Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shock the Monkey

monkey-eeee... got to shock the monkey

so I said I went into Santa Barbara yesterday and it's true I did! but I stuck to by my usual route by the Bird Refuge and WHEW....what a stench! really bad .... really bad and the water color was a pale greenish yellow monkeyshit gray... I swear the zoo aninals are crapping in the refuge!!

so we got monkey shit and the algae bloom that use up oxygen and things die, dead fish and microbes produce the smelly gasses.... PEE-YOU!!

kill the monkeys!!!

now the problem is water needs to move in and out or circulate...this provides oxygenation..a natural flush...I was perplexed by the City Parks people response to the Bird Refuge stink issue..they had some parks people going around the lake on a boat; they had a wimpy little aeration system; and they ripped out a bunch of plants because they were non-native..those plants around the Bird Refuge perimeter serve a purpose..they treat the water!! as a mtter of fact, they should plant cattails and other water purifying plants like hyacinths..I don't give damn if they are non-native

so Jill and Nancy from the City Parks Dept ripped the plants out at great expense to the taxpayers!! there was no logical reason to do this because it made things worse!!


my first order of business is doing some water tests..grab some samples and test for pH  and nitrates for I went in today to to some field tests...I sampled the water and upon sticking the sample pole in at the shoreline, I stirred up some black mucky stuff...indications of low oxygen levels and heavy settling of solids...then I do a pH test and it's a little high, around 8....possible seawater intrusion

pH 7 is neutral and a low pH indicates acidity...then I do a nitrate test which is somewhat high~10 ppm~ indicating some waste products decomposing...this little test I did told me volumes about the Bird needs to be shaken, not stirred

Carp Salt Marsh

of course, the Bird Refuge should be a salt marsh like the Carpinteria Salt Marsh..our marsh never stinks and it is beautiful, esp at high tide under a full moon..and there's all kinds of cool birds

this stink problem has been going on for years...when the temps drop and the stink dies down, it seems the City forgets about it..until the next heatwave...

so things will continue this way until they refresh the Bird Refuge.... gotta shock the monkey

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