Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where Do The Children Play

tell me where do the children play?? ay ay

open letter to Assemblyman Das Williams

Dear Das,

you just lost my vote


I hear you got over $200000 in tax money to "restore" the dunes at State beach in Carpinteria...meaning that they will rip out the ice plant and plant natives instead and erect interpretive signs...these signs are overused and an eyesore

now Das, you LITTLE SQUIRREL,  ARE YOU aware we are still in a drought and any new plantings will be water-dependent...


you realize that the ice plant has been there for years adding stability to the soil and more importantly, keeping the sand from blowing onto the streets of Carpinteria...when you remove the ice plant, you will create a hazard and the City Of Carpinteria will have to clean up the sand....

and the restoration people, because of low volunteers, have the left the state beach in Carp a mess...areas are cordoned off, they killed off some ice plant..and they managed to install a plastic boardwalk that leads from Linden Ave to the picnic tables a few hundred feet away!!

closed for scenic restoration--for the last five years!!

planting a few new species is fine but an overall restoration of the dunes is just plain stupid and unnecessary

kids need places to run and jump, not a bunch of "interpretive signs" at the beach..they need to run over the plants and chase squirrels and climb trees...and get stung a by a bee, too!

instead you want the kids to stay off the grass and read interpretive signs about nature, instead of running through and being part of nature...being outside is good for them..what next interpretive signs for the air??

kids, it's ok to step on native plants!!!

red-winged blackbird in the cattails

this is a bonehead move by Das I will be voting for Jennifer Christensen who I think will use the taxpayer's money wisely in the first district

remember Das, all those seeds blowing in on the March winds and filling the hillsides provides the birds and bees with a variety of lovely and useful plants ....

for free

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Broken Arrow

and don't mention babies at all


the News-Press is so stupid, they can't even spell "illegals"!! so ICE raided some Santa Maria farms and a bunch of illegals got in trouble and now some conservatives are up in arms..the same conservatives who want to deport illegals, unless they work in the billion dollar ag indusrty...

hey, I'm all about solutions so I got one to solve the illegal immigration crisis...firstly, it's never been an issue with me because I like to see Latinas with their shiny flowing black hair and soft but firm hands...mmmmm...much nicer than white trash!!

and since we invited the Mexicans in during WWII, I say they can stay...they don't have to assimilate because as Linda Ronstadt says, we must learn the languge of our borders which is French to the north and Spanish to the south and I don't speak Alabama anyways...

so don't be lazy- learn a new language..don't let your kids be as ignorant as you!!

ok so Vincent the Chumash guy quit as Tribe leader to go to Chef School in New York on the gambling profits....most illegals don't have that luxury as they have to start at the I used to be a cook so I wash dishes..mas platos amigos, mas platos!! then you prep then you cook..your spatula is an extension of yourself...mine was a mother-of-pearl rose handle with a gold-plated spat...I could crack fifty eggs with one hand and not break a yolk..and turn them over-easy or serve them sunnyside up whichever way you wanted them... and that's no yolk!

White Trash!!

so my point is all the Mex illegals simply need to declare that they are native Indians! Je suis Chumash!!  they all look alike so problem more GOP complaints about diseased illegals crossing the border to take our jobs because the white man is the true illegal

take our jobs??? most white folks won't do manual labor because they are lazy...but to create a work ethic you need to work, not spend your life avoiding work...

ask any farmer..they hire illegals, pay them dirt, and let Peoples Self Help Housing build them nice big condo complexes with taxpayer money!

what goes around, comes around senorita

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beware Of Darkness

Happy Easter!!!

first of all, Jesus was not nailed to a cross...I don know how that rumor got started but it ain't true....

secondly, when you're out there looking for Easter eggs..and eating jelly beans...watching the little ones search...watching the little ones hunting for Easter eggs...watching the little bunnies..

