Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day Tripper

it took me so long to find out..and I found out

oh now this is fun.. Wendy sychophant and guest opinion writer Andy Caldwell had a little blurb in the Tuesday News-Press that had me laughing like a hyena...HEEHEHEHEEHEEEEEH!!!

Andy was absolutely gushing that he will be emcee at an event, May 11 honoring patriots and philanthropists Wendy and Nipper..the only probelm is he didn't say where the event would take place and only that xenophobe midgetman David Horowitz will be guest speaker

disgraced ex-FOX NEWS cheerleader/ perv Bill O'Reilly had a segment on his show called "Pinheads and Patriots" where BiIl would tell us who the partiots are (those who love FOX News and believe all the rot) and the pinheads (mostly Hollwood actors)...not unlike the commie frenzy during the McCarthy era..basically if you don't like FOX NEWS, you are un-American....crazy srtuff

the last time I saw crazy Horowitz was at the Biltmore many years ago with poor forgotton Montecito gal Mary Belle Snow hosting a rightwing event with the usual suspects...Horowitz spoke at a 'freedom lunch" and he's like 4ft 9in tall which means his daddy misfired...this little jerk-off is dark and twisted

then Andy Caldwell goes into a glowing kiss-up about how brave and wonderful Wendy is how prescient she was to endorse Trump (she also endorsed another birther, Orly Taitz)...Andy will be honoring Wendy and Nipper who had thousands of child porn images on their company computer!! still waiting for JUSTIVE on that one....

both Wendy and Nipper inherited their wealth which is why they live in a bubble....Wendy got rich from a divorce settlement from telecommunications billionaire Craig McCaw; and Nipper is a trustfunder...not exactly business people as the News-Press has lost subscribers and money since Wendy bought it....daily circulation is down to a measley 18500 on the other hand the SLO Tribune has 37000 subscribers!!

and Mrs. McCuckoo is still in a delusional fight with the union about free press and free speech..geez, if you work at the News-Press and criticize her or her pals, she fires you!! how's that for free speech..the union is there to fight such abuses

this is all rightwing propaganda and yellow journalism and just goes to show the lengths Andy Caldwell will go to to hold onto his job and brown-nose the boss..Wendy did give him a radio show too on AM 1290

Wendy and Nipper are two of the biggest phonies ever and should not be honored...and they never have been honored which is why this honoring is so stinky!! it's pretty pathetic that her own sychophant has to announce in her own paper that she's being honored for something..maybe they should honor Nipper for turning downtown SB into a place where trustfunders spend all their time drinking craft beer...

and  Andy won't say where the event will take place....

but I'll find out

UPDATE...ok so a nice reader informs that the event honoring Wendy and Nipper on May 11 will take place at La Cumbre Country Club in Hope Ranch, 5:30 p.m... I assume Wendy is a member because she lives in Hope Ranch and it'll cost $125/person for the honor of honoring the honorees..this is all very curious to me

however, chief among the responsibilities of members is to inform guests about the dress code..we don't want any riffraff at the club

Members are responsible for informing their guests of the dress code and for ensuring compliance with the code. Members and their guests will be denied service for failure to comply. Dining Room, La Entrada, El Rincon, Riviera Room, Santa Ynez, Terrace, and Board Room Gentlemen are required to wear jackets Friday evening in the main dining room. Ladies are required to wear dresses, skirts, or slacks after 5:00 p.m. on Friday. (No shorts, denim or warm-up attire allowed at any time)



Anonymous said...

La Cumbre Country Club. 5:30 p.m. Tickets are $125 per person and available through Santa Barbara Republican Women.

Mick Von Caw said...

thank you for the info! $125?? that's about 63 bucks for Wendy and 63 bucks for Nipper..I think Wendy should get more..LOL!