Monday, July 30, 2012

runnin up that hill

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Sunday, July 29, 2012


Peter Lance needs more publicity for his book!

Peter Lance and the News-Press continue their frenzied atttack against Santa Barbara police officers Beutel and Corbett because Kasi Beutel emasculated Peter in court at his pre-trial DUI hearing...that's all this is...Pete got caught with his skinny tuxedo pants down and has turned to Wendy for help with all the smear tactics....ok I know I've been through this all before, I know we have all been here before, but this has reached the theater of the absurd.....the City of Santa Barbara and the DA need to stop indulging this's a waste of tax money

the News-Press keeps rehashing Lance's old claims against Beutel which were vetted in the pre-trial hearing..she blew away Blanco and all the Humpty Dumpties on Lance's defense team...and Darryl Genis has proved to be a mental case, not a lawyer...

now if Lance wanted to really examine all these issues, he would not have worked so hard to get his case dismissed..yes it was dismissed because Judge Hill mistakenly ruled the cops had no cause to stop Lance on NEW YEAR'S EVE/ MORN!!! that's the time the cops should be stopping everyone out past midnight!

the last thing Lance wanted was a trial by a jury, so he keeps his issues alive in the News-Press..the most corrupt business in town with no accountablility!

but anyway, these guys, Wendy, Lance, Steepleton and Genis are the biggest losers on the planet....all you need to do is consider the source...and now the issue is some notes that the News-Press wants to see...the DUI trial is over, Genis lost, the judge ruled that against Genis regarding the prosecution sanctions..and now the News-Press wants to see Corbett's prove something..

well why doesn't everyone turn over their notes so we can see if Genis is writing sexual stuff about the cops...

this is psychological problem regarding Lance..I mean anyone who would look for a mate on and lie about his age has some issues..I've been watching this dude do a psychological striptease in the News-Press for almost TWO YEARS...and nothing ...he seems to think he knows everything about cops because he wrote some novels or scripts relating to crime's just silly....he can't seem to separate fantasy from reality...and I'm afraid he's got a major fantasy going on about Officer Kasi Beutel...

the News-Press is the only one willing to indulge Lance's fantasies about the cops... but I really hope the press, or the Fourth Estate as Lance calls it, starts shining the light on him and the News-Press motives..

but don't forget the Fifth Estate ..BLOGGERS... you don't fool me, Pete..and stop lying about your age!!

so Steepleton's story also involves some cops in Los Angeles who allegedly falsified evidence which has absolutely nothing to do with's like saying because Lance has dark hair and a guy who got caught for child molestation had dark hair, Lance must be a child molestor! just silly..although I'd keep my kids away from him!

and Nipper and the Baron's sons busted for drugs, why didn't I see that in the local media??? because the cops were doing their jobs, that's why!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

get a grip

oh now I get it! these people are mental!!

ok so the hippie biologists at UCSB are burning the land around the lagoon close to Storke Tower to kill the weed shocks and awes me how stupid these people are..they say if they kill all the weed seeds, they can plant native flowers that will provide better resources...this is crazy..the wind and the birds will bring the seeds back!!

but this is very fitting that they do this burning close to Storke Tower because these little trolls probably think the Storke delivers babies, instead of by sex..dirty raunchy sex!!

oh, yes, this annoys me to no end, but I can't stop everyone from doing stupid things now can I??

unfortunately, the same mindset is clear cutting the Bluffs in Carp of some species labeled non-native by the idiots restoring the Bluffs...and Matt Roberts, the Parks Dept head in Carp is a big cheerleader.. I went to the Bluffs and can't figure out what they are doing..they got little dead plants being protected by columns of chicken wire that can cut your legs...and everything they are doing is haphazard...these people are nuts with biodiversity!!

but the Tamarisk or salt cedar is growing back quick..the red finches love it... and the fennel always comes back..the seeds get dispersed by the wind and there's nothing they can do about really they need to leave things alone and stop micromanaging Nature.....let the grasses grow and provide habitat for all kinds of creatures that will die and attract others that will eat them...the food web, the cycle of life..what is with these people and their conttol issues??

well I did see some vultures and a big white heron sitting atop a eucalyptus tree..and the water below was clear and the seals were swimming...

and I saw on the news poor old Peter Howorth of the Marine Mammal Center finally caught up with the injured sea lion..and then killed it..a mercy killing...he was glad the beach warning signs were up so a "kid wouldn't get munched on like that poor sea lion"...that poor sea lion? WTF is with this he trying to score points with Wendy? the sea is full of blood and is not unusual except when we interfere and start feeling sorry for prey...geez, don't they teach biology anymore???

Friday, July 27, 2012


God answers Chick-fil-A by smoting...its VP of PR!

Rev Billy Graham you are next you crazy fuck!!