the little bunnies need to remember ....the serpent is hunting too
I fish in the creek not the crik..the creeeeeek!! buy a man a fish or teach him to fish...I got a crik in my neck...God is a concept..and nothing more

so this is Easter Sunday and every zombie Christian will be at the Courthouse Sunken Garden praising the garden-variety religion....look not into their eyes or you'll see nothing...
now speaking of rumors, the News-Press had a front page story last week about a FOX NEWS bimbo who was kayaking off Marina Del Rey with her friends..she found a dead dog and assumed it was killed and planted on the beach as a warning to the owner..and the News-Press reported this as fact..FOX NEWS AND THE NEWS-PRESS..dumbing down the news for wonder the GOP is dead...a bunch of morons took over...


anyway the LA TIMES had the real story..the dog belonged to a homeless dude and was hit by a car; the homeless guy took his dead dog to the beach to wash it off, and tied it to a shovel so it wouldn't get washed away out to sea..

here's real story based on facts, not superstition

Sheriff’s Sgt. Larry Ramage said investigators learned of the animal's true fate when a transient came into the Marina del Rey station Thursday night looking for his dead dog.

The homeless man said the dog had been struck by a car and he decided to take it to the beach to wash the carcass because he wanted to stuff the animal, Ramage said.

The homeless man said he tied the dog’s collar to a shovel to keep the body from floating away. He did this because he said he needed to leave the beach to retrieve some of his belongings in another location.

stuff the dog?? well, Roy Rogers stuffed Trigger so I got no problem with that

but FOX NEWS and the News-Press thought it was some conspiracy animal cruelty murder mystery!!! the headline was "drowned dog found in LA with Santa Barbara tags"

dumb dumb dumb dumb... but typical of conservative journalism

and these are same ignorant people who think Jesus was really nailed to a cross...and who walk their dogs in baby strollers

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Pet Sounds

hang on to your ego

ok here's some of the headlines Zoe and I gotta deal with


some sub-human cretin wiped out a family of three, including a 5-year old girl;
another brewery opens in Santa Barbarta called the Brass Bear...basically mommy and daddy, who are alcoholics, fund these silly little ventures for their spoiled kids

Santa Barbara has a Dog Statue; teens in red pick-up truck throw dead poodle at a bunch of teachers in Orcutt; another drunk driver crashes into a power pole AND a tree on the Mesa; dead dog found in Marina Del Rey with shovel by its autopsy will be performed as foul play expected;

and that's just from Noozhawk and the News-Press which seems lately as though Wendy is running the show at Noozhawk..very dog-heavy and Christiany and boozy..that is the state of the GOP..they only care about liquor, dogs and the Bible...

now the Mesa drunk got into a fight with officers according to he has some options

  • call Darryl who I think served his 30-day suspension from practicing law back in October..but the Bar still gots him on a leash

  • sue the City of Santa Barbara for police brutality-guaranteed payday for at least $100000 (that's a new truck,dude)

  • run to the News-Press and /or Noozhawk to get some sympathy like Tony Denunzio did

remember, these neo-Christians are pro-drunk driving for some reason!!

now back to the you know that dog waste is an EPA toxic hazard?? and it's not a fertilizer for the's a lawn killer!!

1. Dog poop is NOT good fertilizer. It's toxic to your lawn! The high nutrient concentration in dog poop will burn and discolor the grass, creating "hot spots".

2. Nearly two decades ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified pet waste as a dangerous pollutant in the same category as toxic chemicals and oil.

3. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirms pet waste can spread parasites including hookworms, ringworms, tapeworms and Salmonella. When infected dog poop comes into contact with your lawn, the poop will eventually "disappear", but the parasite eggs can linger for years! When a human or animal comes into contact with that soil through everyday activities like walking barefoot, gardening or playing, they risk infection from those eggs ... even years after the poop is gone.

4. Pet waste is teaming with E. Coli and other harmful bacteria including fecal coliform bacteria, which causes serious kidney disorders, intestinal illness, cramps and diarrhea in humans. (There are 23 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of pet waste!)

