Monday, August 31, 2015

My Old School

oh no, William and Mary won't do now

yes I watched the Santa Barbara school board discuss allowing alcohol on campus.. I watched in disbelief as some fat chick on the board tried to tell me that alcohol would be a good thing...for certain events..when they rent out the campus...serving wine to senior citizens or non-profits doing fund raisers...just set up a no-host bar in the gym...

to my surprise there was Lanny Ebenstein at public comment telling the board not to consider such a stupid idea..well, I have to agree with Lanny on this one..

don't pimp out Santa Barbara High or Jr High to alcohol addicts!! if you can't watch a show at the Marjorie Luke theater without getting drunk, then go to the Lobero where they will get you drunk at the outside wine bar before the main act even sets foot onstage!

what is it about this culture that demands we get drunk for social events???

geez, these people are infuriating!! now the fat chick, Kate Porker, who is pushing this should resign immediately as a danger to the health and welfare of students..any board member who supports this alcohol foolishness should resign

and Gov Brown signed the bill introduced by a conservative to allow alcohol at special events on campus....a low point for Gov Moonbeam..I'm ashamed of him

this is the same board that spends money on ineffective drug-sniffing dogs on campus but is considering allowing alcohol on school campus for special events!!

we have problems with drinking and driving and stoners driving, why add to them? kids mimic adults and if adults can't get through an event without a drink, then their kids will drink...the cycle of ignorance will continue....

kids need schools for wholesome education and events..not the consumption of alcohol by idiot adults and non-profit organizers...

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Sleeping in that old abandoned beach house, getting wasted in the heat.... and hiding on the backstreets... hiding on the backstreets


so I'm reading the News-Press real estate section last week..actually it's pretty good....lots of good info...unlike the rest of the rag...

but I see where alleged slumlord Dario Pini sold a property on Carp Ave for about 4 million dollars...then I see some chatter about it being the rundown Cyress Tree Apartments...affordable and run down...well not too bad..looks like Pini updated them a bit..well at least it's not a flophouse

but if you're low on cash, a great place to live I imagine...and it's close to the Bluffs and City Hall...and across the street you can get your drugs at Motel 6..

Carp has all kinds a homes, condos, houses, mansions, tract houses and of course this Peoples Self Help housing abomination on Via Real that replaced the cool old Camper Park

but you are at the mercy of the landlord when you rent...and the banks if you own

now I've heard some people say the little houses by the freeway in Santa Barbara are unhealthy due to the freeway exhaust..but that's nonsense and just an excuse for the snobs to voice their displeasure about the socialistic nature of the houses....

on a hot, humid and breezy summer's day in late August, I went to the beach at Santa Claus Lane and it was awesome weather..the waves were really nice and big and kids surfing and half-naked women sunning themselves, their tan bodies glistening with sweet sweat...their asses..ohh those asses!!! now those are the assets I like!

I glanced down the lane and saw the new ticky tacky development rising and noticed it looked like the little houses by the highway in SB! similar...and they are right close to the 101 in Carp and the railroad tracks....but I don't hear anyberdy crying about health issues here!

and all the stars on Padaro Lane are living by the tracks and the highway..and they seem healthy....them and their designer dogs!
living by the highway has it's benefits as does living by the river..and by the beach too if you think about it...tits and ass!!!

so the poor folks in the Cypress Tree will be kicked out probably for some sort of resort inn to be built in the future...

that could be a problem...I don't want to lose Carpinteria to corporate interests where out of town moneyhounds are trying to kill the small beachy atmosphere...

crooked real estate agents, fraudulent securities brokers and such don't belong here...they were the ones who facilitated the mortgage crisis and I see them creeping back to pick pockets

I love money too...but not so much that I'd sell my town down the river

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Le Freak

Ah Freak out! Le Freak, c'est Chic / Have you heard about the new dance craze? / Listen to us, I'm sure you'll be amazed / Big fun

for some people in the 1980s, hanging out in Nipper's on Coast Village Road must've been their nightly routine...

in the 1980s I lived on Coast Village Road in a little apartment while I was working..honestly, I don't remember Nippers...I remember the Miramar ball room, the Chanticleer was a great place to sip some fave was the Olive Mill Bistro...there was a great hamburger yummy sourdough burgers joint across from Peabody's..and a bike shop..Coast Village Rd was a great spot back in the day..nowadays it's realtors and lenders (remember the mortgage crisis??)

