Sunday, May 31, 2015

by the time I get to Phoenix

she'll be rising...


from Sam the Vulture

ok it's Sunday and everyone in Texas is probably in church or having sex with a cow... but by the time you get back home, Texas will be under water! KARMA DUDE!


now if you listen and take note, California has some good energy companies, Southern California Gas being among the best...

they practice preventive maintenance, not corrective maintenance..they are pros not some backward Texas drunk hillbillies..they know how to communicate with appropriate signage

I don't mind a free meal now and then, but trying to feast on a fat dead seal covered with dried oil is not especially appetizing...

do you read me, sweetheart??

Friday, May 29, 2015

Don't Go Near the Water...

Don't go near the water / Don't you think it's sad / What's happened to the water / Our water's going bad /

some folks say why should we worry 'bout a little ol' oil spill from a little ol' Texas oil company on our coast...after all we got oil everywhere from the La Brea Tar Pits to the Carp Tar Pits to Coal Oil Point

so I went down to check out the Carpinteria Tar Pits......down by the beach at the State Park ...legend has it the Chumash used the tar for their boats..they fancied themselves carpenters so they named the little coastal town Carpinteria, which means "casino" in Spanish

I've been to the pits a few times and you would think all the beaches here would be covered with tar balls...and the conservatives justify the recent Plains All American/ Refugio oil spill by pointing out all the natural seeps here...but conservatives aren't very smart, that's why they're conservatives!!

  now as I walked around I felt again that this is the coolest State Park to camp at or just hang out..even though the parks people are trying to nativize the plants, they are the park remains pure old California...casual and beautiful...

around the tar pits I saw and smelled a clean cool ocean..people were swimming, fishing..seals were a-ok..and the tar pits are cool..the waves come in and splash all over it.. I felt the tar deposit and it's hard as asphalt because it is asphalt...and there's no tar black any seepage around here is controlled and regulated by Nature....and it makes sense otherwise it would look like a Plains All American oil spill...

Plains All American Pipeline..probably got some ex-Enron crooks working there

so I walked along and checked my tar at all....the beach, the sand was clean...there is no chance this area is polluting the Rincon, or Oxnard or Manhattan's been here forever...

and it's an awesome spot!! the water is good....but we really need to keep these oil people, the ones who don't care, on the radar...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black Water

oh black water, keep on rolling...

geez... I heard reports that oil globs were washing up in Oxnard and Manhattan Beach...some are saying it's natural seepage...natural seep my's from the goddam Plains All American spill on Refugio Beach I bet!!

so I jumped in my truck and went to Santa Claus tar issues but the stench from a dead seal or sea lion was bad..

fortunately, the clean up crew of one  turkey vulture was taking care of it...

oil attack..or shark attack..or both?

awesome birds!!

I snuck up to get some pictures and it looks like the seal was covered in oil....sorry I interrupted the vulture's lunch!!

and I'm a little angry that these Texas idiots from Plains All American Pipeline are in California!!

and what is so all-American about polluting America???

Stayin' Alive

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk / I'm a woman's man, no time to talk/ Music loud and women warm/ I've been kicked around since I was born...


it's hard to tell who is suing who with the new version of the court calendar..they don't list plaintiff or defendant we got to figure it out...

Travolta, John Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Trial Confirmation Unlimited Other Complaint (Not Spec)...I don't know what's up with John whether he's gay or not...but I dig the BeeGees!!

Scoles, Wayne David... Herman, James E SB Dept 1 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Auto ....Wayne ran for SB city council and he was very entertaining! dude got PTSD big time from being Police Chief Cam's bitch for so long! haha

Cappello and  Noel LLP Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Breach of Contract/Warranty ...Barry, Wendy's former bitch lawyer, is in trouble with the law!!

Aizenstat, Stephen Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Business Tort/Unfair Business ...hmmm wasn't this guy the head of Pacifica Institute in Summerland...something id up with that place...Jung has left the building

Miller-Young, Mireille Sterne, Colleen K SB Dept 5 1) Readiness; Settlement Conference Unlimited Civil Rights... oh so the Jesus people couldn't get any cash out of UCSB so they sue Mireille now?

