Tuesday, August 4, 2015

La Bamba

Para bailar La Bamba Se necessita una poca de gracia. Una poca de gracia. Para mi, para ti, ay arriba, ay arriba. Ay, arriba arriba. Por ti sere, por ti sere

ok so I go into Santa Barbara and there's Mexicans erywheres...tall ones, short ones, brown ones..crazy ones..mmmmmmm...mmmmm...yummmmy..
Senorita Velveeta!!

and for Fiesta I got the rodeo on Saturday....the parades and the cascarones...let's party!!

oh wait, I see the News-Press says some bald white guy don't like cascarones probably because it's a Mexican tradition to fill egg shells with confetti and break them over someone's head...and we know the News-Press is racist...whatever Wendy

but you can bet if I see Wendy or Nipper or Scott or Don or the bald guy during Fiesta, I will break some cascarones over their stupid empty little heads! nobody tells me how to party!!!

but this Fiesta I am really looking forward to seeing Aretha at the Bowl...so exciting!! got tickets four months ago..we're talking the Queen of Soul..Motown...the music I grew up with..all this music grew out of the 30s and 40s jazz era..then the 50s rockabilly, country, rhythm and blues..then the 60s folk boom..then the British Invasion...the pop the rock and soul...Jesus..talk about a Golden Era of Music!

Aretha Franklin!! the lady is a genius..

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Anonymous said...

That's right! Ban the eggs those old brown ladies and kids sell on them streets. Don't buy them from the "illegals" getting rich off these eggs. Good for you, NewsPress, we'll run those Mexican't out of this country yet, if we have to run them out of business and starve them out!