Donald A. Perry, the vice president of corporate public relations for Chick-fil-A, died of a heart attack on Friday morning, Columbus Georgia's WRBL News 3 reports.

the Year of the Cat

you go strolling through the crowd just like Peter Lorre, comtemplating a crime

ok...I've heard some stupid stuff before but this really is stupid.. treating wild cats as criminals....and I can thank our local cheerleader for the Parks Servce and Nature Con Chuck Graham for this story in the Coastal View about the feral cats on San Nicolas Island... Feline free on San Nicolas Island..

Chuck says life got a little easier for the native plants and animals now that the feral cats are gone...this is the rationale these people use for a species purge....and it's nothing to be proud of...these folks have committed many crimes against nature in the name of nativism!!

all these little agencies, from the Navy to some restoration scammers conspired to rid the island of the cats that have been there for years...the island was their home and they lived there peacefully...feral cats are awesome and big and if you get one of their offspring, they make outrageous pets but are more suited for ranches so they can roam..but they are sweet and funny when they warm up to you...and they hunt like higher beings...

so we have all these agencies spending millions of dollars trapping cats on the island...during the three year long process they also trapped 1000 foxes!! .... and when it was all said and done, these nitwits caught 66 cats!! 66!!! and they blame the cats for all sorts of damage to the wimpy native species....nonsense

oh my what a crock of bullshit these people keep feeding the public....supposedly the cats were transferred to the mainland and adopted but I guarantee some were just wasted..killed...the foxes are smaller than the feral cats and I know some of the trapped foxes were killed.. although Chuck says none were killed for the restoration propaganda machine..just pathetic...

it feels bad the cats are gone..I can sense it here on the mainland...I just know the wrong thing is going on over there and bad people are now the watchers of the land....

it's absurd to be worried about 66 cats on this huge island that was used for bombing exercises: NAVAIR Point Mugu is located at Naval Base Ventura County, just west of Los Angeles. It was established in 1946 as the Navy's first instrumented missile test sea range. It offers enormous geographic diversity: vast ocean, deep water ports, protected islands within restricted air space. The 36,000 square-mile sea range, which includes San Nicolas Island, supports both developmental and operational test and evaluation of missiles, free-fall weapons and electronic warfare systems.

San Nicolas Island, 60 miles offshore, is used for littoral warfare training, including theater warfare exercises and includes launching facilities and a 10,000-foot runway.

(1) UnderwaterDetonations; (2) Ship to Shore Bombardment; (3) Amphibious Warfare, and (4)Antisubmarine Warfare. These activities are critical to Naval training and can only be accomplished on the west coast because of its unique attributes....

when oh when are these people gonna cut the crap about species vs species..the cats on the island should have been left alone....unfortunately they are killing off cats on other islands for the same reasons....and it's unconscionable..

nice job, Chuck little putz

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I cover the waterfront

I'm watching the sea...
now I know that alot of John Birchers and teabaggers who eat chick fil-a chicken sandwiches don't like the Chromatic Gate in Santa bothers them and that's reminds them of hippies and freedom and activism and whatever scares their stupid little minds, it reminds them of rainbows and their world is gray and nowhere...

but I like the needs a paint job and folks are working on restoring it....that's what you restore.... things not plants!

so when I'm walking from East Beach down to the Harbor, I often use the gate as a landmark, a focal point, a finish line....and of course the gate is from a time when SB wasn't invaded by uptight narrow minded hypocrites...just give me some truth mama, all I want is some truth...

so I see the beach has warnings posted about shark attacks...apparently someone saw a sea lion at the Harbor with a gash on its rear....then the Marine Mammal Center got a hold of it and Peter Howorth who writes animal stuff for the News-Press said it was a shark attack, then the city panics and posts warning signs...don't go in the water SHARKS!!!

well duh...yea there's sharks in the ocean because that's where they live! but when I saw the picture of the sea lion I knew right away it weren't no shark wut cut him...look at the evidence..there is none!! Howorth assumes it was a shark attack and he's out there right now in his little skiff looking for the sea lion to render it some first aid...GODDAM THESE PEOPLE!! a wounded sea lion is a meal...sharks will scavenge and dispatch it eventually, so just let it be...

now, my theory is the sea lion got cut by a boat propeller's a logical leap...sea lions hanging around the harbor swimming by the wharf..the entrance to the harbor..the harbor is full of boats..big boats, little boats, crazy boats, coming and going all day...and one of those boats clipped the sea lion in the ass!

that's what wasn't a shark that wounded that sea lion, it was a boat..a boat I tell ya....a boat....I'm telling ya..I saw a boat out there..out there...somewhere...beyond the sea..

