Saturday, March 19, 2016


had green eyes...

I've been busy tending to some neighborhood psychos but not too busy to make a blog entry now and then

ok so I'm tired of Crosby Stills and Nash...they are old men esp Crosby ...he's 74, looks 94 and is playing the Granada and I won't go because at that age he might die mid-song..."Guinnevere, had green eyes...ey..AHHHHHH"....plunk..he drops dead!!


back in the day all these guys were good and rocked but there "comes a time" as Neil says..ya just gotta retire and maybe volunteer at local charity...the only singing I want to hear from now on is from the birds

so have ya heard Dolly Parton's version of "My Cups Runneth Over"?? hahaah!!

Haggen blew into town said FUCK YOU CARPINTERIA then we kicked them out..VONS was here before but got complacent, like CSN

I think of all the grocery stores...Ralph's, Stater Bros, Piggly Wiggly and so forth and I see that a good grocery store is an essential part of American pop culture like they need to do it right...

when I pulled up to the new Smart and Final Extra! I was like over the rainbow!! I had a feeling we're not in Carp anymore, Toto...

I walked through the doors it was like going on a first date..everything is fresh and new and bright and a "Good Morning" greeting is nice... and pretty good prices though some of the meats are still high... I grab some stuff, the produce section is superior-and the radishes are HUGE!!

I check out..the old gals are nice but the machines don't work, so they take my stuff to another checkout stand and the machines don't work....then a young Latina shows up and fixes everything..she had pretty green eyes...I call her "Guinnevere"  

Smart and Final Extra is a great addition to Carpinteria!

now I've been hearing stories of naked women running through the streets of Santa Barbara...well, why not come to Carpinteria and run naked? join in on the fun

what have you got to lose????

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