Short, Joan ..Sterne, Colleen K SB Dept 5 1) Readiness & Settlement Conference Unlimited Civil Rights ...Joan Short is suing Mireille for some civil rights cash...Joan, what was the bible said about forgiveness?? Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

Ganna Walska Lotusland Sterne, Colleen K SB Dept 5 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Other Employment ....Lotus flower bloom when clouds sink low

I'm goin' nowhere, somebody help me.. I'm goin' nowhere, somebody help me...please!!

05/29/2015: McCaw, Wendy Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Wrongful Termination

Katich, Don Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Demurrer Unlimited Wrongful Termination

ok Wendy and Don are getting sued by that photographer guy?? but why Don?? oh because he's stupid looking! ok!!

Mitchum, Chris Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Defamation

Capps, Lois Geck, Donna D SB Dept 4 1) Case Management Conference Unlimited Defamation

Chris and Lois, sittin' in a tree..K-I-S-S-I-N-G..

and Chris Mitchum is still trying to get his reputation back from Lois...geez dude, you're almost dead why would you care about what people think of you now???

I stopped caring about my reputation a long time ago!

whether you're a brother or whether you're a mother, you're stayin' alive, stayin' alive

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

losing my religion

consider this

remember when I drove Ann and Fife Symington outta town? you don't ? well I did...Ann was a deacon at the All Saints by the Sea church by the Miramar...a lovely little church with a sterling reputation..until they hired Ann..then it was discovered that a church gardener was accused of molesting a little girl..Ann and a few others like the Montecito Journal stood by the old gardener guy..he pled guilty to "false imprisonment" of the little, he molested her

that's why the Montecito Journal and Sentinel, both owned by conservative wimp Jim Buckley, are trash... first it's Wendy with her child porn issues and then  Buckley's paper supports a child molestor!! hmmmm. maybe a story on Jim and Wendy is in order

so anyway after my expose on Ann and Fife and their weird family issues, they fled to Hawaii..far away from me and now Ann works for another church...and Fife was responsible for turning the Botanic Garden into an old lady's wet dream of strange Aryan flowers...

but the Montecito church All Saints recouped and hired a new pastor, Aimee Eyer-Delevett and now it appears in good is the ONLY church that is setting aside a time to pray for the Gaviota coast after the oil spill..not a leak, a spill...not a seep, a spill...

other churches will try to steal your money, home-school you, and make you join the Army of God but we know those aren't real churches...

when you enter a church, you should feel inspired, humbled, thankful and awestruck..even if you're not religious! that's a feeling I get from All Saints whenever I go there which is infrequent...whoever built it knew it would be of uplifting service to the community...

Haley Street

remember I told you about the story in the Sentinel about the don't? well, I did...the ex-Westmont guy named Darrell (need I say more?) complaining there's too many Mexican restaurants on Haley and too many he envisons some conservative white restaurants here...right across from Buena Tool..haha..and there's no parking!!!

but this area a working class all the BS...and the Rose Cafe and Mi Fiesta market..and La Tolteca, a Santa Barbara icon...the Claveria family!! that family had a ton of  red Fender Strats back in the day..oh we had so much fun!!


but this Westmont  saint wants to bring in wineries and breweries and weird foodie places like the Public Market into working class Haley St...these are the kinds of guys who shop at wine boutiques instead of hardware stores..a bunch of pussies...I want a burrito and they offer this: Crostini — Garlic, Labneh, Japanese Cucumber, Shallot, Sprouts, House Cured Anchovy

WTF? most of the employees at HI are Mexican cuties!!

when I made the rounds I went down there to check it out, too...Haley St.....drugs and whores?? well, no more than Montecito...and did I see Lucy??? was she hooking??

Lucy the Haley St hooker???

Haley Street has been demonized by white faux- religious conservatives for unknown reasons..maybe so they can move in and get some of that business...but I've never seen these people try so hard to be so trendy...and phony

oh look..another brewery!!

Haley Street is real...let's not whitewash it to death...breweries and wineries?? please...

Monday, May 25, 2015


why you wanna give me the runaround???

now two of the biggest paid stooges for the oil industry- Andy Caldwell and Speedy Joe Armendariz- went straight to mommy/News-Press to cry foul over the oil spill outrage....instead of blaming their masters, they blamed..well..everyone else!!

and if Rush Limbaugh says that bacteria will clean up the spill at BP-Deepwater Horizon, then it must be so!

