Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I Walk The Line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine

 so the County has some big ideas for Santa Claus Lane I hear...I've tried mightily over the years to keep this area rural and agricultural..they used to raise lima beans on the Lane...they used to welcome travelers with date shakes and train rides...they used to serve stiff drinks at the Reindeer Room

a giant statue of Santa would wave at ya from the beach...and some weird family secrets are still buried on the Lane

in 2016, Santa Claus Lane is still a great place to pull over, park, and hit the beach...there's no sidewalks, just dirt and plants..this is the way it should be...but there is an issue with private property belonging to the railroad...if you cross the tracks to get to the beach, you are trespassing which people have been doing since 1966...

a proper beach access on Padaro Lane

it's a right of passage to cross the tracks get to the waves..we trespassed through properties to get to Shark's when we were kids and the property owners didn't care..they were so cool!!

but today people aren't too cool anymore..so the County wants sidewalks, they want people to get to Santa Claus beach from only one spot where they will erect a little building with a crossing guard and gate and fence and red lights and fence off the rest of the railroad access.... a few years ago some idiot got killed by a train trying to rescue his dog who was not a on a leash..if I find out this project is the result of that, there won't be one dog alive in Santa Barbara..I'll have a hot dog BBQ at the beach!! and I'll invite every kittycat in town!

this is lunacy... but it's what happens when too many people start complaining or too many employees crowd the county administration building....they are paid to come up with grand schemes that cost lots of money and serve no purpose...

life is full of risks..deal with it


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