God Only Knows what's wrong with these people!

Thursday, March 24, 2016


in the way she moves

the Lobero Theater is lousy with blondes..blondes to the left of me, blondes to the right..blonds coming and going....blondes coming....that is reason enough to live

I'm in Santa Barbara to see Pattie Boyd....mainly Pattie but Henry Diltz's an exhibition of their photographs

I didn't know what to expect...I'm sitting outside and some dude walks up sits down and we start talking music..said he saw Crosby last night ...then he tells me about a duet with George Jones and a lady gospel singer...her name is Vestal Goodman and the guy is playing the song for me on his Android phone...I love finding new music! song about a mansion on a hilltop...George and Vestal..great!!!

so the doors open and I sit down in my fave seat...the Lobero fills up with people and three rowdy chicks sit next to me on the's drunk as usual..she's brunette who says she's having an anxiety attack and tells her pretty blonde friend to sit next to me...then they say they are off to a bar! the blonde chick is hot so I tell her don't go, you got me on my knees, Layla, I beg you darlin' please...poof, they are gone...blondes..geez I give chicks anxiety attacks now!! I STILL GOT IT!!


the show starts with a little movie of music, from Dylan to the Doors...

then Diltz comes out and goes though his life as a rock photographer..he's the main Rocknroll photographer and the pictures are iconic shots...Stills first album in the snow with the pink giraffe...Hendrix and Clapton played on that album..a great one!! nice early shots of Linda Ronstadt, who will be at the Lobero in April..

but the Lobero stage set up rather bleakly for Henry and Pattie..a big screen was good to see the pics, but Henry was off to the side sitting on a stool with a mic...and told the stories which were fun....I loved the Laurel Canyon stuff

I expected that the stage would be a nice big Persian rug and a plush sofa where Henry and Pattie would sit and banter back and forth and with the audience...but their shows were separate

Henry first and then Pattie Boyd came out and her show was much more intimate...a short flick with Beatles doing Something and people from all languages doing a sing-along....then "Layla" blasts out of the speakers..YEAH BABY!!!


she was with the Beatles in the beginning and had some insight into that crazy time ..she started as a model with her pal Twiggy...whoa..they were just kids!!

Pattie had some great stories about George and Eric ..she started dating George who told her to get rid of her boyfriend..they were in their early twenties and Brian Epstein, the Beatles brilliant manager, chaperoned their first date to help them pick the proper wine with dindin!! haha

the London days and drugs..and the phony drug busts..the London cops were always trying to bust the famous rockers for drugs to make a name for themselves...

and Pattie's the one who got the Beatles into transcendental meditation...she says the India trips were very peaceful and the guys wrote the White album there..her!!

then we heard about Eric moving in on Pattie while George protested at first..but being a Beatle and a gentleman, he let her go..great pics of Eric and Cream just hanging out being regular guys..all these folks were friends..Mama Cass, Joni, Eric, the Hollies..Cass was the big hostess and introduced Graham Nash to Crosby and Stills before they knew they even needed a three-part harmony...Pattie had cool pics of the Stones and Eric and Mick hanging out...George and Pattie rented a big mansion in  LA and people were always coming and going

Pattie says she left Eric because he was drinking too much and nobody wants to be around a drunk no matter how good a guitar player he is

then all of a sudden, Pattie was no longer Mrs. Famous after some soul searching, she checked out some old photos she had taken and decided to make it a career..and now her photos are displayed and she tours with Henry Diltz

between the two of them, it was a fascinating night...after the show they had prints for sale out front of the Lobero and Henry's table had a few folks but Pattie's table was full of people standing in lines..

