Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Broken Arrow

and don't mention babies at all


the News-Press is so stupid, they can't even spell "illegals"!! so ICE raided some Santa Maria farms and a bunch of illegals got in trouble and now some conservatives are up in arms..the same conservatives who want to deport illegals, unless they work in the billion dollar ag indusrty...

hey, I'm all about solutions so I got one to solve the illegal immigration crisis...firstly, it's never been an issue with me because I like to see Latinas with their shiny flowing black hair and soft but firm hands...mmmmm...much nicer than white trash!!

and since we invited the Mexicans in during WWII, I say they can stay...they don't have to assimilate because as Linda Ronstadt says, we must learn the languge of our borders which is French to the north and Spanish to the south and I don't speak Alabama anyways...

so don't be lazy- learn a new language..don't let your kids be as ignorant as you!!

ok so Vincent the Chumash guy quit as Tribe leader to go to Chef School in New York on the gambling profits....most illegals don't have that luxury as they have to start at the I used to be a cook so I wash dishes..mas platos amigos, mas platos!! then you prep then you cook..your spatula is an extension of yourself...mine was a mother-of-pearl rose handle with a gold-plated spat...I could crack fifty eggs with one hand and not break a yolk..and turn them over-easy or serve them sunnyside up whichever way you wanted them... and that's no yolk!

White Trash!!

so my point is all the Mex illegals simply need to declare that they are native Indians! Je suis Chumash!!  they all look alike so problem more GOP complaints about diseased illegals crossing the border to take our jobs because the white man is the true illegal

take our jobs??? most white folks won't do manual labor because they are lazy...but to create a work ethic you need to work, not spend your life avoiding work...

ask any farmer..they hire illegals, pay them dirt, and let Peoples Self Help Housing build them nice big condo complexes with taxpayer money!

what goes around, comes around senorita


Anonymous said...

"Ilegals" Another example of the racist morons putting out that paper. Boycott the News Press .... again?

Anonymous said...

OMG. Now they can't spell the word they fought so loudly to protect. LOL LOL LOL Some newspaper.