I wasn't a barfly but did like an occasional Heineken on Saturday night...and music with Jock McCaba and Hank and Wayne was... ahhh... soothing?? well, at least it wasn't threatening
but I outgrew the nightlife....the beer, the booze, the cigarettes...but not the women

so I heard plenty of rumors about Nippers...the cocaine, the wannabe New York style disco a la Studio 54, the champagne dreams, the celebs who hung out was Studio 54's Ian Schlager who brought ruin to the Miramar

one night at the Olive Mill, I was sitting at the bar with beer and a gal from Laguna Blanca who I was trying to seduce, and we noticed an old guy, sitting alone in a booth by the window, hunched over a stiff drink..he looked was the great John Carradine! he starred in great old westerms and horror flicks, but was rather arthritic and looked kinda sad...nevertheless, a bonafide TV legend

unlike Nipper of course..a bonafide parasite..but there he is on the cover of the Montecito Journal..another spoiled, useless trustfunder taking up space while the real men watched the wall

but Nippers will be resurrected for some charity, the Boys and Girls Club..the new location is across from the Bird Refuge...

I don't know why the club is being resurrected to benefit the Boys and Girls was not a healthy hangout..the rumors about cocaine and drug use...and Nippers own issues with drugs and alcohol....

how does this benefit the Boys and Girls clubs??

well at least the old patrons of Nippers won't have to worry about the Bird Refuge stink..all that cocaine UP THE NOSES destroyed their SENSE OF SMELL!!

what about these so-called men who never grow up...

Dr. Dan Kiley popularized the Peter Pan syndrome in his 1983 book, The Peter Pan Syndrome: Men Who Have Never Grown Up; his next book, The Wendy Dilemma (1984), advises women romantically involved with "Peter Pans" how to improve their relationships.

the Wendy Dilemma... indeed

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Don't You Care

don't you care??

 ever since the county cut down the big pine tree at Lookout Park in Summerland, the park and the beach below have gone to the dogs...and the oil

I went down there a few days ago and got a strong whiff of least 50 wt! then I saw two hippies standing on a bench embracing ...that bench needs to be sterilized!!

then I saw a dog on the beach below and some oil on the rocks and kelp...but no kids playing

oil...we glorify it but it's made up of old dead things

it's true that Summerland has had an influx of dead-brained conservatives with the wine tasting rooms and dog-friendly eateries...and Chinese-made American Flags everywhere...

but why would they let the beautiful Summerland beach go to shit??

because they don't care

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Message in a Bottle

sending out an SOS...


Mysteries at the Museum

I was watching a cooking show by chance...look I loved the Galloping Gourmet...with that Graham guy..he knew how to cook and entertain...but these cheezy cooking shows today with the likes of Nipper and cohorts are pale imitations of real life..anyway, I was watching and the chef had an old German guy helping him..I recognized the German dude as the former director of the Museum of NAtural History, up in by the Mission..the Nazi's name is Karl something-or-other and he was mumbling in a thick German accent about the work the chef was making him wash the lettuce...

of course I couldn't watch more than a few minutes because I hate this Karl dude...he did untold damage to the reputation of the old Museum of Natural History and he got paid well!!
I love that place..attended lectures by author Terry Tempest Williams and others...the grounds are beautiful and historic Santa Barbara with gorgeous old houses and neighborhoods surrounding the Museum...

but other special interests have come in and are trying to ruin the place...mainly booze-adled conservatives...I did blog posts on all the booze fests at the Museum disguised as fund raisers...some of these issued were confirmed by a message in a bottle I received...

the Wine Festval: I heard some guy was unconscious in the Butterfly Pavilion next to a pool of his own vomit. Tequila Tuesdays, Fridays at Five...oh the fun of alcoholism

what has happened to the Museum..the disregard for the neighbors, the ethically-challenged's painful to watch

and the Botanic Garden is suffering the same fate with some bald jackass from Arizona running the place (before Arizonian Fife Symington tried to destroy the BG!!)

beer gardens, special dog days, more development and of course native-only plants being pushed by beer-guzzling white supremacists

well, these Santa Barbara institutions are out of my jurisdiction...

so I'm sending out an SOS! save the Museum of Natural History!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Werewolves of London

saw a werewolf drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic's


Peter Howorth says so, and News-Press says it must be true!!