guy were trying to get pictures...falling all over ourselves

to see the famous, beautiful lady from London

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Walk The Line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

 so the County has some big ideas for Santa Claus Lane I hear...I've tried mightily over the years to keep this area rural and agricultural..they used to raise lima beans on the Lane...they used to welcome travelers with date shakes and train rides...they used to serve stiff drinks at the Reindeer Room

a giant statue of Santa would wave at ya from the beach...and some weird family secrets are still buried on the Lane

in 2016, Santa Claus Lane is still a great place to pull over, park, and hit the beach...there's no sidewalks, just dirt and plants..this is the way it should be...but there is an issue with private property belonging to the railroad...if you cross the tracks to get to the beach, you are trespassing which people have been doing since 1966...

a proper beach access on Padaro Lane

it's a right of passage to cross the tracks get to the waves..we trespassed through properties to get to Shark's when we were kids and the property owners didn't care..they were so cool!!

but today people aren't too cool the County wants sidewalks, they want people to get to Santa Claus beach from only one spot where they will erect a little building with a crossing guard and gate and fence and red lights and fence off the rest of the railroad access.... a few years ago some idiot got killed by a train trying to rescue his dog who was not a on a leash..if I find out this project is the result of that, there won't be one dog alive in Santa Barbara..I'll have a hot dog BBQ at the beach!! and I'll invite every kittycat in town!

this is lunacy... but it's what happens when too many people start complaining or too many employees crowd the county administration building....they are paid to come up with grand schemes that cost lots of money and serve no purpose...

life is full of with it


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nashville Cats

play wild as Mountain Dew

hamburgers...I love 'em... everybody loves a good burger...some fries and a Coke and you know you are in America.. but Carl's Jr (CKE) headquarters have been located in Carp for years and the CEO Andy Puzder (Putz #1) has forever been threatening to move out of California..first there was too much competition then he blames the bad business environment in California..all the while ol' Andy is living high on the hog in I figured the excuse to move out of California because of high taxes is bogus otherwise he'd have done it long ago..besides the whole company CKE is moving out of St Louis Nashville

Putz #1

and in the Sunday's News-Press, Puz says the way to get around the rise in minimum wages for fast food workers is to order your food from an iPAd! completely idiotic and I can't believe this dunce is the CEO of Carl's Jr..and then Andy Caldwell (Putz #2) chimes in about poor Puzder and the tough California business regulations..that's the default message from anti-labor conservatives...and these business genuises at the News-Press could explain perhaps why the OC Register was bought for $45 million and has a circulation of 250000 folks while Wendy bought the News-Press for $150 million and has driven the subscribers down to about 15000! hmmmmm

Putz #2

well let's see, Nashville has no income tax and a great music scene.. Carl's Jr has ok hamburgers but can't compete in California but moving to Nashville has got noting to do with high taxes in Calif

some of these big corps like CKE move around to get states and local govt's to give them big cash incentives for being an corporate welfare

Until everyone stops using incentives, the state doesn't stand a chance on merits like workforce development, low taxation and its right-to-work status alone – since those same traits are shared by nearly all of its Southern neighbors.

I don't see this relationship between Nashville and Carl's Jr flourishing

so some of these companies are basically using tax payers to make it look like they are independent, right-to-work companies...and CKE doesn't want to deal with the unions so they can appear all American anti-commie /union

and consequently sell more burgers?? no way

hey Andy, how about we order some cat burgers from an iPad

Saturday, March 19, 2016


had green eyes...

I've been busy tending to some neighborhood psychos but not too busy to make a blog entry now and then

ok so I'm tired of Crosby Stills and Nash...they are old men esp Crosby ...he's 74, looks 94 and is playing the Granada and I won't go because at that age he might die mid-song..."Guinnevere, had green eyes...ey..AHHHHHH"....plunk..he drops dead!!


back in the day all these guys were good and rocked but there "comes a time" as Neil says..ya just gotta retire and maybe volunteer at local charity...the only singing I want to hear from now on is from the birds

so have ya heard Dolly Parton's version of "My Cups Runneth Over"?? hahaah!!

