Sunday, April 2, 2017

Beautiful World

My, my, my it's a beautiful world
I like swimming in the sea

if you take a bike ride from Santa Barbara to Carpinteria, you will see some lovely sights...there's plenty of room for healthy recreation....miles of roads for your bike, miles of sandy beaches with inviting surf, parks and play areas....look up to the hills and mountains and the hiker in you will smile...look at the marsh and maybe see red-shoulder hawk....and we got all year to enjoy this bounty of nature...

so I don't know why some aging hippie-socialists are so Hell-bent on closing a main thoroughfare in Carpinteria to promote healthy it the anti-car anti-oil folks? I was going to get some things in Carp but Linden was closed and a few people were walking around and a bunch of people were kinda riding bikes...but businesses lost money and I didn't see more than 50 people...and the cops were there and the road block signs were there and I am paying for it with TAX DOLLARS!!

closing Linden Ave for 8 hrs will not make you healthy but it may promote an agenda for a specific group...therefore it's a political event sponsored by SBCAG
What is SBCAG?
The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments is a regional planning agency comprised of Santa Barbara County and all eight incorporated cities within the county. SBCAG distributes local, state, and federal transportation funds and acts as a forum for addressing regional and multi-jurisdictional issues.

SBCAG should not be spending my tax money for this open streets nonsense

what they should do on Saturday is go for a hike in the hills, a bike ride through Summerland, a swim in the ocean or play some soccer at a park..

but stay the fuck out of Carpinteria!!

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