Sunday, March 6, 2016


it's now or never

so Nancy Reagan died...she was old and full of years...but she was First Lady back in the 1980s and we seem to forget the first ladies...but Nancy said something, words that were brilliant..she said them about drugs..

"when it comes to drugs and alcohol, Just Say No"

and she founded the "Just Say No" drug awareness campaign..

naive? simplistic? no not at all...just say no means you need to use your willpower to kick and control need to use your head..otherwise you'll spend all your time and money trying to get high which is a useless stupid and wasteful endeavor....just look at the News-Press, full of drugs and alcohol!! maybe Wendy and Nipper should heed Nancy's advice

the War on Drugs will end when people don't need them anymore..and as we become more aware, we will find no reason to chase a drug high....America can't function if  everyone is drunk and high...

Nancy was cool and I had a huge crush on Patti, her daughter...California girls!!!

Thank-You , First Lady Nancy Reagan... good job!!

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Anonymous said...

THAT creepy old bitch Nancy is dead? Huzzah! I think we should thank Dr. Van Helsing for his continued good work!