Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day Tripper

it took me so long to find out..and I found out

oh now this is fun.. Wendy sychophant and guest opinion writer Andy Caldwell had a little blurb in the Tuesday News-Press that had me laughing like a hyena...HEEHEHEHEEHEEEEEH!!!

Andy was absolutely gushing that he will be emcee at an event, May 11 honoring patriots and philanthropists Wendy and Nipper..the only probelm is he didn't say where the event would take place and only that xenophobe midgetman David Horowitz will be guest speaker

disgraced ex-FOX NEWS cheerleader/ perv Bill O'Reilly had a segment on his show called "Pinheads and Patriots" where BiIl would tell us who the partiots are (those who love FOX News and believe all the rot) and the pinheads (mostly Hollwood actors)...not unlike the commie frenzy during the McCarthy era..basically if you don't like FOX NEWS, you are un-American....crazy srtuff

the last time I saw crazy Horowitz was at the Biltmore many years ago with poor forgotton Montecito gal Mary Belle Snow hosting a rightwing event with the usual suspects...Horowitz spoke at a 'freedom lunch" and he's like 4ft 9in tall which means his daddy misfired...this little jerk-off is dark and twisted

then Andy Caldwell goes into a glowing kiss-up about how brave and wonderful Wendy is how prescient she was to endorse Trump (she also endorsed another birther, Orly Taitz)...Andy will be honoring Wendy and Nipper who had thousands of child porn images on their company computer!! still waiting for JUSTIVE on that one....

both Wendy and Nipper inherited their wealth which is why they live in a bubble....Wendy got rich from a divorce settlement from telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw; and Nipper is a trustfunder...not exactly business people as the News-Press has lost subscribers and money since Wendy bought it....daily circulation is down to a measley 18500 on the other hand the SLO Tribune has 37000 subscribers!!

and Mrs. McCuckoo is still in a delusional fight with the union about free press and free speech..geez, if you work at the News-Press and criticize her or her pals, she fires you!! how's that for free speech..the union is there to fight such abuses

this is all rightwing propaganda and yellow journalism and just goes to show the lengths Andy Caldwell will go to to hold onto his job and brown-nose the boss..Wendy did give him a radio show too on AM 1290

Wendy and Nipper are two of the biggest phonies ever and should not be honored...and they never have been honored which is why this honoring is so stinky!! it's pretty pathetic that her own sychophant has to announce in her own paper that she's being honored for something..maybe they should honor Nipper for turning downtown SB into a place where trustfunders spend all their time drinking craft beer...

and  Andy won't say where the event will take place....

but I'll find out

UPDATE...ok so a nice reader informs that the event honoring Wendy and Nipper on May 11 will take place at La Cumbre Country Club in Hope Ranch, 5:30 p.m... I assume Wendy is a member because she lives in Hope Ranch and it'll cost $125/person for the honor of honoring the honorees..this is all very curious to me

however, chief among the responsibilities of members is to inform guests about the dress code..we don't want any riffraff at the club

Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress code and for ensuring compliance with the code. Members and their guests will be denied service for failure to comply. Dining Room, La Entrada, El Rincon, Riviera Room, Santa Ynez, Terrace, and Board Room Gentlemen are required to wear jackets Friday evening in the main dining room. Ladies are required to wear dresses, skirts, or slacks after 5:00 p.m. on Friday. (No shorts, denim or warm-up attire allowed at any time)


Tuesday, April 25, 2017


half of what I say is meaningless

well it looks like #69 is in trouble...that's Julia up at the Animal Rescue Team in Solvang, or somewheres up there with the bears and the birds ..the story was in Noozhawk and I was surprised to see Julia having trouble with her rural neighbors because I thought everything was live in the hills you hear coyotes singing and it's a good thing...where would we be without wildlife? I love snakes, possum, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and all them critters but Julia has been getting complaints about noise and odor coming from her property..the County of Santa Barbara sent her a 'cease and desist" notice and Julia started an online petition to save her ass....

