Sunday, March 27, 2016

Beware Of Darkness

Happy Easter!!!

first of all, Jesus was not nailed to a cross...I don know how that rumor got started but it ain't true....

secondly, when you're out there looking for Easter eggs..and eating jelly beans...watching the little ones search...watching the little ones hunting for Easter eggs...watching the little bunnies..

the little bunnies need to remember ....the serpent is hunting too
I fish in the creek not the crik..the creeeeeek!! buy a man a fish or teach him to fish...I got a crik in my neck...God is a concept..and nothing more

so this is Easter Sunday and every zombie Christian will be at the Courthouse Sunken Garden praising the garden-variety religion....look not into their eyes or you'll see nothing...
now speaking of rumors, the News-Press had a front page story last week about a FOX NEWS bimbo who was kayaking off Marina Del Rey with her friends..she found a dead dog and assumed it was killed and planted on the beach as a warning to the owner..and the News-Press reported this as fact..FOX NEWS AND THE NEWS-PRESS..dumbing down the news for wonder the GOP is dead...a bunch of morons took over...


anyway the LA TIMES had the real story..the dog belonged to a homeless dude and was hit by a car; the homeless guy took his dead dog to the beach to wash it off, and tied it to a shovel so it wouldn't get washed away out to sea..

here's real story based on facts, not superstition

Sheriff’s Sgt. Larry Ramage said investigators learned of the animal's true fate when a transient came into the Marina del Rey station Thursday night looking for his dead dog.

The homeless man said the dog had been struck by a car and he decided to take it to the beach to wash the carcass because he wanted to stuff the animal, Ramage said.

The homeless man said he tied the dog’s collar to a shovel to keep the body from floating away. He did this because he said he needed to leave the beach to retrieve some of his belongings in another location.

stuff the dog?? well, Roy Rogers stuffed Trigger so I got no problem with that

but FOX NEWS and the News-Press thought it was some conspiracy animal cruelty murder mystery!!! the headline was "drowned dog found in LA with Santa Barbara tags"

dumb dumb dumb dumb... but typical of conservative journalism

and these are same ignorant people who think Jesus was really nailed to a cross...and who walk their dogs in baby strollers

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