I cover the waterfront
In search of my love
And I'm covered by a starless sky above...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

it's a small world

after all....

ok, I'm gonna have some fun with the Cathies...chick fillets...these folks are Southern Baptists and they are the dumbest of the dumb religious fanatics..they are worse than Islamist fanatics....

it seems that Dan Cathy's daddy Truett Cathy who founded the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain made alot on money and has non-profit charities up the ass...hehehe...and he gives money to Focus on the Family and Family Research Council among other rightwing religious organizations...the funny thing is one of the founders of the Family Research Council was busted for using Rent-a Male services...the guy was an old queen who likes young guys!!

George Alan Rekers is a Southern Baptist minister. In 1983 Rekers was on the founding board of the Family Research Council, a non-profit Christian lobbying organization...In May 2010 Rekers employed a male prostitute as a travel companion for a two-week vacation in Europe. Rekers denied any inappropriate conduct and suggestions that he was gay. The male escort told CNN he had given Rekers "sexual massages" while traveling together in Europe.. Rekers subsequently resigned from the board of NARTH..and he received a psychology degree from.. oh no...WESTMONT COLLEGE!! oh no!!

so now Mike Huckabee the ex gov and Southern Baptist minister with a show on the corrupt Fox News network is defending the Cathies!

well, I don't trust these people..they are ignorant hypocrites from the bowels of the KKK and hate groups..they've just reorganized under the Southern Baptists and chicken restaurants...all just a bunch of con artists!!

IRS 990 forms show that WinShape, the restaurant chain's charitable foundation which was founded by Chick-Fil-A's chairman S. Truett Cathy in 1994, gave to the following groups in 2009:
Marriage & Family Legacy Fund: $994,199
Fellowship Of Christian Athletes: $480,000
National Christian Foundation: $240,000
Focus On The Family: $12,500
Eagle Forum: $5,000
Exodus International: $1,000
Family Research Council: $1,000

opening day at Chick-fil-A in Santa Barbara should be alot of fun!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cathy's Clown

I gotta stand tall, you know a man can't crawl

"In an unprecedented response to gay rights advocates, Chick-fil-A is refusing to serve gay chickens to its largely heterosexual Christian clientele. When asked why they were refusing to debeak and massacre countless little baby chicks, who happen to share an attraction for one another, a Chick-fil-A representative claimed that it is “not in God’s plan for humans to have to digest gay chickens. What if some of that gayness doesn’t pass through the body? Where does it go? Since you are what you eat, well . . . that’s just a scary thought. Look,” the Chick-fil-A representative sincerely stated, “we just want to protect our beloved customers from the possible ill side effects of eating these hormone-injected, and gay, chickens.”

ok I can't resist..I'll have an order of Chicken McBigots...there's a new store trying to open in Santa Barbara called Chick-Fil-A owned by a guy named Dan Cathy who recently made headlines about his anti gay marriage, Cathy must be overly sensitive to his last name which is very he takes a stance against gay marriage to prove what a man he is...and that is the marketing ploy to sell more chicken! is Dan Cathy a member of Westboro Church?? is Michele Bachman???

well, I don't want anyone in town operating a business who promotes bigotry and ignorance....and trying to deny civil rights to any citizen while hiding behind the bible is unconscionable....

most fundamentalist Christians are child molestors so keep your kids away from Chick fil-A!!

a chicken restaurant is not where I go for spiritual's where I go when I'm hungry so "fuck Cathy" ...just cook your chicken Cathy and shut the fuck up I don't care about you and Jesus...but Jesus never married and Jesus was a man and Cathy is a man and if Cathy loves Jesus then he must be queer.... I say BOYCOTT Chick-Fil-A.... I'm getting pretty fed up with these rightwing religious wackos!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bella Donna

You can ride high atop your pony I know you won't fall...
'cause the whole thing's phoney...

so I'm reading the real estate pages in the News-Press..they rarely screw up this part of the paper so someone behind the scenes is doing a good job..but I'm reading and I see a Carole Leiff sold her home in Montecito at 2925 Sycamore CAnyon for $10 million to a guy named Robert Lieff...

after a search, I see a Robert and Carole Lieff had a big brouhaha with Southern California Edison for billing's quite a funny read in PDF...nobody could figure out who Robert Lieff was and Carole was complaining that SCE was over-billing her and went into delusional rants about guys who didn't exist, different guys who were her husband, hundreds of calls to SCE, and other weird stuff like being threatened by can google it to find the Adobe file which I can't duplicate here...

but the last paragraph from Lieff was telling: I have third party witnesses and other proofs of certain events involving Edison employees involved in this dispute. The behaviors of the Edison involved shameless lying and bullying, gross negligence and gross ineptitude as regards this dispute..

To say the handling of this case shocks the system would be an understatement. I intend to contact Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both of whom I know personally. Should the rebuffs continue, I will have no compunction bringing the case into small claims court for the entire city of Santa Barbara to hear. I have absolutely no fear whatsoever that a local judge will rule in my favor. I have credible witnesses and am a well-known and respected member of this small community....

