Friday, March 4, 2016


you got me on my knees, Layla, I beg you darlin', please

well, I've never begged..I whimpered a few times maybe but never begged

I needed answers I went in Santa Barbara looking for some....but first Trader Joe's for some goodies for the GOP debate..lox and bagles ...but if I were black, Muslim, Mexican, Jewish or Asian, I'd find another place to live if I were you...I'm talking another country...the last time we had so many white people angry at each other was during the Civil War!

so then I get coffee on Milpas at the Thai place..that lady that owns it is Korean and she is superfine..something in the way she moves...just lovely and sexy...ohhhhhh!! I wonder if she gives massages

anyway, I head for the courts at 118 E Figueroa to get my ticket explained...I tried to call on the phone but I can't wait I go in and they check my bags..the metal detector and this young Latina inspects my wallet..I mean she's going thru everything..yes honey I got money and if you need a sugar daddy, I'm your man!!! and I'm serious as a heart attack

ok so now I get it...I'm standing in line with Mr. Jimmy for the ticket and traffic school info and there's only Asians and Mexicans in front of me....Asians as far as the eye can see and as a people can't drive worth a damn and illegals can't even speak English and shouldn't be driving in the first's a cash bonanza for the courts! so I pay my fine and the guy says that's the end of it...I'm free


now curiously on the front page of the News-Press, Scott Steepleton rehashes Peter Lance's DUI issue of a few years ago to report on a story about the unfairness on DUI arrests!!! have you stopped by the News-Press recently...GHETTO...the walls are stained, the doors are worn and the lobby has been moved a few doors down according to a note posted on the front door....I wonder what's going on..did Wendy really rent out the News-Press?? seems the only thing Team Wendy cares about nowadays is the right to drive drunk!!

ok then I park on the street where the Post Office is..that one way it Santa Barbara St?

I head for the Lobero to pick up my tickets for Pattie Boyd on the 23rd...but I see a bunch of wine stuff by the Wine Cask..there's tasting rooms, a wine library, and everywhere wine wine wine..a wine library??? silly


but Pattie Boyd and Henry Diltz will host a photo media event at the Lobero which should be very cool...Pattie of course was the inspiration for Layla by Derek and the Dominoes and Something by George..Pattie was married to George during the heyday of the Beatles and then Eric fell for her...geez two of the greatest guitar players of all time in love with the same chick! and boy what a beauty she is!!!

I can't wait to see her and her pictures of an epic time in musical history!!! Pattie Boyd is rock-n-roll royalty and Diltz photographed the Southern Cal rock scene in the 1960s and 1970s..Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, the Eagles, CSN and everybody else in Topanga Canyon...

it will be an honor to be there

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