Haggen blew into town said FUCK YOU CARPINTERIA then we kicked them out..VONS was here before but got complacent, like CSN

I think of all the grocery stores...Ralph's, Stater Bros, Piggly Wiggly and so forth and I see that a good grocery store is an essential part of American pop culture like they need to do it right...

when I pulled up to the new Smart and Final Extra! I was like over the rainbow!! I had a feeling we're not in Carp anymore, Toto...

I walked through the doors it was like going on a first date..everything is fresh and new and bright and a "Good Morning" greeting is nice... and pretty good prices though some of the meats are still high... I grab some stuff, the produce section is superior-and the radishes are HUGE!!

I check out..the old gals are nice but the machines don't work, so they take my stuff to another checkout stand and the machines don't work....then a young Latina shows up and fixes everything..she had pretty green eyes...I call her "Guinnevere"  

Smart and Final Extra is a great addition to Carpinteria!

now I've been hearing stories of naked women running through the streets of Santa Barbara...well, why not come to Carpinteria and run naked? join in on the fun

what have you got to lose????

Monday, March 14, 2016


I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow I'm drunk and dirty, don't ya know? And I'm still, willin'

so I'm standing in line at the bank in Carp Monday morning....Union Bank to cash a check...two guys in front of me are talking about music and I'm older balding blonde guy is talking about Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers and the other guy, in his 60s with a full head of jet black hair is saying "yeah yea" but he's not really into music...doesn't follow it

but then the guy with the black hair mentions Little Feat..and Lowell George, ace ears perk up and finally the dark guy, who says he doesn't follow music, tells the other guy Lowell George is his brother....I think I heard that...there's some silence as the blonde guy looks kinda disintested....but I chime in that Little Feat was a great band....then I ask if he's Lowell George's brother again and he says yeah...and he starts talkin'

geez, I think of two great legendary southern  rock bands and it's the Allman Bros and Little Feat!

I ask his name and he says he's Hampton George...looks very similar to Lowell with the dark piercing we start rapping about music and he's opening up with all this cool stuff from the he knows Linda Ronstadt...geez I wish I knew Linda Ronstadt!! well now I can say I know Hampton George, a close personal friend of Linda Ronstadt! hahha

and Hampton says Jackson Browne is godfather to some rocker's kids...

and how Lowell went to Juilliard to study classical music..he's says they both studied at Juilliard, but Hampton went the Army afterwards while Lowell pursued music...unfortunately, speedballs killed Lowell...drugs were everywhere for the rockers..

and once Little Feat was headed for a concert in Hawaii..they used two jumbo jets to get the band over there...I think I heard him right but I was a little starstruck like a little girl to be talking to Lowell George's brother..

Hampton is a real nice guy with his head in the game...a no-nonsense kinda guy..and you can tell he's been around the music greats..knows everything and probably plays as well as Lowell did

he asked who I was..I told him I'm a sad little  musician and have guitars and blogs, but my dreams died long ago..he laughed... then the bank girl calls me over to cash my check... so I go...

while leaving the bank, I tell Hampton it is was nice to meet him..likewise he says...

I should have asked him if he wanted to start a band! WOW

Sunday, March 13, 2016



¶ When men strive together, one with another, if the wife of the one come near, for to rid her husband out of the hands of him that smiteth him, and put forth her hand, and take him by his privities, Then thou shalt cut off her hand: thine eye shall not spare her. AWESOME!!

Nancy Phinney? off with her hand!!

before you read another word of this blog, I want you to promise me you will abide by my Community Life Statement, a contract which prohibits sexual relations outside of marriage and homosexuality..

can you do that? well I can't ...I am not a fag but I have had sex inside and outside of marriage... that means I would never have been permitted into the new Westmont College...seemingly the college has been taken over by rightwing religious fanatics...

the front page of the News-Press explains this..actually a pretty good story by Sara Bush...Westmont is discriminating against college students unless they get married; or if they are gay...and some students are bravely protesting

of course this is just more nonsense from the folks who use religion as a cover for their students- you should protest and not let these stupid adults at Westmont fill your heads with fear and superstition

and while I support the kids at Westmont, I also support the Girl Scouts because Thin Mints are yummy!
I may be a Catholic but I'm not the kind of Catholic that would belong to the St Louis archdiocese..or any arch for that matter! but St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is picking a fight with the Girl Scouts for not sharing "Catholic values"..

