Tuesday, April 25, 2017


half of what I say is meaningless

well it looks like #69 is in trouble...that's Julia up at the Animal Rescue Team in Solvang, or somewheres up there with the bears and the birds ..the story was in Noozhawk and I was surprised to see Julia having trouble with her rural neighbors because I thought everything was cool..you live in the hills you hear coyotes singing and it's a good thing...where would we be without wildlife? I love snakes, possum, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and all them critters but Julia has been getting complaints about noise and odor coming from her property..the County of Santa Barbara sent her a 'cease and desist" notice and Julia started an online petition to save her ass....

see Julia by the yellow flag

ok well I never trusted #69..some of the "rescues" were fraught with controversies... she's pals with the News-Press and Wendy and Nipper and they tried to blame the gov't when Julia fucked up a mountain lion rescue and she stood with Wendy and Nipper during the racist "illegals" controversy on the front steps of the News-Press building....a yellow fence separating the good guys from the bad guys...the bad guys are the News-Press and their yellow journalism
poor Julia called Mexican immigrants "invasive species" which is blatantly racist...Mexicans were here before the white folks

so the chickens perhaps have come home to roost..I've heard the rumors that sometimes Julia keeps the wild animals as pets or hoards them to stroke her ego but I don't know any facts about it because I've never been up there because I've got better thing to do..and didn't Julia have an affair with Little Joe???

anyway, operating a nonprofit wild animal rescue facility in a neighborhood is kinda stupid anyway and oh I hate those nonprofits..most of them are scams to steal your money so some parasite can escape work and taxes...

Financial Summary
With $144,720 in income, Animal Rescue Team Inc is slightly larger than the average Animal Protection And Welfare Organization in the United States (where median income is $105,119).

IRS Information
Animal Rescue Team Inc is a registered tax-exempt organization with the IRS.
The organization was required to file a Form 990 or 990EZ with the IRS for the most recent tax year
 WOW..$144000 for not working!!!

Julia just gonna have to rescue herself this time

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