I think Carole suffers from a persecution complex among other paranoid issues..I'm glad she quit the 1st district supervisor race and moved to Montana because it no doubt takes a full time high maintenance crew to keep her happy or sane!

so now Carole has been properly case she decides to run again.... there was supposed to be a home invasion robbery at 2800 Vial Real in's actually closer to Summerland at the Bella Vista Polo Club Sod Farm owned by hotel magnate polo player wannabe Pat Nesbitt...this according to the News-Press...Nesbitt is engaged in some water wars with the Montecito Water District and I never could figure out that property...faux stone walls, over manicured landscape and half-finished buildings, and Ron Paul signs everywhere...another case of folks that are not based in reality.....

And you say... I never thought it could
Bella donna
Come in out of the darkness...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

if you could read my mind

what a tale my thoughts could tell...

remember Diane Dimond? no? well, who can blame ya! but I remember Diane from her ubiquitous Gossip TV know the shows..they report stuff nobody needs to know...fluff TV FOX NEWS kind of stuff....that's why people today have gone berserk like that dude in Colorado who massacred folks watching the new Batman movie....people like Diane Dimond were feeding viewers a steady course of TV mush and some of the them went crazy!

anyway smarmy Diane has resurfaced on Noozhawk..I'm not suprised...the News-Pest gave no-talent Dr. Laura another shot at stardom, and now Noozhack is giving Diane a shot mush on Noozhawk....another coup by Billy Mac!
so Diane's latest colum was about her love for lie detector tests in which she claims your body telegraphs your lies and some tips if you're trying to beat a case someone straps some electrodes on you to see if you stole that bottle of wine from the New-Pest cellars!

from her column:
Since the first modern-day lie detector machine went into use back in 1921, the technology has evolved considerably. So much so that Trimarco is willing to reveal at least one major weapon polygraphists use today to detect those who try to cheat by using the “countermeasures” described above. It’s called the movement or pressure pad, and the person taking the test sits on it.

“It detects any muscle movement that could be a countermeasure,” Trimarco told me. “If a person deliberately bites their tongue or squeezes their sphincter, their physiology will change. When a person tells a lie, their physiology changes, and they can’t help it,” he said. The subject’s sweat glands will activate, their blood pressure will jump then go down immediately, their respiration will change, and all this happens over the course of just a few seconds.
In other words, your body telegraphs your lies.

no it doesn't!! a lie detector test is of course a joke...why people still take it seriously is beyond me, but there is no machine that they can hook you up to and determine if you are lying or why your ass is tightening's just common sense..and tracing the history of these things, you can go back to all sorts of contraptions they used to use to get the truth...

from the web:
Amazingly the lie detector, largely spurned by the rest of the world, lives on in the United States, although new technologies have appeared on the horizon: machines that measure minute changes in facial expression, vocal pitch or heat around the eyes. None of them, Mr. Alder notes, address a central problem pointed out by Montaigne four centuries ago, the inconvenient fact that “the reverse side of the truth has a hundred thousand shapes and no defined limits.”

A landmark legal decision in 1923 barred lie-detector tests from being introduced as evidence in the courtroom, but elsewhere — in banks, factories and departments of government — the magic machine carved out a role for itself, offering a clean technological solution to messy human problems.

Advertisers flirted with it briefly in a series of tests to discover how consumers truly felt about their razors, cigarettes and gasoline. With an eye to the censors, film executives applied its findings to the editing of films like “All Quiet on the Western Front” and “Frankenstein.” During the cold war it was used by the State Department to weed out Communist sympathizers and, in far greater numbers, homosexuals.

so Lie Detectors are simply devices that measure physiological responses like sweating, heart rate or whatever....there is no lie that can be read by a unique lie response that people give when not telling the truth....a polygraph machine measures general emotional arousal-it can't distinguish between a lie or a hard-on!!

it's fun looking at the history of this stuff and what people spent their time inventing and why, but for Diane Dimond to suggest that lie detector tests are valid scientific methods for neatly reading us messy people, then I would suggest if a lie can be detected, then love can be detected too!

I would like to hook up two electrodes to Diane's left and right nipple to see if she loves me....or a wet tee shirt would work just as well!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

them changes

Well, my mind is goin' through them changes I feel just like commitin' a crime Every time you see me goin' somewhere I know I'm goin' outta my mind, yeah Oh....

well I know that the Public Access TV station Channel 17 is going through some changes...Ernie Salomon had the new CEO on and interviewed him..seemed like a nice enough guy, kinda straight laced and maybe conservative....

and the shows on public tv are ..well..a little odd....I think some of these guys are trying to fulfill a game show host fantasy...and of course the religious shows are funny..but for the last year or so the station has been adrift with no real programming..just a hodgepodge of mismatches and amatuerish productions....the sound quality was bad, the graphics wouldn't load so one of the reasons I watched was to marvel at all the mistakes these guys made! public tv is an interesting experiment, but not really necessary with the internet in full swing...