see Julia by the yellow flag

ok well I never trusted #69..some of the "rescues" were fraught with controversies... she's pals with the News-Press and Wendy and Nipper and they tried to blame the gov't when Julia fucked up a mountain lion rescue and she stood with Wendy and Nipper during the racist "illegals" controversy on the front steps of the News-Press building....a yellow fence separating the good guys from the bad guys...the bad guys are the News-Press and their yellow journalism
poor Julia called Mexican immigrants "invasive species" which is blatantly racist...Mexicans were here before the white folks

so the chickens perhaps have come home to roost..I've heard the rumors that sometimes Julia keeps the wild animals as pets or hoards them to stroke her ego but I don't know any facts about it because I've never been up there because I've got better thing to do..and didn't Julia have an affair with Little Joe???

anyway, operating a nonprofit wild animal rescue facility in a neighborhood is kinda stupid anyway and oh I hate those nonprofits..most of them are scams to steal your money so some parasite can escape work and taxes...

Financial Summary
With $144,720 in income, Animal Rescue Team Inc is slightly larger than the average Animal Protection And Welfare Organization in the United States (where median income is $105,119).

IRS Information
Animal Rescue Team Inc is a registered tax-exempt organization with the IRS.
The organization was required to file a Form 990 or 990EZ with the IRS for the most recent tax year
 WOW..$144000 for not working!!!

Julia just gonna have to rescue herself this time

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Strange Rivers

There are voices in the mirror, faces at the door, That open on the rivers, we've never seen before

hey man, EARTH DAY weekend is here..Mother Nature made it green, prettiest place you've seen


I plan on doing my part to keep it that way, so don't test me

I repeat: DO NOT TEST ME!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


ahh girl girl


maybe if the girls at FOX News weren't so titillating,

Bill O'Reilly would still have a job

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rocky Raccoon

the doctor came in stinking of gin

an Easter parable

Rocky Raccoon was murdered, his body buried in a shallow grave by the highway...his rival killed him...Rocky kept telling people "the way things are going, they're gonna crucify me" and it looks like they did..

if you happen upon Gideon's bible this Easter, say a prayer for Rocky Raccoon

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Must Of Got Lost

I must of got lost, I must of got lost I must of got lost somewhere down the line

looks like eveyone is lost but you can count on one thing, even if you're an atheist...EASTER! for one day, we can all believe in fairy tales and superstitions and no one will be the can go to church and you know what I like? the ladies all dressed up in the make-up and the Sunday suits..they look just like dolls! those stiff chiffon dresses, all pink and blue and the bonnets with bees for some..

then the Easter egg hunts and jelly beans and happy kids and tipsy adults...

Easter is the greatest holiday of them all!

find yourself this Easter

Monday, April 10, 2017

Farmer's Daughter

I could come from miles away

as they prepare the fields for a new kind of crop in Carpinteria, I expect to see a new verison of the farmer's daughter

Ain't got (ain't got
Ain't got)
No place to stay (place to stay
Place to stay)
Glad to (glad to
Glad to)
Help you plow your fields (help you plow
Help you plow)

Farmer's daughter (farmer's daughter
Farmer's daughter)

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Didn't It Rain

Didn't it rain, children Talk 'bout rain ... didn't it oh my Lord Didn't it rain?

I look out my window for rain and see a blonde chick hanging out in the bushes..I can't help it if I'm lucky...and as I told you the drought is over..others said the drought was not over from the news folks to the county water guy but you should listen to me because I was right for once

ok fine ...then I'm checking out something on youtube and come across Sister Rosetta Tharpe and she's my favorite singer/guitar player now.. I mean, before Aretha, Chuck Berry and all the greats who were influenced by her, Sister Rosetta was slinging that Gibson guitar like a short-order cook slings hash during the breakfast rush...she's fast, furious, soulful and this tape is from England in a train 1964

In 2001, the French film Amélie included a scene showing the protagonist's house-bound neighbor mesmerized by a montage of video clips that featured a performance of "Up Above My Head" by Tharpe.