I see stories about music for dogs and pets in the classroom, but if I were a dog, I'd be a coyote..coyotes are cool..they are smart, independent, resourceful, mythical, spooky and all...

so I'm not too concerned if a coyote snatches someone's pet for a snack...of course, coyotes are blamed for killing the poor precious little dogs that run around in the backyards of unsuspecting homeowners...the coyotes wait on the other side of the fence and when the opportunity arises, the coyote strikes!! grabs the little mutts and kills them...

no matter, the Montecito Farmer's Market will still go on....what a nice ass on this farm girl!!

speaking of asses, what would be the outcome of a coyote vs a Saint Bernard.. I saw this guy and his dog in SB while investigating the re-opening of Nipper's cocaine nightclub by the Bird Refuge...(report later)... and the guy kept wiping his dog's ass!!

now over at the News-Press and Noozhawk, the weirdest news in town, they had a story on pets disappearing and they blame coyotes...and they focus in on a coyote hanging around La Mesa Park in SB...a virtual death sentence for the wild dog

the Noozhawk piece was from the Police Dept Public Report..the News-Press story by Scott Steepleton was lifted from the police report...and  Scott claims some folks say city workers are feeding the coyote without one shred of evidence to support his story, ie he lied!! Geez, what a mangy mongrel this Steepleton dude is!!

either we got too many coyotes, too many pets, or too many fat stupid reporters..and two of these groups have to go...and I'm afraid it's the pets and fat stupid reporters...we can't have a surplus of useless little dogs running around growling at me!!

so to my coyote brothers and sisters I say..KILL AWAY!!

and the sharks and coyotes will continue to instill irrational fear in ignorant people....

but what will become of the La Mesa coyote? will they leave it alone? kill it? trap it? will they

close the park like they closed Surf Beach in Lompoc for the Snowy Plover??

I don't know..but if the wrong people like the News-Press are involved, it's for sure they will fuck things up...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bristol Stomp

The kids in Bristol are sharp as a pistol. When they do the Bristol Stomp Really somethin when they join in jumpin. When they do the Bristol Stomp. Whoa, whoa

so we got Caitlin Jenner going for the Sarah Palin look...then we got Sarah's daughter Bristol getting paid to lecture about teen pregnancy...then she gets pregnant again outta wedlock!

then Josh Dugger gets busted for feelin' up his sisters years ago...poor Josh lost his gig with the Family Research Council...

and I hear Josh is involved with more un-family values stuff with Ashley Madison...

In 2013, conservative reality TV star Josh Duggar—of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting fame—was named the executive director of the Family Research Council, a conservative lobbying group in D.C. which seeks "to champion marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society." During that time, he also maintained a paid account on Ashley Madison, a web site created for the express purpose of cheating on your spouse.

According to the data, Josh Duggar was paying Ashley Madison in order to find an extramarital partner for the following acts:

"Conventional Sex," Experimenting with Sex Toys," One-Night Stands," "Open to Experimentation," "Gentleness," "Good With Your Hands," Sensual Massage," "Extended Foreplay/Teasing," "Bubble Bath for 2," "Likes to Give Oral Sex," "Likes to Receive Oral Sex," "Someone I Can Teach," "Someone Who Can Teach Me," "Kissing," "Cuddling & Hugging," "Sharing Fantasies," "Sex Talk."

And here are the turn-ons that he offered up in service of finding a compatible person other than his wife with which to engage in those acts:

"A Professional/Well Groomed," "Stylish/Classy," "Casual Jeans/T-shirt Type," "Muscular/Fit Body," "Petite Figure," "Tall Height," "Short Height," "Long Hair,""Short Hair," "Girl Next Door," "Naughty Girl," "Sense of Humor," "Imagination," "Creative and Adventurous," "Relaxed and Easy Going," "Aggressive/Take Charge Nature," "Confidence," "Discretion/Secrecy," "A Good Listener," "Good Personal Hygiene," "Average Sex Drive," "High Sex Drive," "Dislikes Routine," "Has a Secret Love Nest," "Disease Free," "Drug Free," and "Natural Breasts."

well Josh, it's what we all want

I will leave you with an old Chinese proverb: A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Freeway of Love

We goin' ridin' on the freeway of love
Wind's against our back
We goin' ridin' on the freeway of love
In my pink Cadillac

so I'm flying down the freeway and see a cool sports car from New York...varooom!! where am I going I don't know, where am I headed I'm not certain, all I know is I am on my way..

next thing I know I'm close to the Milpas Street exit and I see these little little Hobbit houses right next to the I take picture as I'm zooming by...