but I was watching the Mr Wimpy Show..aka Worthen One on One...I go back and forth between Ernie and Mr. Wimpy..Ernie's got a pretty good show but Mr. Wimpy's is pretty nutty...and for some reason the Channel 17 is censoring now....cutting out segments that might offend someone and that's not good!

but anyway, Mr. Wimpy usually has the same guests rotating..Peter Lance was a regular during the DUI hearing...Eringer is a regular and last night Eringer was pushing his new book and I swear Mr. Wimpy was Mr. Tipsy....he was slurring his words, giggling, interuupting and just being an obnoxious was pretty funny watching Eringer try to get a word in while Worthen kept rambling about issues like the bible and gay people...and some black dude in San Francisco who Worthen kept calling "sucka"!!

now I don't know why a conservative bible thumper in his 60s would want to host a TV show drunk, but I think these guys should be on Comedy Central!

Friday, July 20, 2012

one step up, two steps back

reverse 911...


now hear this!!

you are all under Sharia Law...

until further notice!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the Maltese Falcon

Cairo: You always have a very smooth explanation...
Spade: What do you want me to do - learn to stutter?

whenever I go to the Courthouse in Santa Barbara, sometimes it feels like I'm watching a Bogart or Borat! film...a film noir....maybe that's the attraction....guys with shifty eyes skulking around in black suits whispering to each other.....gals with sexy hairdos and horned rimmed eyeglasses and ruby red lipstick....or a girl at the beach...

I had heard from the News-Pest itself that there would be a hearing today at 10:00 am on the complaint by DUI lawyer Darryl Genis that the prosecution was in contempt of court for coaching the cops in a recent DUI trial..or something like I get there at 9:30 and go in the courtroom and News-Pest City Editor Scott Steepleton was walking out all bent over like the Hunchback of Notre Dame......Scott sees me and looks down.... like a guy in search of a statuette, a black bird ..or maybe he was looking for Cairo??

hey.... there's Peter Lance in the audience..Pete was pale and dressed in black, he looked like a ghost, like some unknowable force had crawled in and snatched his soul away...and I know he was sitting with Scotty, who shaved his beard off and was looking like Sydney Greenstreet the fat guy in the "Maltese Falcon"......I think you got cheated Scott, genetically speaking..

Lance looked like one of the of the hitmen.. one of the hoods...and Genis looked like Peter Lorre! I of course was Sam Spade!

we all were looking for a metaphor for justice...a little symbolism..we were looking for the Maltese Falcon

the hearing was wrapping up and Genis was complainiung to the judge that the prosecuting lawyer in the recent DUI trial that Darryl lost, Genis was complaining that the lawyer was late today...but Judge Hill said the hearing was supposed to start at 10:00 am.....and no sanctions would be applied to anyone today...

I don't know what happened but judging by the looks on their faces, Darryl lost again...Lance and Darryl left and as I exited the court room, I noticed them sitting together on a bench down the hall... I snuck down the side of the hall like a detective and hid in the law library doorway...I heard them discussing trial issues because Lance has a tendency to yell or talk loud and it appeared he was coaching Darryl on what to say to the judge! you know, the cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter.

Lance was muttering things like "call him on it" or "don't let him get away with it"....definitely sounded like he was coaching Darryl...I tried to get a picture without showing myself, but it was difficult.. I was still hidden but I stuck my camera out into the hall so they couldn't see me.... you can just barely see the mugs...
oh...I thought I heard Hill say there'd be a continuation until the 31st on this I figure that Darryl Genis must be having fits again..his lawyering has yet to produce any justice, and Lance must've got dumped by dame, and Scott must be getting weary of writing DUI and animal stories for Wendy....yeah, that's what I think is going on here....

that's my guess... my guess might be excellent or it might be crummy, but Mrs. Spade didn't raise any children dippy enough to make guesses in front of a district attorney, and an assistant district attorney, and a stenographer...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

smoke on the water

and fire in the sky ...

so I go to check out the charred greenhouse fire aftermath and yes it was at the weird place owned by the teabagger Van Windergens..the Dutch immigrant family that sold much of their properties to a Russian billionare..and yet they got these phony patriotic billboard signs on their property...

what it means to be an about being a responsible landowner! geez, this place is a mess..buildings falling apart, garbage eyesore unlike the other greenhouse properties in Carp which are nice and well run...

but this VanWingerden place is a safety hazard and should be checked out by CAL OSHA....

octomom strips in Florida.
In an event dubbed "The Final Humiliation," Nadya Suleman stripped topless for $5,000 at a club in Florida on Friday night.

About 400 customers showed up to see Suleman strip down to her panties to the sounds of Rihanna at West Park's Playhouse Gentlemen's Club, reports the Daily Mail.

