Sunday, March 20, 2016

Nashville Cats

play wild as Mountain Dew

hamburgers...I love 'em... everybody loves a good burger...some fries and a Coke and you know you are in America.. but Carl's Jr (CKE) headquarters have been located in Carp for years and the CEO Andy Puzder (Putz #1) has forever been threatening to move out of California..first there was too much competition then he blames the bad business environment in California..all the while ol' Andy is living high on the hog in I figured the excuse to move out of California because of high taxes is bogus otherwise he'd have done it long ago..besides the whole company CKE is moving out of St Louis Nashville

Putz #1

and in the Sunday's News-Press, Puz says the way to get around the rise in minimum wages for fast food workers is to order your food from an iPAd! completely idiotic and I can't believe this dunce is the CEO of Carl's Jr..and then Andy Caldwell (Putz #2) chimes in about poor Puzder and the tough California business regulations..that's the default message from anti-labor conservatives...and these business genuises at the News-Press could explain perhaps why the OC Register was bought for $45 million and has a circulation of 250000 folks while Wendy bought the News-Press for $150 million and has driven the subscribers down to about 15000! hmmmmm

Putz #2

well let's see, Nashville has no income tax and a great music scene.. Carl's Jr has ok hamburgers but can't compete in California but moving to Nashville has got noting to do with high taxes in Calif

some of these big corps like CKE move around to get states and local govt's to give them big cash incentives for being an corporate welfare

Until everyone stops using incentives, the state doesn't stand a chance on merits like workforce development, low taxation and its right-to-work status alone – since those same traits are shared by nearly all of its Southern neighbors.

I don't see this relationship between Nashville and Carl's Jr flourishing

so some of these companies are basically using tax payers to make it look like they are independent, right-to-work companies...and CKE doesn't want to deal with the unions so they can appear all American anti-commie /union

and consequently sell more burgers?? no way

hey Andy, how about we order some cat burgers from an iPad


Anonymous said...

This proves what an astute business woman McCaw is. She must have secret reasons for playing 20 times more for her newspaper than what it is worth. She must know more than the rest of us! The OC Register was driven to bankruptcy by someone who thought over-staffing its paper with conservative writers was the secret to success. McCaw's secret must have been buying a small-town paper and reshaping in the ideals of a dying political party, while reducing it's circulation by 300 percent, that surely will lead to success too! Thank goodness we have such a wise woman running the newspaper. One day I'm sure her investment will be worth... at least $2 or $3 million dollars! She'll show all of them! And she's already ahead of the game with CKE. Her staff of robotic Young Republicans puts out a paper nearly as tasteless and cookie cutter as a Famous Star burger!

Anonymous said...

I saw that article about the Orange County register and also wondered about the value of the News Press, which is no longer worth the paper it's printed on. Wendy should sell it to Digital First Media while they're still doing crazy things like buying outdated newspapers. I doubt she'll recoup her money, but she'd no longer be running the worst vanity press in California.