I like 'em!

I read some things about the little houses..that they are eyesores and tacky but I think they are cool...cozy...really, what do you need but food and shelter..oh sure you got big money from a divorce settlement and you probably run right out and buy a fancy mansion in Hope that you couldn't afford without the divorce money!

but some folks just need a clean place to live while they work...and these little houses fit the bill..and they don't look all that little..I wouldn't mind having a little place to crash, then bike to the beach or whatever..

and they have a mountain view, which is sometimes better than a Santa Barbara View!

so I support the houses... and the snobby naysayers can just butt out and let the folks live in peace..

in the shade of the freeway

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday's Child

Monday had a sad child. Always feeling low down, Tuesday had a dream child. She's always on the go. So I'm in love with Saturday's child...
FOODIES!!! the good news is Haggen's in Carp is dropping prices and carrying their own maybe there's hope...maybe there's a Fountainhead...


I feel about Julia Child as I feel about Ayn Rand..they both were crazy! plus, I couldn't unnerstand a word they said...Ayn in her wordy rambling books or the apey Julia in her cooking TV shows...she sounded like she was trying to imitate Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lollipop! these people ain't got no soul!!

ok so the front page of the News-Press had an incomprehensible story about Julia Child who would have been 103 had she lived...I know Mama Cass died after choking on ham sandwich, but what did Julia choke on? her tongue??

so on the front page is a picture of Nipper, some chick named Leslie S. Von Arthur (??) Julia Child and some other folks eating at a table in 1980..and this is front page news!! geez, the News-Press couldn't even get Nipper's ex-wife's name right!!

and also at the table was some guy who makes wine locally...I knew his daughter back in school and poor kid was drugged out and Nipper's kid...

I mean who cares about this stuff? ok I know Nipper is trying to sell some cooking show he stars in..a low budget affair on News-Press TV and KEYT...but without Craig McCaw giving Wendy all that cash, where would Nipper be?

I don't know...maybe judging some water tasting contest somewhere??

me and Atlas just shrugged

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


think about what you're trying to do to me!!

think about what I'd like to do to theses mammals!

so in order to raise money for her crumbling empire, Wendy McCuckoo is renting out the News-Press building..possibly for VRBO type of deal...and she's charging for parking! what a cheapskate...but I wonder why she dint rent out space for Peter Howorth to rehab injured sea mammals.. and because Wendy didn't help Peter, he lost his licensce!! it was his responsibility to keep the license you can't blame gov't
so I'm reading in the Independent the story of Marine Mammal guy Peter Howorth...Howorth writes a column in the News-Press about sea creatures....and he rescues injured sea mammals and writes about shark attacks and so forth...

when Howorth started writing anti-shark propaganda stories, I knew he was full of it..never trusted him and when he was at the Carp Playhouse Theater for a shark Colloquium, I was not impressed...I mean how can you blame sharks for taking a bite out of a seal? that's what they do and that's how they eat..they are an essential part of the ecosystem..and if you get bitten or killed it's because you're in their territory

it was Peter and his pals who came up with some screwball way to alert people of shark sightings on posting notices in the News-Press among other things

from an earlier post: "so I read in Sunday's News-Press that Peter Howorth and his cohorts are working on a "Shark Warning System"...the Marine Mammal Center is a non-profit that needs money to save the sea lions and seals, so why not blame the sharks and issue warnings that you're next on the menu if you venture into the water..well duh, that's ALWAYS a possibility since you are entering their domain....again, it's the food chain thing but the number of shark attacks on humans is low, so the chances are slim you'll be's possible but a warning system is just plain silly..these folks try to make themselves look inportant like they are protecting you and your kids from sharks, but they aren' all"
and remember, the Refugio oil spill killed and injured more marine mammals in one month than a shark ever could!

