Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Everybody Is A Star

Who would rain and chase the dust away
Everybody wants to shine
Who'll come out on a cloudy day

now we got some stars around here and some of them are selling their houses and properties..we got Ellen and Portia and Jeff Bridges..and Dennis Miller sold his beach house for 20 mill or so..Dennis tours with sex pervert Bill O'Reilly from FOX NEWS and people flock to them for some reason....Dennis and Bill are lucky to have Rupurt Murdoch as their sugar daddy and Ruppie shelled out over 13 million to settle sex harassment claims against O'Reilly..God I hope this idiot doesn't buy a house on Padaro

but now I see Kevin Costner's Padaro retreat by Loon Park is for sale at..what? 60 million!! supposedly he got it for 20 million and still has a house on Beach Club Road a few blocks down the road where he was embroiled in hedge controversy a few years ago..hope they resolved that...now Jeff lives high up on Hot Springs Rd where Kenny Loggins once lived...

I pass Kevin's place alot and stop in for a game of hoops now and then...love his films..and the property is gorgeous..right on the bluffs, plenty of trees and open space but alot of debris, old tractors and a few modular houses and out-buildings so I don't think Kevin knows what to do there..except sell it and move on...but 60 million is kind of I wanna sell but not really price tag...actually, I like it the way it is...real simple and casual..Padaro Lane has always been cool..big pines and eucalyptus and fire places burning after rains...

I could have been a star and made tons of money and bought expensive properties where I never live because I'm too busy making money and being a STAR...

but my real concern is getting rid of there dumb security cameras on Padaro Lane which I think were put up by the celebrities..but it's a public road not a private road so they have no right to be so paranoid on public property...they can hide behind their big walls

I loved the old beach houses along Padaro that have been demolished for the designer mansions..some of the beach houses remain but the price of property here is getting absurd so I'll probably see more castles and Italian villas that people, rich people, buy but don't live in..

I guess it gets to the point that you have soooo much money, you don't know what to do so you put up security cameras in case someone who knows what they want to do robs you!!

if you're a star

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