The mother of 14 wore a naughty schoolgirl outfit, along with pigtails and a dominatrix outfit for the show, reports the New York Daily News.

a naughty schoolgirl outfit...hmmmmm

more smoke: Obama's birth certificate a fraud says Arizona sheriff Joe Apaio....Unlike Lincoln, Sheriff Joe used taxpayer money to send a posse to Hawaii to prove Obama was born is Kenya,, there's some striking similarities to what handwriting guy James Blanco found out during the Lance hearings: NOTHING!

"this birther nonsense, plus the 400 sex crimes he botched, and the news that he misspent more than $100K on his tank and other boy toys (not to mention the nearly $60 million he's cost us Maricopa Co. taxpayers for his illegal arrests and jail murders). The GOP talks about fiscal responsibility but Arpaio gets a pass"....

botched sex crimes? yes... google seems that Joe has reached the highest level of his incompetence and is now trying to show what a great detective he is, what a great sheriff he is by proving Obama's birth certificate is a fraud....

Wendy and Lew make up..
after ramming her yacht in Florida. Solomon Lew has Wendy's number now!

The perma-tanned rag-trader Solomon Lew has apparently reached an understanding with a fellow billionaire, Wendy McCaw, over a parking bingle in a Florida yacht yard.
Back in February, Lew's 54-metre megayacht Maridome clouted McCaw's even larger floating palace, the 57-metre Calixe, as the Calixe lay in its berth in the BAE Systems shipyard in Jacksonville.
After talks on who should pay the bill failed, McCaw sued everyone and everything involved, including Lew.

Lawsuits are apparently something of an occupational hazard for Lew, who was at the same time bogged down in a bitter legal stoush over a family trust fund that reached its climax when his lawyers complained to the Victorian Supreme Court that he had been portrayed by the media as a ''greedy ogre'' in coverage of the case.

Happily, late last month McCaw decided to release Lew from the lawsuit. However, action against the company that owns the Maridome and the yacht itself remains on foot.
In legal papers filed last month, the inanimate object said it admitted hitting the Calixe but was ''without sufficient knowledge to either admit or deny the extent of damage to Calixe's hull, equipment and paint''.

Maridome denied that it ''violently struck'' Calixe, saying it was ''moving at slow speeds'' at the time. However, it still did enough damage that its insurer had to lodge a $US620,000 bond with the court to get it released from chokey.
wow, generally Wendy communicates by lawsuit, but in this case appears she couldn't prove that Lew's boat did all the damage she I wonder who did??

boy, I love happy endings!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

smoke gets in your eyes


so I'm sitting there minding my own business when I hear there's smoke in the hills behind I go check it out on the balcony.... ok I see's thick and white with plumes of black belching out like a fat overstuffed drunken Republican...

so I'm watching it and conclude I'm in no imminent danger and don't have to evacuate...besides, it's cool and foggy so a wildfire is unlikely....

maybe one of the ranches is on fire or a car crashed up ok?? actually it looks like a mini-volcano......I heard some sirens earlier so I guess it's being addressed by those good for nothing fire fighters who sit around all day counting their shiny dimes...oh,at least that's the propaganda being propagated by do nothing /know nothing fuckhead Ayn Rand groupies!!

ok so what if it was hot and windy, then I'd be a bit more concerned but it's not so I'm not..I'm just thankful that my fellow Marxist socialists dressed in commie red Santa Claus suits are working to put out the fire which I find out later was started by a freakin' conservative capitalist pothead who friggin burned down his greenhouse! probably those damn Dutch immigrant imbeciles!! STOP THE DUTCH!!!

geez.... how do you burn down a greenhouse..they are made of metal, they have lots of water in them, and green lush what's burnable? hey, maybe it was not a greenhouse but a pothouse, then I can understand the libertarian kooks burning down their greenhouses to get high...the wiring in these contraptions is not up to code!!

and isn't that what they do all day?? sit around and get high and write stupid things about public workers??

yeah, that's what they I'm not surprised they managed to burn down a greenhouse...

Monday, July 16, 2012

a face in the crowd

there are two Randy I'll be talking about the ugly one...

ok now we know that the Daily Sound ain't very sound where do you go to write your column? well, if you're Randy Alcorn, you go anywhere you can, except your own blog! now I know that Randy used to work for Wendy at the News-Press until she cut him loose..I bet Randy never saw it coming but when you got your head up her ass, you don't see the sunshine, do ya Randy!!

anyway Randy went shopping his views to the Daily Sound and, what a step up! Noozhack makes me laugh because it's just soooo bad and Billy Mac is a rightwing nonprofit loving cop-hating punk...and he hires an intern to do the Cat Cora story and the intern copied the story from somewhere else and signed his own name to it! so typical of these boobs!