St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is urging priests to sever ties with the Girl Scouts, saying the organization promotes values "incompatible" with Catholic teachings.

so when Catholic priests aren't busy molesting little boys, they are picking fights with little girls!!

The Archdiocese of St. Louis received 240 sex abuse complaints accusing 115 people over a 20-year period, according to information prepared to comply with a court order.

Archdiocese data give fuller accounting of St. Louis ...

these religious wackos are hypocrites...and they will never offer a real course in sexual the kids will learn on their let Nature take its course

Westmont College should be ashamed of itself....

Saturday, March 12, 2016

From the Beginning

you see it's all clear...

one night long ago I walked from my girlfriend's bedroom in the village up to my house on the hill .. I was 16 or was a Montecito night, warm and windy, full moon...on the radio at her house was Lucky Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer...there was a small earthquake...that song with the Moog synthesizer played by Keith Emerson was beautiful and still a was a great night..spooky, surreal and an awesome song to bring it home

funny, I felt an earthquake last night

ok so remember when I told you I got a ticket on Santa Claus Lane for a "New York" stop? and I also told you that the CHP dude wuzza  dufus who gave me a ticket but ignored a downed-tree safety hazard on SCL? it wasn't that long ago so you should remember but anyway they cut down the tree branches- the pine tree! I'm sure a good, real and responsible cop saw it and got the job done..thank you!


now do you also remember when I told you many times about the nonprofit war "charity" Wounded see the ads on Fox News all the time..conservative actors tugging on the heartstrings asking for donations to help our wounded warriors that we sent to invade  sovereign countries like Iraq...and real reporters uncovered fraud and malfeasance by the CEO and other top executives of the nonprofit...junkets, fancy hotels and very little money going to help soldiers/vets...yet still Trace Adkins, who also pitches Firestone tires, and Bruce Willis asked for donations pay their fees no doubt...

well they Board finally fired the CEO of Wounded Warriors after denying anything bad was going on...but these war nonprofits are a total scam, right Dr. Laura??? stupid-ass conservative chickenhawks

and then we have another dufus who calls himself the "Dog Whisperer" and the dog people just love him..of course he's a total fraud but when it comes to dogs, people are not exactly spas, dog dental braces, dogs in baby carriages...geez...maybe when Trump is president he can kill all these nutjobs..."GET 'EM OUTTA HERE"

but thees dog guy Cesar Millan, with the bright white dog-teeth smile has been charged with animal cruelty.. the guy had a stupid show that won an emmy...Peter Lance has a bunch of emmys too!

I saw the video and Cesar unleashed a pit bull on a pig and the pit bull tore the ear off the pig while Cesar was chasing the dog I like me some bacon too but the poor pig was squealing like a pig and yeah Cesar messed up..maybe he should beome the "Pig Whisperer"

so some chick filed a complaint against Cesar..

good... we need to expose frauds who prey on emotionally unstable people like dog owners..and chickenhawks

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Long Run

we can go the distance...

well I liked Haggen except for the "fuck-you" attitude towards their customers...remember snobbery is a defense mechanism...snobs are really scared, insecure little people..Wendy is a snob and look what happened to the long run, she loses


but it looks like there are signs of life in the old Haggen store in Carp..Smart and Final Extra is gonna open soon...that's good..the last thing I need is another store with an attitude....or weird checkers...and I'll wait to see that the extra is


ok so we've had rain and everything is green except the ocean which is brown...muddy waters man..but I did happen by the Bird Refuge and wow it is full to the brim! Lake Jill!!

