Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday's Child

Monday had a sad child. Always feeling low down, Tuesday had a dream child. She's always on the go. So I'm in love with Saturday's child...
FOODIES!!! the good news is Haggen's in Carp is dropping prices and carrying their own maybe there's hope...maybe there's a Fountainhead...


I feel about Julia Child as I feel about Ayn Rand..they both were crazy! plus, I couldn't unnerstand a word they said...Ayn in her wordy rambling books or the apey Julia in her cooking TV shows...she sounded like she was trying to imitate Shirley Temple on the Good Ship Lollipop! these people ain't got no soul!!

ok so the front page of the News-Press had an incomprehensible story about Julia Child who would have been 103 had she lived...I know Mama Cass died after choking on ham sandwich, but what did Julia choke on? her tongue??

so on the front page is a picture of Nipper, some chick named Leslie S. Von Arthur (??) Julia Child and some other folks eating at a table in 1980..and this is front page news!! geez, the News-Press couldn't even get Nipper's ex-wife's name right!!

and also at the table was some guy who makes wine locally...I knew his daughter back in school and poor kid was drugged out and Nipper's kid...

I mean who cares about this stuff? ok I know Nipper is trying to sell some cooking show he stars in..a low budget affair on News-Press TV and KEYT...but without Craig McCaw giving Wendy all that cash, where would Nipper be?

I don't know...maybe judging some water tasting contest somewhere??

me and Atlas just shrugged

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Anonymous said...

"Special to the News Press" What kind of byline is that? It probably means: "Direct from Arthur's PR Person." Certainly front page material! Earthshaking. Can we expert Artie baby picture on a lambskin rug next?