all these animal rescue teams I don't trust..these nonprofits that appeal to Wendy-types for saving the animals (or taking food away from predators and scavengers)

in some cases animals should be rescued...a coyote caught in a storm drain, or a deer caught in a fence...or a dog caught with the neighbor's wife...then rescue away I say...

but the other rescuer I don't trust is crazy Julia #69 in Solvang for reasons I've stated before..she's just plain nuts and doesn't rally care about animals..she agrees with killing non-native animals if they are injured!! removing animals from the food chain because they are cute and furry is silly

but anyway Howorth apparently was not licensed to do the work he was performing... was doing some work out of his house (???) geez, why not use the Zoo facilities??

but the governing board suspended him for the shoddy operation...

now I wonder if Julia has a valid license to "rescue" animals..

Howorth and #69..both Team Wendy members-the lowest standards

but if you think about it...this is a victory for the sharks!!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Chain of Fools

every chain has a weak link...

I don't mind tellin' ya I'm still buzzing from the Aretha concert!

but back to the business of sharing my keen soulful satirical forensic wit with you...

so some guys go out kayaking and come back covered in oil...thick crude oil...happened in Goleta around Platform Holly.... a three mile long sheen

the Coast Guard determines it's a natural seep..the same Coast Guard that harassed boaters who dared venture into water when the Princess Cruiseliner was docked off Santa Barbara..

now, if the Coast Guard detemined the Yacht Club is full of terrorists, can they be trusted to tell us that the oil slick was a natural seep?? of course not...

Plains Oil Pipeline was the weakest link in the chain, spilling more that 140000 gals of crude into the ocean from their onshore pipeline break...they upped the spill estimate recently so they can't even count!!

spilling that much oil, dispersed by the ocean and moved around by the wind and currents must have some residual effects...and the sheen/slick  in Goleta was probably one of them..not a natural seep but a big BELCH!!

the newpapers esp the pro-oil spill newspapers like the News-Press are jumping on this story to justify the Plains oil spill..thus, the chain chain chain...chain of fools...

it all points to oil production...something is fishy and I don't think it's natural seeps...we have some light sheen in Summerland but the amount in Goleta points to Plains residual...

and when is  the last time Platform Holly was inspected and why aren't the Coast Guard asking for those records so the public can see them...oil platforms are rigs that drill for oil....anytime you drill into the ocean floor, something is maybe a well casing is leaking..or they created a fissure...maybe that's why all those emergency permits to truck oil were demanded by the oil cover the maintenance deficiencies on the oil rigs...or some of them..or maybe just Platform Holly...

you would think if this was a natural seep, this chain of fools would be able to verify it..

so far, they have not

Friday, August 7, 2015

Natural Woman

you're the key to my peace of mind....


I've been having hot flashes lately...maybe because it's hot and humid...maybe in anticipation of Aretha Franklin tonight...or maybe the devil's come to call..

well, I don't fear the devil so I went into Santa Barbara around 6:00 pm...thousands of people everywhere for Fiesta..I had to park three blocks from the Bowl and by the time I got there I was sweating like a pig in bacon eating contest..

then I had to hike up to my seat...up the steep Bowl hill then up the steps all the way in the back...unfortunately I got the cheap seat section...and as I watched the scene unfold, I squirmed like a tadpole in a puddle of water.. I could not keep dry!! I had some coke and water to re-hydrate, but that was my undoing as you'll see

as the minutes ticked by, the Bowl filled up with the beautiful section was a hoot....we were literally trapped in our seats...the show started with a gal comic and she was Amy Schumer but from Texas..and as she told some dirty jokes, I found myself surrounded by pretty girls...the seats are so close together, I had a girl on my shoulders, one at my feet, one on my lap and one was clinging to my was awesome!

the sound at the Bowl is really good so I could hear was fun sitting in the back with the party crowd...

ok, so the band and orchestra sets up...and launches into a nice jazz's a first class orchestra for a first class singer... a throw-back to an era when the music was created by real talent

and then the announcer introduces Aretha Franklin with all her Grammys and high praise...the Bowl is overflowing and buzzing and when Aretha walked out on stage ina black sequined dress, we all went crazy...she starts the show with "Higher and Higher", the old Jackie Wilson hit...I'm awestruck, dumbfounded and starstruck...I'm in the presence of greatness...Aretha sounded fantastic and looked like the Diva she is...fully in control of her band and the music...and the crowd just loved her!