Moondoggie digs clean water to surf in! oil spill on the computer!!! so sorry

oh yeah I like seeing sea animals struggle to move after being hit with a big oil bomb from Texas...the sand covered with black gooey crud..

and yes I drive a truck but it doesn't mean I sanction oil spills and I don't drive drunk and crash into trees!! geez real men accept responsiblity for their actions and don't try to blame others..but we're dealing with Andy and Joe here...not exactly beacons of personal responsibility as they try to justify the oil spill..

the mess was HUGE!! there's no way to minimize or justify it or defend it...and when you have no regulatory authority, the private sector will cut corners to save money...very greedy folks!! so Andy and Joe sound like a couple of idiots defending pollution, as usual.....

and the funny thing is one of the Plains guys said the oil spill may have been a "third party attack"... same thing Mike stoker said about all of Greka's oil spills that the county responded to! dummies

the notion that a concentrated ton of of oil crude will be cleaned up naturally by bacteria is crazy.....people will clean the bulk of it up...the bacteria will break down certain elements of the oil, but they won't attack a big glob and magically clean it up..that's not how Nature works...

and I didn't see Andy or Joe down there at the beach cleaning up.. I saw some young guys and gals with red buckets scooping up the gloppy mess..I didn't see no bacteria!


double-walled pipe

now, if you substitute a nine mile oil slick with a nine mile sewage sludge slick from State St to Hollister Ave, you might have a different reaction from Andy and Joe..they would blame gov' they should.. but it's all natural right??

and that oil pipe line should have had a containment system..a double walled pipe... then the spill could have been captured ....but Plains just didn't give a shit and let the public discover the oil leak..then they appear before the cameras and tell us about their environmental excellence programs...geez

so put these people on the defensive to defend the defenseless...they more they talk the less sense they make...

it's real simple boys..a giant oil spill by an oil company is unacceptable..and the Plains All American nitwits deserve the harshest criticism...there is no comparison between natural oil seeps (they are called seeps for a reason!) and careless spills by humans...the pollution from spills effects linger long after due to the concentrated mess...

if you have a record of irresponsible operations, you don't do business in California...period.. exclamation point

so why did we invade Iraq... for oil???

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I like Sunday, Sunday morning...

I like the Quakers, too..they lead a simple life and make awesome furniture...and religion intrigues me...all the things people believe in to get them through the day and mess with yours...

but this Christian Patriarch Movement is very curious I ordered a book by Kathryn Joyce...a fascinating introduction to the world of the patriarchy movement and Quiverfull families that examines the twenty-first-century women and men who proclaim self-sacrifice and submission as model virtues of womanhoodand as modes of warfare on behalf of Christ. Here, women live within stringently enforced doctrines of wifely submission and male dominnance....

hmmmmm....hmmmm...naw, submissive chicks are so boring..and stoopid

Journalist Joyce has conducted a groundbreaking investigation of a little-known movement among Christian evangelicals that rejects birth control and encourages couples to have as many children as possible. The movement, which takes its name from a verse in Psalm 127, advocates a retreat from society and a rejection of government policies that encourage equal rights for women, pregnancy prevention and an individualistic ethic. Quiverfull families share with more mainline Protestant groups, such as the Southern Baptist Convention, a belief that wives should submit to their husbands. But the group goes further by insisting that children be homeschooled and daughters forgo a college education in favor of early marriage and childbearing. The book probes a San Antoniobased ministry called Vision Forum, which began as a Christian homeschooling resource and now promotes "biblical patriarchy" through seminars and retreats. Members of the movement use militaristic metaphors and see themselves waging a war to win back the culture and rescue American society

Andy's new book "A Guide to Inbreeding" is
available from Ampersand Publishing
I'll read the book when I get it but it touches on the Vision Forum which ironically was part of the previous Dugger post... "and The Duggar family are friends and acolytes of Phillips, and Vision Forum, in turn, has used Michelle Duggar in their efforts to demonize contraception, including giving her an award for "Mother of the Year" for having so many children."

locally we got Lucy's pals, the Believer's Edge group and News-Press buffoon-religious fundamentalist and home-schooler Andy Caldwell promoting this type of nonsense...basically, these types of men are so insecure, they need to try to make everyone subservient to them...

and more Josh Duggar craziness..he had to cancel a speaking engagement at a home-schooling event in Sandusky, Ohio!! SANDUSKY!! geez

home schooling robs a kid of the needed social integration so the parent retains control, never allowing the kid to think for himself... or herself...