apparently according to the News-Press story, a superbug from hospitals is escaping from sewage treatment plants to the ocean and threatening to kill surfers and swimmers...the problem with conservatives is they fear everything because they don't understand anything beyond guns and bibles...and we know that guns and bibles are easily misunderstood..but to fight the superbug, always suit up before you hit the beach!!

now ex-Eagle ex-Poco member Randy Meisner's wife was shot and killed (shot herself while drunk with gun??) and Randy was put on suicide watch..apparently he threatened a murder-suicide previously and was on some prescription drugs or a substance abuser...this guy was an original Eagle member and provided the soaring high vocals for the band...

and now this??

and to think he could've just said no

Sunday, March 6, 2016


it's now or never

so Nancy Reagan died...she was old and full of years...but she was First Lady back in the 1980s and we seem to forget the first ladies...but Nancy said something, words that were brilliant..she said them about drugs..

"when it comes to drugs and alcohol, Just Say No"

and she founded the "Just Say No" drug awareness campaign..

naive? simplistic? no not at all...just say no means you need to use your willpower to kick and control need to use your head..otherwise you'll spend all your time and money trying to get high which is a useless stupid and wasteful endeavor....just look at the News-Press, full of drugs and alcohol!! maybe Wendy and Nipper should heed Nancy's advice

the War on Drugs will end when people don't need them anymore..and as we become more aware, we will find no reason to chase a drug high....America can't function if  everyone is drunk and high...

Nancy was cool and I had a huge crush on Patti, her daughter...California girls!!!

Thank-You , First Lady Nancy Reagan... good job!!

Friday, March 4, 2016


you got me on my knees, Layla, I beg you darlin', please

well, I've never begged..I whimpered a few times maybe but never begged

I needed answers I went in Santa Barbara looking for some....but first Trader Joe's for some goodies for the GOP debate..lox and bagles ...but if I were black, Muslim, Mexican, Jewish or Asian, I'd find another place to live if I were you...I'm talking another country...the last time we had so many white people angry at each other was during the Civil War!

so then I get coffee on Milpas at the Thai place..that lady that owns it is Korean and she is superfine..something in the way she moves...just lovely and sexy...ohhhhhh!! I wonder if she gives massages

anyway, I head for the courts at 118 E Figueroa to get my ticket explained...I tried to call on the phone but I can't wait I go in and they check my bags..the metal detector and this young Latina inspects my wallet..I mean she's going thru everything..yes honey I got money and if you need a sugar daddy, I'm your man!!! and I'm serious as a heart attack

ok so now I get it...I'm standing in line with Mr. Jimmy for the ticket and traffic school info and there's only Asians and Mexicans in front of me....Asians as far as the eye can see and as a people can't drive worth a damn and illegals can't even speak English and shouldn't be driving in the first's a cash bonanza for the courts! so I pay my fine and the guy says that's the end of it...I'm free


now curiously on the front page of the News-Press, Scott Steepleton rehashes Peter Lance's DUI issue of a few years ago to report on a story about the unfairness on DUI arrests!!! have you stopped by the News-Press recently...GHETTO...the walls are stained, the doors are worn and the lobby has been moved a few doors down according to a note posted on the front door....I wonder what's going on..did Wendy really rent out the News-Press?? seems the only thing Team Wendy cares about nowadays is the right to drive drunk!!

ok then I park on the street where the Post Office is..that one way it Santa Barbara St?

I head for the Lobero to pick up my tickets for Pattie Boyd on the 23rd...but I see a bunch of wine stuff by the Wine Cask..there's tasting rooms, a wine library, and everywhere wine wine wine..a wine library??? silly


but Pattie Boyd and Henry Diltz will host a photo media event at the Lobero which should be very cool...Pattie of course was the inspiration for Layla by Derek and the Dominoes and Something by George..Pattie was married to George during the heyday of the Beatles and then Eric fell for her...geez two of the greatest guitar players of all time in love with the same chick! and boy what a beauty she is!!!