ok so Randy Alcorn is complaining about public employee unions and calls them barnacles and invasive weeds...fuck, I got another freakin nativist on my hands..a little guy with a Hitler complex...but really Randy must be auditioning for Lanny's spot at the New-Press editorial desk...saying all the rightwing stuff about unions causing the economic issues we see today especially with the Stockton and San Bernardino cities filing for bankruptcy....

now really, do I think cops or firefighters or any other public employee who has paid into his or her own retirement account for the last twenty or thirty years are causing the economic issues of today..of course not....what has happened in the last ten years that has caused billions of dollars to be pissed away, many of those dollars from retirement accounts..well, let me count the ways....AIG, ENRON, JP Morgan, automobile companies, banks..all these private entities had one thing in common with the bankrupt California cities: poor and corrupt management....the CEOs getting huge sums of money for ruining companies...or the CEOs stealing investors long do think you can operate anything in such a reckless's got nothing to do with unions or public workers, many who bailed out the banks and who may have to pay for the mistakes of the greedy executives.... and all the tentacles reaching out to of their capitalist cronies...

and the news keeps coming about corporate malfeasance....negotiated contracts of public employees is not malfeasance, it's what happens every four years...

swords into plowshares
so Randy daily sounds like a typical conservative teabagger with the anti-public worker sentiment..the fatal flaw in his argument comes when he claims being a cop is no more dangerous than being a farmer or truck driver...he cites some bogus study: The argument made to justify their exorbitant compensation is that their work is so dangerous. Yet, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration consistently list 10 occupations that are more dangerous than police or firefighter, among them commercial fishing, logging, farming, mining and truck driving. How many workers in these more dangerous jobs retire early with fat compensation packages?

but Randy can't see beyond his nose..any job that requires you carry a gun, a baton, and handcuffs is a dangerous one that requires specialized training..and that PUBLIC SERVICE job needs to be compensated..oh yeah, they keep the drunks off the road, too! it's got absolutely nothing to do with being a farmer!!

is Noozhawk also against the expensive pensions of military folks:

Military retirement/disability benefits: $3.6 trillion
Obligation per household: $31,200
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed to a 46% increase since 2004 in the cost of pension, medical care and disablity benefits for former service members.

Biggest jump: a 71% increase since 2004, to $1.3 trillion, in the cost of future pension checks to retired military personnel. The funding shortfall for the disability program rose to $1.5 trillion, up 54% since 2004, and to $900 billion for retiree health care, up 32%.

These numbers reflect the liability of those programs in today's dollars. Actual spending will be much higher over the years.

no unions here... just stupid decisions by Americans to invade poor countries..
and some military folks can retire after 15 years of service, then go to work for a municipality and get another pension..this is all fine by me because they deserve it if they worked for it...period...

paying for all this is not that difficult unless the folks running the investment and accounts are corrupt..then when the losses are brought to light, these free market dogs blame the public worker!

...public workers will continue to pool their resources in places like CalPERS, that invests in the markets but take hits like everybody else when those investment sour....or makes profits when the bulls run.... so it behooves everybody to bring some accountability back to the free market and people will get paid..not screwed over by crooks!

pension envy
now, it looks like Randy has pension envy and that's tough shit..he needs to get out and work and plan for the future...but he won't make very much money writing nonsense for the News-Press or Noozhawk, believe you me....if you're gonna be a successful parasite, get a stronger host!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

chanson d'amour

prenez-vous du cafe? oh, oui oui merci! avec lait!!

so I go to the French Festival at lovely Oak Park a little early to check out the owners mean some changes maybe...well, the festival got off to a sloooow start with a goofy kid from Lompoc as the new emcee and old dude and his young wife doing some tango dances....more like shuffling because the guy kept running out of breath..and did more talking than dancing...I didn't get it...and why can't I get a young chick?? why???

ok so the next act is a beat up looking old bleach blonde chick singer and her guitarist...this chick was weird...she stopped and said she couldn't do the show because her MP3s weren't available..I guess she needed some pre-recorded accompaniment to help her out...then she throws a little tantrum and finally the crowd coaxes a few songs out of her..then she stops again and says the guitarist is going too fast and she can't keep up....then she starts singing a slower song...actually she wasn't bad but the attitiude was nutty..then she tells everyone where she'll be singing next..then she says she needs a drink! who does she think she is..Edith Piaff???

Laura Weinbach

whew...the morning was saved by a young singer named Laura Weinbach wearing a lovely yellow summer dress...she sang and played a nice jazzy guitar and the smoke from the BBQs were drifting over the stage and the music mixed with the aroma and the laughter of the little children and the dogs was delightful!

pour les chiens
dogs..speaking of dogs ... before I left for the festival, I see on the front page of the News-Press that Wendy gave more divorce money to the Santa Maria Humane Society for their new dog hotel! hey Wendy who the French fuck cares..I certainly don''s pathetic you have to buy you influence and your friends..and the Santa Maria Humane Society should be ashamed, I say ashamed of themselves, for accepting such blood money from a criminal such as Wendy P....

and then we have a story about Joe Armendariz who is soon to begin "house arrest" for alcohol related crimes..Joe belongs to the cult Carp Reality church and the Cavalry church in Santa Barbara...apparently Joe, having burned all his bridges in Carp, will move to Santa Barbara and become a minister...

the only possible way I can make any sense of all this is to re-read the I Ching...I think I missed something!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Mick?? Mick??

ess anybody zeen Mr. Mick?? e vas here une petite minute ago, and ess gone now....

