Thursday, March 24, 2016


in the way she moves

the Lobero Theater is lousy with blondes..blondes to the left of me, blondes to the right..blonds coming and going....blondes coming....that is reason enough to live

I'm in Santa Barbara to see Pattie Boyd....mainly Pattie but Henry Diltz's an exhibition of their photographs

I didn't know what to expect...I'm sitting outside and some dude walks up sits down and we start talking music..said he saw Crosby last night ...then he tells me about a duet with George Jones and a lady gospel singer...her name is Vestal Goodman and the guy is playing the song for me on his Android phone...I love finding new music! song about a mansion on a hilltop...George and Vestal..great!!!

so the doors open and I sit down in my fave seat...the Lobero fills up with people and three rowdy chicks sit next to me on the's drunk as usual..she's brunette who says she's having an anxiety attack and tells her pretty blonde friend to sit next to me...then they say they are off to a bar! the blonde chick is hot so I tell her don't go, you got me on my knees, Layla, I beg you darlin' please...poof, they are gone...blondes..geez I give chicks anxiety attacks now!! I STILL GOT IT!!


the show starts with a little movie of music, from Dylan to the Doors...

then Diltz comes out and goes though his life as a rock photographer..he's the main Rocknroll photographer and the pictures are iconic shots...Stills first album in the snow with the pink giraffe...Hendrix and Clapton played on that album..a great one!! nice early shots of Linda Ronstadt, who will be at the Lobero in April..

but the Lobero stage set up rather bleakly for Henry and Pattie..a big screen was good to see the pics, but Henry was off to the side sitting on a stool with a mic...and told the stories which were fun....I loved the Laurel Canyon stuff

I expected that the stage would be a nice big Persian rug and a plush sofa where Henry and Pattie would sit and banter back and forth and with the audience...but their shows were separate

Henry first and then Pattie Boyd came out and her show was much more intimate...a short flick with Beatles doing Something and people from all languages doing a sing-along....then "Layla" blasts out of the speakers..YEAH BABY!!!


she was with the Beatles in the beginning and had some insight into that crazy time ..she started as a model with her pal Twiggy...whoa..they were just kids!!

Pattie had some great stories about George and Eric ..she started dating George who told her to get rid of her boyfriend..they were in their early twenties and Brian Epstein, the Beatles brilliant manager, chaperoned their first date to help them pick the proper wine with dindin!! haha

the London days and drugs..and the phony drug busts..the London cops were always trying to bust the famous rockers for drugs to make a name for themselves...

and Pattie's the one who got the Beatles into transcendental meditation...she says the India trips were very peaceful and the guys wrote the White album there..her!!

then we heard about Eric moving in on Pattie while George protested at first..but being a Beatle and a gentleman, he let her go..great pics of Eric and Cream just hanging out being regular guys..all these folks were friends..Mama Cass, Joni, Eric, the Hollies..Cass was the big hostess and introduced Graham Nash to Crosby and Stills before they knew they even needed a three-part harmony...Pattie had cool pics of the Stones and Eric and Mick hanging out...George and Pattie rented a big mansion in  LA and people were always coming and going

Pattie says she left Eric because he was drinking too much and nobody wants to be around a drunk no matter how good a guitar player he is

then all of a sudden, Pattie was no longer Mrs. Famous after some soul searching, she checked out some old photos she had taken and decided to make it a career..and now her photos are displayed and she tours with Henry Diltz

between the two of them, it was a fascinating night...after the show they had prints for sale out front of the Lobero and Henry's table had a few folks but Pattie's table was full of people standing in lines..

guy were trying to get pictures...falling all over ourselves

to see the famous, beautiful lady from London

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