Sunday, August 30, 2015


Sleeping in that old abandoned beach house, getting wasted in the heat.... and hiding on the backstreets... hiding on the backstreets


so I'm reading the News-Press real estate section last week..actually it's pretty good....lots of good info...unlike the rest of the rag...

but I see where alleged slumlord Dario Pini sold a property on Carp Ave for about 4 million dollars...then I see some chatter about it being the rundown Cyress Tree Apartments...affordable and run down...well not too bad..looks like Pini updated them a bit..well at least it's not a flophouse

but if you're low on cash, a great place to live I imagine...and it's close to the Bluffs and City Hall...and across the street you can get your drugs at Motel 6..

Carp has all kinds a homes, condos, houses, mansions, tract houses and of course this Peoples Self Help housing abomination on Via Real that replaced the cool old Camper Park

but you are at the mercy of the landlord when you rent...and the banks if you own

now I've heard some people say the little houses by the freeway in Santa Barbara are unhealthy due to the freeway exhaust..but that's nonsense and just an excuse for the snobs to voice their displeasure about the socialistic nature of the houses....

on a hot, humid and breezy summer's day in late August, I went to the beach at Santa Claus Lane and it was awesome weather..the waves were really nice and big and kids surfing and half-naked women sunning themselves, their tan bodies glistening with sweet sweat...their asses..ohh those asses!!! now those are the assets I like!

I glanced down the lane and saw the new ticky tacky development rising and noticed it looked like the little houses by the highway in SB! similar...and they are right close to the 101 in Carp and the railroad tracks....but I don't hear anyberdy crying about health issues here!

and all the stars on Padaro Lane are living by the tracks and the highway..and they seem healthy....them and their designer dogs!
living by the highway has it's benefits as does living by the river..and by the beach too if you think about it...tits and ass!!!

so the poor folks in the Cypress Tree will be kicked out probably for some sort of resort inn to be built in the future...

that could be a problem...I don't want to lose Carpinteria to corporate interests where out of town moneyhounds are trying to kill the small beachy atmosphere...

crooked real estate agents, fraudulent securities brokers and such don't belong here...they were the ones who facilitated the mortgage crisis and I see them creeping back to pick pockets

I love money too...but not so much that I'd sell my town down the river

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