"Chain Chain Chain ...Chain of Fools", "Till You Come back To Me" a song Stevie Wonder wrote for her she said..oh it was gorgeous! "THINK" rocked the house with the Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Freedom refrain....

she did "Angel" and I got some chills I ain't never had before...a flood of emotion hit me and that's the beauty of Aretha Franklin...she just kills with gospel and soul like no one else

after an hour, Aretha takes a break for a new dress and some tea and I had to pee so bad, I jumped over three rows of folks to get to the head and there was no way I could get back to my seat...the Bowl was like a big Tennessee anthill...

I hang out on the stairs but the ushers kept shooing me away......go back to my seat is what they wanted but that was impossible... a sea of people and there's people dancing in the pavilion when Aretha returns to the stage

so I hang there for awhile with some exotic chick in a black dress....her eyes and lips were firey red and she told me something I've never heard before and I can't repeat here...

Aretha Franklin, on a hot, humid night with all those people rocking and dancing and shouting...well it's just something I can't contain..

I couldn't make it back to my seat, so I wandered off slowly into the night before the end of the show... the crowd was cheering and Aretha was singing...

like a natural woman

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shock the Monkey

monkey-eeee... got to shock the monkey

so I said I went into Santa Barbara yesterday and it's true I did! but I stuck to by my usual route by the Bird Refuge and WHEW....what a stench! really bad .... really bad and the water color was a pale greenish yellow monkeyshit gray... I swear the zoo aninals are crapping in the refuge!!

so we got monkey shit and the algae bloom that use up oxygen and things die, dead fish and microbes produce the smelly gasses.... PEE-YOU!!

kill the monkeys!!!

now the problem is water needs to move in and out or circulate...this provides oxygenation..a natural flush...I was perplexed by the City Parks people response to the Bird Refuge stink issue..they had some parks people going around the lake on a boat; they had a wimpy little aeration system; and they ripped out a bunch of plants because they were non-native..those plants around the Bird Refuge perimeter serve a purpose..they treat the water!! as a mtter of fact, they should plant cattails and other water purifying plants like hyacinths..I don't give damn if they are non-native

so Jill and Nancy from the City Parks Dept ripped the plants out at great expense to the taxpayers!! there was no logical reason to do this because it made things worse!!


my first order of business is doing some water tests..grab some samples and test for pH  and nitrates for I went in today to to some field tests...I sampled the water and upon sticking the sample pole in at the shoreline, I stirred up some black mucky stuff...indications of low oxygen levels and heavy settling of solids...then I do a pH test and it's a little high, around 8....possible seawater intrusion

pH 7 is neutral and a low pH indicates acidity...then I do a nitrate test which is somewhat high~10 ppm~ indicating some waste products decomposing...this little test I did told me volumes about the Bird needs to be shaken, not stirred

Carp Salt Marsh

of course, the Bird Refuge should be a salt marsh like the Carpinteria Salt Marsh..our marsh never stinks and it is beautiful, esp at high tide under a full moon..and there's all kinds of cool birds

this stink problem has been going on for years...when the temps drop and the stink dies down, it seems the City forgets about it..until the next heatwave...

so things will continue this way until they refresh the Bird Refuge.... gotta shock the monkey

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

La Bamba

Para bailar La Bamba Se necessita una poca de gracia. Una poca de gracia. Para mi, para ti, ay arriba, ay arriba. Ay, arriba arriba. Por ti sere, por ti sere

ok so I go into Santa Barbara and there's Mexicans erywheres...tall ones, short ones, brown ones..crazy ones..mmmmmmm...mmmmm...yummmmy..
Senorita Velveeta!!

and for Fiesta I got the rodeo on Saturday....the parades and the cascarones...let's party!!

oh wait, I see the News-Press says some bald white guy don't like cascarones probably because it's a Mexican tradition to fill egg shells with confetti and break them over someone's head...and we know the News-Press is racist...whatever Wendy

but you can bet if I see Wendy or Nipper or Scott or Don or the bald guy during Fiesta, I will break some cascarones over their stupid empty little heads! nobody tells me how to party!!!

but this Fiesta I am really looking forward to seeing Aretha at the exciting!! got tickets four months ago..we're talking the Queen of Soul..Motown...the music I grew up with..all this music grew out of the 30s and 40s jazz era..then the 50s rockabilly, country, rhythm and blues..then the 60s folk boom..then the British Invasion...the pop the rock and about a Golden Era of Music!