damn straight it rained

Friday, April 7, 2017

Wasted On The Way

so much water moving underneath the bridge

what bridge Graham? ok so I missed Graham Nash at the Lobero although I had a ticket..but since he did an interview with Wendy's ghastly News-Press, I boycotted the event and I probably over-reacted. I mean does Graham know or care about the News-Press as he lives in New York and probably jets to England bnow and yeah, I should have gone because not everything revolves around me and Wendy you know...

but I must say that the reason CSN didn't get on the Beatle's Apple record label is because of George...George didn't like the Hollies version of "If I Needed Someone" which George's a brilliant song and the Hollies didn't do a good job on their version but CSN thrived anyway thanks to Martin acoustic guitars and some gorgeous songs and vocals

So Trump removed Breitbart's Steve Bannon from the National Security Council thank GOD..that dude looks like he drinks a fifth of Bourbon each morning for breakfast..then Trump starts bombing Syria for the gassing of children...Trump has ZERO knowledge who was behind the gassing, but bombs away's Syria's civil war but an allied full bodied full metal jacket approach is needed to end it..that means millions of troops on the ground..these pissy air strikes won't do anything except stroke Trump's ego

actress Linda Evans was pulled over for DUI and she was on prescription drugs but the photo of her was pretty sad..back in the day she was pretty as can be..a real cool cowgirl who starred in the Big Valley and I think she lives in the big valley Santa Ynez...I wish her the best

I'm gonna miss Brian Wilson at the SB Bowl because I saw him at the Lobero around 2009 before the Lobero was such a great show and an honor to watch the pop genius with his outstanding band and horn section do all that epic music...

Brian was in such good form and the Lobero crowd had a blast....I just can't have anything interfere with that memory..

and memories are all I got

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Good Times

these are such good times...

life is complicated enough with Trump's kids running the White House, now I gotta deal with rightwingnut Ann Coulter goin' black...she digs scary looking old black dudes!!

A white supremacist group has decided to rescind an award to Ann Coulter after discovering she might have a thing for black men. Coulter, who makes her living selling books to old, racist white men, has long been rumored to have a predilection for black men...

seen way too smiley with black man Jimmie Walker from the old 'Good Times' sitcom, white folks everywhere, esp at FOX NEWS, are scratching their heads and wondering what happened..

I too am confused as I thought Ann was a God-fearing Christian gal who hated gays, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims and soccer and to see her with an old black guy distresses me...I can't imagine her giving ol' Jimmie a blow job...geez!!

The National White Alliance (NWA) has decided to disinvite Coulter from their annual conference, after discovering pictures of her arm-in-arm with comedian Jimmie Walker.

An email leaked to The Business Standard News found National White Alliance leader Will Cowan saying he could never look at Coulter again after discovering she was "unclean." Coulter had been set to receive the NWA’s Eva Braun award for her new book, "Adios, America." In the book, Coulter blames immigrants from Latin America and Africa for dragging America down, saying we should take in more immigrants from Europe.

Coulter fans on Stormfront were furious about the discovery.

"I can’t believe she would do something like this," said Post Fred57. "She has ruined herself."

"F**k that skinny bitch," said SouthernKnight. "I’m burning all of her books. I can’t believe I put money in her pocket."

Diff'rent Strokes, I guess

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Everybody Is A Star

Who would rain and chase the dust away
Everybody wants to shine
Who'll come out on a cloudy day

now we got some stars around here and some of them are selling their houses and properties..we got Ellen and Portia and Jeff Bridges..and Dennis Miller sold his beach house for 20 mill or so..Dennis tours with sex pervert Bill O'Reilly from FOX NEWS and people flock to them for some reason....Dennis and Bill are lucky to have Rupurt Murdoch as their sugar daddy and Ruppie shelled out over 13 million to settle sex harassment claims against O'Reilly..God I hope this idiot doesn't buy a house on Padaro

but now I see Kevin Costner's Padaro retreat by Loon Park is for sale at..what? 60 million!! supposedly he got it for 20 million and still has a house on Beach Club Road a few blocks down the road where he was embroiled in hedge controversy a few years ago..hope they resolved Jeff lives high up on Hot Springs Rd where Kenny Loggins once lived...

