Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where Do The Children Play

tell me where do the children play?? ay ay

open letter to Assemblyman Das Williams

Dear Das,

you just lost my vote


I hear you got over $200000 in tax money to "restore" the dunes at State beach in Carpinteria...meaning that they will rip out the ice plant and plant natives instead and erect interpretive signs...these signs are overused and an eyesore

now Das, you LITTLE SQUIRREL,  ARE YOU aware we are still in a drought and any new plantings will be water-dependent...


you realize that the ice plant has been there for years adding stability to the soil and more importantly, keeping the sand from blowing onto the streets of Carpinteria...when you remove the ice plant, you will create a hazard and the City Of Carpinteria will have to clean up the sand....

and the restoration people, because of low volunteers, have the left the state beach in Carp a mess...areas are cordoned off, they killed off some ice plant..and they managed to install a plastic boardwalk that leads from Linden Ave to the picnic tables a few hundred feet away!!

closed for scenic restoration--for the last five years!!

planting a few new species is fine but an overall restoration of the dunes is just plain stupid and unnecessary

kids need places to run and jump, not a bunch of "interpretive signs" at the beach..they need to run over the plants and chase squirrels and climb trees...and get stung a by a bee, too!

instead you want the kids to stay off the grass and read interpretive signs about nature, instead of running through and being part of nature...being outside is good for them..what next interpretive signs for the air??

kids, it's ok to step on native plants!!!

red-winged blackbird in the cattails

this is a bonehead move by Das I will be voting for Jennifer Christensen who I think will use the taxpayer's money wisely in the first district

remember Das, all those seeds blowing in on the March winds and filling the hillsides provides the birds and bees with a variety of lovely and useful plants ....

for free

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