Monday, August 3, 2015

Bette Davis Eyes

Her hair is Harlow gold, her lips sweet surprise
Her hands are never cold, she's got Bette Davis eyes

I was watching "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte" last night and had the weirdest vivid...there was this giant tall skinny old guy with a long white beard, sporting over-alls and a battered straw hat... and you and this tall monster were trying to pin a bad paint job on guys were yelling at me and claiming I messed up a big old hutch the hillbilly monster owned...I was running around protesting and defending my innocence.. then I asked some pretty lawyer chick who appeared outta nowhere to pull out the receipts and it proved I just delivered the hutch, but never painted it!

Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte..what a great movie!

speaking of spooky, I don't know if going from the News-Press to the Sentinel as an opinion writer is a demotion or a promotion, but Lanny Ebenstein now writes for the freebie Sentinel owned by cocktail-chaser Jim Buckley of the Montectito Journal..another freebie

well, there are no free lunches but Lanny and Lucy have teamed up to try and beat Cathy Murillo for the next SB council elelction

Lanny praises the legendary Lucy for her westside mural and stuff...but I don't know about these two...their pasts are chock full of weirdness...Lanny's supposedly a teacher but was busted and sued by neighbors for his pot house in Eureka...the reason I keep mentioning this is because the News-Press never even did a story on Wendy told me rather bruskly in Montecito at a Humane Society book signing "there's no story"...hahahah

Lanny's a nonprofit junkie and God knows how he gets his money..from rich benefactors Wendy and Buckley, no doubt...

both Lanny and Lucy are failed council candidates..Lanny couldn't even follow the residency requirements last time he ran for SB city Council! Lanny is an expert at something, I'm just not sure what

now Lucy has been involved with the Jesus-God people at the Milpas Community Association..some of them recoginize only God as the authority (local gov't be damned!)

one guy who sits on the MCA Board of Directors is Ernie Lopez from Rabobank.. and Rabobank gave some money to the nonprofit MCA!
Rabobank Awards $2,500 Donation to Milpas Community Association commun...
Sep 4, 2014 ... The Milpas Community Association on Wednesday received a check for $2,500 from Rabobank. (Milpas Community Association photo).

then I think I see that Lucy is still executive director of the MCA...

so right there there's two conflicts of interest: Rabobank giving money to the MCA and Lucy being executive director of the MCA while running for a westside district spot on the Santa Barbara City Council..

I trust the voters will see thru these money chasing charletons....

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