Monday, March 14, 2016


I been warped by the rain, driven by the snow I'm drunk and dirty, don't ya know? And I'm still, willin'

so I'm standing in line at the bank in Carp Monday morning....Union Bank to cash a check...two guys in front of me are talking about music and I'm older balding blonde guy is talking about Michael McDonald and the Doobie Brothers and the other guy, in his 60s with a full head of jet black hair is saying "yeah yea" but he's not really into music...doesn't follow it

but then the guy with the black hair mentions Little Feat..and Lowell George, ace ears perk up and finally the dark guy, who says he doesn't follow music, tells the other guy Lowell George is his brother....I think I heard that...there's some silence as the blonde guy looks kinda disintested....but I chime in that Little Feat was a great band....then I ask if he's Lowell George's brother again and he says yeah...and he starts talkin'

geez, I think of two great legendary southern  rock bands and it's the Allman Bros and Little Feat!

I ask his name and he says he's Hampton George...looks very similar to Lowell with the dark piercing we start rapping about music and he's opening up with all this cool stuff from the he knows Linda Ronstadt...geez I wish I knew Linda Ronstadt!! well now I can say I know Hampton George, a close personal friend of Linda Ronstadt! hahha

and Hampton says Jackson Browne is godfather to some rocker's kids...

and how Lowell went to Juilliard to study classical music..he's says they both studied at Juilliard, but Hampton went the Army afterwards while Lowell pursued music...unfortunately, speedballs killed Lowell...drugs were everywhere for the rockers..

and once Little Feat was headed for a concert in Hawaii..they used two jumbo jets to get the band over there...I think I heard him right but I was a little starstruck like a little girl to be talking to Lowell George's brother..

Hampton is a real nice guy with his head in the game...a no-nonsense kinda guy..and you can tell he's been around the music greats..knows everything and probably plays as well as Lowell did

he asked who I was..I told him I'm a sad little  musician and have guitars and blogs, but my dreams died long ago..he laughed... then the bank girl calls me over to cash my check... so I go...

while leaving the bank, I tell Hampton it is was nice to meet him..likewise he says...

I should have asked him if he wanted to start a band! WOW

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