Aretha Franklin!! the lady is a genius..

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bette Davis Eyes

Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold, she's got Bette Davis eyes

I was watching "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" last night and had the weirdest vivid...there was this giant tall skinny old guy with a long white beard, sporting over-alls and a battered straw hat... and you and this tall monster were trying to pin a bad paint job on guys were yelling at me and claiming I messed up a big old hutch the hillbilly monster owned...I was running around protesting and defending my innocence.. then I asked some pretty lawyer chick who appeared outta nowhere to pull out the receipts and it proved I just delivered the hutch, but never painted it!

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte..what a great movie!

speaking of spooky, I don't know if going from the News-Press to the Sentinel as an opinion writer is a demotion or a promotion, but Lanny Ebenstein now writes for the freebie Sentinel owned by cocktail-chaser Jim Buckley of the Montectito Journal..another freebie

well, there are no free lunches but Lanny and Lucy have teamed up to try and beat Cathy Murillo for the next SB council elelction

Lanny praises the legendary Lucy for her westside mural and stuff...but I don't know about these two...their pasts are chock full of weirdness...Lanny's supposedly a teacher but was busted and sued by neighbors for his pot house in Eureka...the reason I keep mentioning this is because the News-Press never even did a story on Wendy told me rather bruskly in Montecito at a Humane Society book signing "there's no story"...hahahah

Lanny's a nonprofit junkie and God knows how he gets his money..from rich benefactors Wendy and Buckley, no doubt...

both Lanny and Lucy are failed council candidates..Lanny couldn't even follow the residency requirements last time he ran for SB city Council! Lanny is an expert at something, I'm just not sure what

now Lucy has been involved with the Jesus-God people at the Milpas Community Association..some of them recoginize only God as the authority (local gov't be damned!)

one guy who sits on the MCA Board of Directors is Ernie Lopez from Rabobank.. and Rabobank gave some money to the nonprofit MCA!
Rabobank Awards $2,500 Donation to Milpas Community Association commun...
Sep 4, 2014 ... The Milpas Community Association on Wednesday received a check for $2,500 from Rabobank. (Milpas Community Association photo).

then I think I see that Lucy is still executive director of the MCA...

so right there there's two conflicts of interest: Rabobank giving money to the MCA and Lucy being executive director of the MCA while running for a westside district spot on the Santa Barbara City Council..

I trust the voters will see thru these money chasing charletons....

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blue Moon of Kentucky

keep on shinin'


I was at Haggen's yesterday in Carp and it was wonderful! I was the only one there and the aisles were clear and the floor smooth as ice....if I had skates it'd be like  I was in Aspen!! or Kentucky!!

there were two checkout gals...hold-overs from Vons so I went to the old blonde chick and she's gabbing with her friend about health food not being so healthy..she's totally ignorng me while she runs the items by...I bag them myself since the retards are gone...well it's not as easy as I thought and there's a lot of pressure because damn sure the checker gal ain't gonna bag 'em because she's still chitter-chattering with her I pay and the bitches are still babbling then the check out lady to her friend says I must be going to a fire being that I was in a huury! ie they made fun of me..I felt sorta like a retard!

WTF kind of customer service is that from these old hags???

at least at Albertson's they pretend to be polite even though I know the girls hate me..but shit I'm paying so I should get a little sugar...check out gals are like prostitutes..some good and some bad..and I'm interested in the bad ones.HAHAHAAHAAH!!

now I don't think Haggen is a bad store but the management is horrible...first of all they got TWO CEOs//Bill Shaner and John Clougher and I imagine they make lots of's a Pacific NW chain that wants the southern California market....well if they want the market here they need to get with the vibe...Scolari's had it...Santa Cruz market has it...

be cool..don't be all.. like uncool

these foodies are really starting to annoy me...