Saturday, April 1, 2017

Immigration Man

won't you let me in

now as I said before, any city in the good ol' USA with a church is a sanctuary city..and the churches are stepping up and providing sanctuary for immigrants and all these Christians barking about illegals and preaching brotherly love- if your brother is not a Mexican- are up in arms and they don't know what hit them because the feds won't go into the church to arrest a Mex

oh all these faux-Christian rightwingers and their fear of Mexicans makes me laugh...esp FOX (FAUX) News and the News-Press, two cases in'll recall when Wendy and Nipper put some Mexican folks on the front page and called them illegals because they were at the DMV...this was obvious racism and stereotyping by the yellow journal..and they held an anti-Mexican rally in front of the News-Press with crazy pro-NEWS-PRESS folks showing up..even Julia, #69, the old lady from Animal Rescue called Mexicans "invasive species" ...what a dumb bitch she is..just like Wendy..RACISTS!!!

but Nipper and Wendy sided with the vigilante border patrol Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist...Gilchrist founded the Mintuemen with help from Chris Simcox, a now convicted child molestor and Shawna Forde a convicted child killer-she killed 9-year old BRISENIA FLORES..a beautiful young girl may she rest in peace..

now, I see that Graham Nash did an interview with the News-Press for his upcoming show at the Lobero..I got tickets but am boycotting the show....geez Graham, don't you know the News-Press history? 'ow could you grant them an interview, mate? do you support Wendy's anti-worker obsession? do you support child sexual abuse and murder?

it looks like Graham Nash is more interested in publicity than taking a stand against an obvious and vile wrong like Wendy and the News-Press

and one thing I can't stand Graham is a hypocrite!

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