I pass Kevin's place alot and stop in for a game of hoops now and his films..and the property is gorgeous..right on the bluffs, plenty of trees and open space but alot of debris, old tractors and a few modular houses and out-buildings so I don't think Kevin knows what to do there..except sell it and move on...but 60 million is kind of I wanna sell but not really price tag...actually, I like it the way it is...real simple and casual..Padaro Lane has always been cool..big pines and eucalyptus and fire places burning after rains...

I could have been a star and made tons of money and bought expensive properties where I never live because I'm too busy making money and being a STAR...

but my real concern is getting rid of there dumb security cameras on Padaro Lane which I think were put up by the celebrities..but it's a public road not a private road so they have no right to be so paranoid on public property...they can hide behind their big walls

I loved the old beach houses along Padaro that have been demolished for the designer mansions..some of the beach houses remain but the price of property here is getting absurd so I'll probably see more castles and Italian villas that people, rich people, buy but don't live in..

I guess it gets to the point that you have soooo much money, you don't know what to do so you put up security cameras in case someone who knows what they want to do robs you!!

if you're a star

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beautiful World

My, my, my it's a beautiful world
I like swimming in the sea

if you take a bike ride from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria, you will see some lovely sights...there's plenty of room for healthy recreation....miles of roads for your bike, miles of sandy beaches with inviting surf, parks and play areas....look up to the hills and mountains and the hiker in you will smile...look at the marsh and maybe see red-shoulder hawk....and we got all year to enjoy this bounty of nature...

so I don't know why some aging hippie-socialists are so Hell-bent on closing a main thoroughfare in Carpinteria to promote healthy it the anti-car anti-oil folks? I was going to get some things in Carp but Linden was closed and a few people were walking around and a bunch of people were kinda riding bikes...but businesses lost money and I didn't see more than 50 people...and the cops were there and the road block signs were there and I am paying for it with TAX DOLLARS!!

closing Linden Ave for 8 hrs will not make you healthy but it may promote an agenda for a specific group...therefore it's a political event sponsored by SBCAG
What is SBCAG?
The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments is a regional planning agency comprised of Santa Barbara County and all eight incorporated cities within the county. SBCAG distributes local, state, and federal transportation funds and acts as a forum for addressing regional and multi-jurisdictional issues.

SBCAG should not be spending my tax money for this open streets nonsense

what they should do on Saturday is go for a hike in the hills, a bike ride through Summerland, a swim in the ocean or play some soccer at a park..

but stay the fuck out of Carpinteria!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Immigration Man

won't you let me in

now as I said before, any city in the good ol' USA with a church is a sanctuary city..and the churches are stepping up and providing sanctuary for immigrants and all these Christians barking about illegals and preaching brotherly love- if your brother is not a Mexican- are up in arms and they don't know what hit them because the feds won't go into the church to arrest a Mex

oh all these faux-Christian rightwingers and their fear of Mexicans makes me laugh...esp FOX (FAUX) News and the News-Press, two cases in'll recall when Wendy and Nipper put some Mexican folks on the front page and called them illegals because they were at the DMV...this was obvious racism and stereotyping by the yellow journal..and they held an anti-Mexican rally in front of the News-Press with crazy pro-NEWS-PRESS folks showing up..even Julia, #69, the old lady from Animal Rescue called Mexicans "invasive species" ...what a dumb bitch she is..just like Wendy..RACISTS!!!

but Nipper and Wendy sided with the vigilante border patrol Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist...Gilchrist founded the Mintuemen with help from Chris Simcox, a now convicted child molestor and Shawna Forde a convicted child killer-she killed 9-year old BRISENIA FLORES..a beautiful young girl may she rest in peace..

now, I see that Graham Nash did an interview with the News-Press for his upcoming show at the Lobero..I got tickets but am boycotting the show....geez Graham, don't you know the News-Press history? 'ow could you grant them an interview, mate? do you support Wendy's anti-worker obsession? do you support child sexual abuse and murder?

it looks like Graham Nash is more interested in publicity than taking a stand against an obvious and vile wrong like Wendy and the News-Press

and one thing I can't stand Graham is a hypocrite!