Mick? Mick? where are you?? la salle de bain?? alors, on se revoit a trois heures precises demain...ok??

bread and butter

or eeef yoo like, pain et beurre....

today...aujourd'hui zee French Festival is happening once again..for thees I am tres happy!

I miss my Fronch poosie! 'av you zeen my Fronch poosie? non? oui? oui ou non?

I zeem to remember zomething sweet and creamy like an eclair...hmmmmm

I may buy some wine---oh, eeets ok...the French people are the only ones who know how to drink wine without making a big fuss over it, tu sais??  zee wine it's good zee end

today.. I am a French socialist...and I'm lovin' it! you dirty capitalists can kiees my ass! mon dieu!

C'est bon, non? oui? oui ou non??

Friday, July 13, 2012

gentlemen prefer blondes

candles in the wind....

only the News-Press would report on a story like this...a FOX NEWS airhead lecturing folks at the Reagan Ranch Center on America's greatness....puhleeze!!

it is the red flag season so here's some to consider...the fat dude at FOXNEWS Roger Ailes has an Alfred Hitchcock complex with all the blondes at FOXNEWS...nary a brain among them...kinda like how the News-Press is set up...twenty something blonde girls running around posing as journalists....there is not one black person at the boring it must be there!!

but anyway Monica was pushing her "movie" and "book" and was speaking at Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation roundtable at the Reagan Ranch Center that Wendy owns...I'm gonna puke I'm gonna puke!! was Monica giving the YMAF gals fashion tips? no..wait..look at all the old dudes in the front row...probably all wacking off, or at least trying to while pretty Monica was talking!

but really, anyone who accepts money from Rupert Murdoch, the most corrupt man in the world has no business telling anyone what American values are...gee Monica, have you heard about the corruption between Rupert and the conservatives in England?? silly girl... the reason I watch FOX NEWS is the same reason I read the News-Press..because I'm a closet teabagger! hahaha...

ok so we know that Wendy and Nipper have it in for the cops esp Chief Cam Sanchez...but here's some info I got from the Montecito Journal's Richard Mineards seems that Frank Hotchkiss doing a radio show on Wendy's rightwing propaganda radio station AM 1290....Frank was filling in for regular host Lanny Ebenstein.....Frank's guest was Chief Cam Sanchez and they taped an hour show..but the tape mysteriously was erased! the station manager apologized to Frank but... was the tape sabotaged on Wendy's orders?? was the Baron high?

and remember Carole Lieff? of course you do..while she may ignore me now, she did write a letter to the MJ stating ten reasons why she likes Montana better than California...the first one says it all: she got stopped for speeding by the state troopers, and they didn't give her a ticket...and she was stopped TWICE in the same day, still no that's freedom to some can break the law, waste taxpayer money when the troopers have to continually babysit you, and then the troopers in Montana are too stupid to do their job and issue tickets! so why do the taxpayers even pay their salaries??

pick up your copy of the Montecito Journal today!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

message in a bottle

sending out an S-O-S

there's obviously a drinking epidemic in Santa Barbara and if the elephants at the zoo can get a beer named for them by the genius brewmaster at the Brewhouse, why not some of our local celebrities? the bars can concoct a brew or spirit in honor of the infamous folks who bring us joy and loads of laughter or pain and suffering, day in and day out... but really Cat, your designated driver wasn't available?? isn't that what a designated driver is supposed to you don't act irresponsibly and drive drunk?? geez.....

so here's my list of new drinks you can enjoy when you're out on the town...and please remember: ENJOY RESPONSIBLY!!

Cat Cora...lap up some Cat Nip available at Cold Springs Tavern

Joe Armendariz.. try a Romeo Rollover available at the Pub

Priscilla Susman.. down an ol' 154 available at the Paradise Store

Peter Lance... sip a Skinny martini available at the Canary Hotel bar

Nipper.. nip some Gray Gigolo...available at Nipper's

Tony DeNunzio.. swill a few DeNutcrackers...exclusively at the Boathouse

Heather Lockyear.. lick up some Blonde Ambition.... find it at the Bilkmore

Lanie Tyrone Richardson... do a White Girl on the Hood available at Lucky's

so remember, if you drink and drive and get caught, and cause mayhem or even kill someone, you may get a drink named after you!

good luck and remember, the best designated driver is a phone call a cab... and you can keep on chooglin'!!