Thursday, March 3, 2016


in the name of love, before you break my heart

ok there's a traffic sting around Santa Claus Lane and I got busted...Sheriff's deputy was parked under the overpass and I was leaving Santa Claus Lane after hooking up with some chick

so I come to the STOP sign at Padaro and SCL and stop then take off..then the cop does a U- Turn and pulls me over by the Corvette garage...

then he says I didn't stop at the STOP sign. he THINKS he saw what he saw but he didn't...
I look at him..a short little twerp and give him my license registration of course I DID stop at the Stop Sign but I didn't linger or loiter or pause for 30 seconds like some people I's a STOP sign not a STAY sign or a Bide A Wee and Pray sign
but I don't have the time to go to court so I figured I'd pay the fine until I get the Warning/Courtesy notice which if full of baloney...

it has two options to pay: bail forfeiture and/or traffic school...bail is $240 and Traffic school is $300...then I'm supposed to find out if I'm eligible for traffic school!! like it's a thing I wanna do!!


traffic school?? I don't need to go to no traffic school...I don't have to go to no stinking traffic school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what kind of an idiot would pay more money to go to a bogus traffic school?? for not staying at at Stop Sign?? this is a total scam and the Superior Court and Sheriff should be ashamed of themselves...milking me outta money when I did nothing wrong or dangerous..they can check my drivng traffic school mandatory?? I'll find out if this is some insurance scam: By taking a DMV-licensed traffic violator school course, you can have one point on your driving record (resulting from a cited traffic violation) masked for insurance purposes...look you idiots I have Geico and they are not gonna raise my rates because of some stupid CHP ticket

hey's a road hazard...I can prove negligence that you
haven't dealt with it yet!!!

my record is clean and NO DUIs ever!! EVER!!! I've never hit a fucking tree!! hell, I stop for raccoons and birds and sometimes for babies if they are crawling around in the street

so what was this deputy doing parked under the overpass..jerking off ?? then he sees me and gives me a ticket???

the odd thing is there's a tree on Santa Claus Lane..a pine tree that split, fell over and is in the road partially..why didn't the cop do something about that?? because he doesn't have a quota on's a real SAFETY HAZARD!!

hey wait a minute maybe I can run to the News-Press and do a series!!! because unlike Peter Lance I really am innocent

I'm not done with this dirty rats


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your ticket. there's a good chance you can go to traffic school online. do it at home, at your leisure. some of the online "schools" include videos, games. it's actually kinda fun. they make sure you pass.

Mick Von Caw said...

go to traffic school? it's kinda fun?? what are you, a clown??