Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Long Run

we can go the distance...

well I liked Haggen except for the "fuck-you" attitude towards their customers...remember snobbery is a defense mechanism...snobs are really scared, insecure little people..Wendy is a snob and look what happened to the long run, she loses


but it looks like there are signs of life in the old Haggen store in Carp..Smart and Final Extra is gonna open soon...that's good..the last thing I need is another store with an attitude....or weird checkers...and I'll wait to see that the extra is


ok so we've had rain and everything is green except the ocean which is brown...muddy waters man..but I did happen by the Bird Refuge and wow it is full to the brim! Lake Jill!!

apparently according to the News-Press story, a superbug from hospitals is escaping from sewage treatment plants to the ocean and threatening to kill surfers and swimmers...the problem with conservatives is they fear everything because they don't understand anything beyond guns and bibles...and we know that guns and bibles are easily misunderstood..but to fight the superbug, always suit up before you hit the beach!!

now ex-Eagle ex-Poco member Randy Meisner's wife was shot and killed (shot herself while drunk with gun??) and Randy was put on suicide watch..apparently he threatened a murder-suicide previously and was on some prescription drugs or a substance abuser...this guy was an original Eagle member and provided the soaring high vocals for the band...

and now this??

and to think he could've just said no

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