Monday, August 31, 2015

My Old School

oh no, William and Mary won't do now

yes I watched the Santa Barbara school board discuss allowing alcohol on campus.. I watched in disbelief as some fat chick on the board tried to tell me that alcohol would be a good thing...for certain events..when they rent out the campus...serving wine to senior citizens or non-profits doing fund raisers...just set up a no-host bar in the gym...

to my surprise there was Lanny Ebenstein at public comment telling the board not to consider such a stupid idea..well, I have to agree with Lanny on this one..

don't pimp out Santa Barbara High or Jr High to alcohol addicts!! if you can't watch a show at the Marjorie Luke theater without getting drunk, then go to the Lobero where they will get you drunk at the outside wine bar before the main act even sets foot onstage!

what is it about this culture that demands we get drunk for social events???

geez, these people are infuriating!! now the fat chick, Kate Porker, who is pushing this should resign immediately as a danger to the health and welfare of students..any board member who supports this alcohol foolishness should resign

and Gov Brown signed the bill introduced by a conservative to allow alcohol at special events on campus....a low point for Gov Moonbeam..I'm ashamed of him

this is the same board that spends money on ineffective drug-sniffing dogs on campus but is considering allowing alcohol on school campus for special events!!

we have problems with drinking and driving and stoners driving, why add to them? kids mimic adults and if adults can't get through an event without a drink, then their kids will drink...the cycle of ignorance will continue....

kids need schools for wholesome education and events..not the consumption of alcohol by idiot adults and non-profit organizers...

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Anonymous said...

Bravo. We preach to our children not to drink and drive and the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but parents who can't even enjoy an event at their child's school without being liquored up? What kind of morals does that put on display? And all these theatrical and musical events can't be enjoyed unless half the audience is high? What respect does that show the artist?

This makes as much sense as "Nippers Bar" to benefit the Boys and Girls club. I think an organization that supposedly teaches kids to act like responsible, healthy adults should just say no to such "generous" offers that run counterproductive to their very message, What a pathetic perversion of ethics.