I can't wait to see her and her pictures of an epic time in musical history!!! Pattie Boyd is rock-n-roll royalty and Diltz photographed the Southern Cal rock scene in the 1960s and 1970s..Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, the Eagles, CSN and everybody else in Topanga Canyon...

it will be an honor to be there

Thursday, March 3, 2016


in the name of love, before you break my heart

ok there's a traffic sting around Santa Claus Lane and I got busted...Sheriff's deputy was parked under the overpass and I was leaving Santa Claus Lane after hooking up with some chick

so I come to the STOP sign at Padaro and SCL and stop then take off..then the cop does a U- Turn and pulls me over by the Corvette garage...

then he says I didn't stop at the STOP sign. he THINKS he saw what he saw but he didn't...
I look at him..a short little twerp and give him my license registration of course I DID stop at the Stop Sign but I didn't linger or loiter or pause for 30 seconds like some people I's a STOP sign not a STAY sign or a Bide A Wee and Pray sign
but I don't have the time to go to court so I figured I'd pay the fine until I get the Warning/Courtesy notice which if full of baloney...

it has two options to pay: bail forfeiture and/or traffic school...bail is $240 and Traffic school is $300...then I'm supposed to find out if I'm eligible for traffic school!! like it's a thing I wanna do!!


traffic school?? I don't need to go to no traffic school...I don't have to go to no stinking traffic school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what kind of an idiot would pay more money to go to a bogus traffic school?? for not staying at at Stop Sign?? this is a total scam and the Superior Court and Sheriff should be ashamed of themselves...milking me outta money when I did nothing wrong or dangerous..they can check my drivng traffic school mandatory?? I'll find out if this is some insurance scam: By taking a DMV-licensed traffic violator school course, you can have one point on your driving record (resulting from a cited traffic violation) masked for insurance purposes...look you idiots I have Geico and they are not gonna raise my rates because of some stupid CHP ticket

hey's a road hazard...I can prove negligence that you
haven't dealt with it yet!!!

my record is clean and NO DUIs ever!! EVER!!! I've never hit a fucking tree!! hell, I stop for raccoons and birds and sometimes for babies if they are crawling around in the street

so what was this deputy doing parked under the overpass..jerking off ?? then he sees me and gives me a ticket???

the odd thing is there's a tree on Santa Claus Lane..a pine tree that split, fell over and is in the road partially..why didn't the cop do something about that?? because he doesn't have a quota on's a real SAFETY HAZARD!!

hey wait a minute maybe I can run to the News-Press and do a series!!! because unlike Peter Lance I really am innocent

I'm not done with this dirty rats

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Time After Time

If you're lost you can look and you will find me
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting
Time after time

I woke up Sunday morning, stumbled out the door, fired up the truck and drove into this vision.. I stopped, got out and stood there for ten minutes looking up, and he never flinched...with the sun in my eyes that damn bird looked like Jesus...

"And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp two-edged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength"

mosquitoes...what good are they? well I haven't seen one in years due to the drought...mosquitos like water and no water no mosquitos..plenty down in Brazil but that's the rain forest where the mosquitoes are as big as vultures....

now, I was at the Bird Refuge last week  waiting for a thrill with Jill..instead I see a guy posting signs about spraying poison to kill monsquitos...well let's see..the high tide and rains have filled the Bird Refuge with water...good quality water and there's more birds swimming and fewer bird with sad looks on their faces...I even saw a fish in the water

the poison used is mild and doesn't do any environmental damage so goes the story...but given the number of insects and predators like birds, why not let Nature take its course...bats eat insects, even little sparrows eat insects like mosquitoes...

and I see all these wood chips being placed in large swaths over the dirt, presumably to keep the weeds down...but of course this is folly..the weeds just pop up thru the chips...Jill, I've told you time after time with my recommendations to add sea water (naturally) to the refuge and to let the weeds fertilize the soil......I'm not trying to mislead you.. I would never do that...

take a look at the new growth, Jill....the green rushes and clear vibrant and fresh..

like new love