, Lois Capps and the Victoria Street Theater plus tons of other gov't conspiracies..if Lance is right about the Mollie Conspiracy, then I'll be shocked....

but I'm curious as to why Peter Lance, a 5-time Emmy award winner has not investigated Wendy McCaw and Nipper for child porn....after all, Wendy owns the News-Press and all the computers in the building and having one computer with thousands of images of child porn would certainly raise red flags...the images were on a computer used by former editor Jerry Roberts and the story about those child porn images on Wendy's computer was on the front page of the News-Press without a byline, or signature...the story hinted that Jerry Roberts was responsible for the images...of course Roberts and McCaw were in the heat of battle with lawsuits going back and, Roberts was Wendy's enemy and we know how Wendy treats her enemies...

when pressed, I think Wendy said she bought the computer used and the images were already on it but there was no real investigation or case which really stuns me..well where did she buy the computer??? Wendy, a billionaire at the time, buys a used computer???

child porn is the worst thing, the lowest thing an adult can be involved with...any person who stoops so low should be dealt with...and yet, nothing happened to Wendy, who as I've said, had thousands of images of child porn on her computer..thousands of images...thousands

I'm not satisfied with any of the explanations by anyone about this case, so I've re-opened it...and I will investigate it...

I will find out why Wendy had thousands of images of pornography involving children on her computer....I will find out why this issue was swept under the rug....

I don't trust Wendy one little bit...

so I will go undercover.. I will be a ghost, a phantom, a silhouette.. I will sit beside Wendy and Nipper in meetings and they won't even know it....

justice delayed is justice denied.....and that's not acceptable

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Out On A Limb

baby baby's a mystery

with the increase in shark sightings in the ocean, the Marine Mammal Center and the News-Press have teamed up to bring you BDSMs..Bird Drone Shark Monitors....

they have been set up along the coast in Summerland and each time a shark is sighted, a BDSM takes flight and dive- bombs the shark... you can monitor the shark sightings each day by counting the birds....

THANKS NEWS-PRESS! for telling me that sharks are in the ocean becuz I dint know that