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¶ When men strive together, one with another, if the wife of the one come near, for to rid her husband out of the hands of him that smiteth him, and put forth her hand, and take him by his privities, Then thou shalt cut off her hand: thine eye shall not spare her. AWESOME!!

Nancy Phinney? off with her hand!!

before you read another word of this blog, I want you to promise me you will abide by my Community Life Statement, a contract which prohibits sexual relations outside of marriage and homosexuality..

can you do that? well I can't ...I am not a fag but I have had sex inside and outside of marriage... that means I would never have been permitted into the new Westmont College...seemingly the college has been taken over by rightwing religious fanatics...

the front page of the News-Press explains this..actually a pretty good story by Sara Bush...Westmont is discriminating against college students unless they get married; or if they are gay...and some students are bravely protesting

of course this is just more nonsense from the folks who use religion as a cover for their students- you should protest and not let these stupid adults at Westmont fill your heads with fear and superstition

and while I support the kids at Westmont, I also support the Girl Scouts because Thin Mints are yummy!
I may be a Catholic but I'm not the kind of Catholic that would belong to the St Louis archdiocese..or any arch for that matter! but St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is picking a fight with the Girl Scouts for not sharing "Catholic values"..

St. Louis Archbishop Robert Carlson is urging priests to sever ties with the Girl Scouts, saying the organization promotes values "incompatible" with Catholic teachings.

so when Catholic priests aren't busy molesting little boys, they are picking fights with little girls!!

The Archdiocese of St. Louis received 240 sex abuse complaints accusing 115 people over a 20-year period, according to information prepared to comply with a court order.

Archdiocese data give fuller accounting of St. Louis ...

these religious wackos are hypocrites...and they will never offer a real course in sexual the kids will learn on their let Nature take its course

Westmont College should be ashamed of itself....

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