Saturday, March 12, 2016

From the Beginning

you see it's all clear...

one night long ago I walked from my girlfriend's bedroom in the village up to my house on the hill .. I was 16 or was a Montecito night, warm and windy, full moon...on the radio at her house was Lucky Man by Emerson Lake and Palmer...there was a small earthquake...that song with the Moog synthesizer played by Keith Emerson was beautiful and still a was a great night..spooky, surreal and an awesome song to bring it home

funny, I felt an earthquake last night

ok so remember when I told you I got a ticket on Santa Claus Lane for a "New York" stop? and I also told you that the CHP dude wuzza  dufus who gave me a ticket but ignored a downed-tree safety hazard on SCL? it wasn't that long ago so you should remember but anyway they cut down the tree branches- the pine tree! I'm sure a good, real and responsible cop saw it and got the job done..thank you!


now do you also remember when I told you many times about the nonprofit war "charity" Wounded see the ads on Fox News all the time..conservative actors tugging on the heartstrings asking for donations to help our wounded warriors that we sent to invade  sovereign countries like Iraq...and real reporters uncovered fraud and malfeasance by the CEO and other top executives of the nonprofit...junkets, fancy hotels and very little money going to help soldiers/vets...yet still Trace Adkins, who also pitches Firestone tires, and Bruce Willis asked for donations pay their fees no doubt...

well they Board finally fired the CEO of Wounded Warriors after denying anything bad was going on...but these war nonprofits are a total scam, right Dr. Laura??? stupid-ass conservative chickenhawks

and then we have another dufus who calls himself the "Dog Whisperer" and the dog people just love him..of course he's a total fraud but when it comes to dogs, people are not exactly spas, dog dental braces, dogs in baby carriages...geez...maybe when Trump is president he can kill all these nutjobs..."GET 'EM OUTTA HERE"

but thees dog guy Cesar Millan, with the bright white dog-teeth smile has been charged with animal cruelty.. the guy had a stupid show that won an emmy...Peter Lance has a bunch of emmys too!

I saw the video and Cesar unleashed a pit bull on a pig and the pit bull tore the ear off the pig while Cesar was chasing the dog I like me some bacon too but the poor pig was squealing like a pig and yeah Cesar messed up..maybe he should beome the "Pig Whisperer"

so some chick filed a complaint against Cesar..

good... we need to expose frauds who prey on emotionally unstable people like dog owners..and chickenhawks

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