"The movement, which takes its name from a verse in Psalm 127, advocates a retreat from society"... that's why we should cherish SBJH and SBHS and local public schools

oooowww, it's a very sick subculture of religious fanatics with vacant eyes...

real fathers and real men don't need to control every aspect of their children's kids grow, they need to make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons, not be force-fed religious dogma

but don't worry Josh...Wendy and the Young Miss America Foundation will book you at the Reagan Ranch Center Roundtable luncheon...

the least you could do is learn to build some cool chairs or something...

Friday, May 22, 2015

Beat It

just beat it

ok teaching abstinence does not work...

as if I needed anymore evidence that the phony family values conservative Christians are a bunch of hypocrites, we get the weird TLC TV show "19 and Counting" about a religious family with too many kids...ABORTION IS AVAILABLE FOR A REASON PEOPLE!! these folks are pushing the Christian Patriarchy Movement...where the dad is the family leader and nobody can question or criticize him, like Wendy at the News-Press!

one of the sons 27 year old Josh Duggar was just exposed as a child he had to resign his position as CEO of the Family Research Council..a really hard right wing group of devout Christians...they want everyone to follow their version of America...devout Christians-the worst kind..geez if he hadn't got caught, he'd still be preaching at the FRC!!

seems when I mean Josh was a teen, he would sneak into their rooms ..little sister and 5 other little girls, and fondle them..

"Life is busy for us right now! Our recent move from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Washington, DC has been a journey! With Mackynzie & Michael taking on the role of big helpers and Marcus full of energy, Anna has her schedule full at home! Josh is working as Executive Director at FRC Action, where his passion is to encourage Christians to engage in politics, promoting Faith, Family & Freedom. You can learn more about FRC Action here. The series "19 Kids & Counting!" on TLC continues to keep viewers up to date on Josh & Anna’s family life & various happenings …including life in the big city! You can check the TLC website for more information on the Duggars’ television reality series schedule"

TLC should be ashamed of promoting this stupid show with this stupid American family....

and there's more sex scandals!

The Duggar family are friends and acolytes of Phillips, and Vision Forum, in turn, has used Michelle Duggar in their efforts to demonize contraception, including giving her an award for "Mother of the Year" for having so many children.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that there may be more to this entire scandal than the typical minister-caught-cheating story. The woman with whom Phillips confessed to an "inappropriate" relationship, named Lourdes Torres-Manteufel, filed suit in Bexar County, Texas, accusing the powerful Christian right leader of pushing her into a multi-year abusive relationship that allegedly featured frequent sexual assault. While the complaint never mentions sexual intercourse, it does claim that he repeatedly groped and masturbated on her while she protested. The plaintiff alleges she was basically moved into Phillips’ house with his wife and children, taken on many family vacations, and given work as a caretaker for the family, all while secretly being bullied into sexual encounters without consent.
Jim Bob Duggar is the father of this freaky clan and....what?? Jim Bob?? that's his name? Jim Bob???

"hey Jimmy Bob, gimme some more moonshine and come to bed!!" says daughter Bobbie Sue

America is indeed being sicko- pseudo-Christians!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

the girl with kaleidoscope eyes

ok so I told you about my issues with Lucy and the MCA..all the hot air and fire and brimstone preaching about how only they and God can save Milpas St from itself...

so I went down there a few weeks ago and took some pics and it didn't look like the MCA or Lucy or even God had done as much as they say...I mentioned the old post office was a mess, needed painting and wondered why such influential peoples such as the MCA couldn't get the owner to paint his building.....private property owners need to take care of their property..PERIOD

so I went day trippin' downtown Tuesday and saw the Batmobile! cooool...Batman! Batman! Batman! (Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na) Batman! Batman! Batman! Da da da da da da da da da ...! I ran back to my truck to get the camera and snapped a picture before Batman and Robin sped off up Milpas St...Holy PODER Batman!!


I went over to Milpas to check it see if since my last visit I lit a fire under Lucy and see if they could stop blaming Mexicans, the homeless and the gov't for everything, and break a sweat themselves once in awhile

I challenged Lucy the Milpas Community Association infidels to stop blowing smoke up my ass...well, I'm pleased to report that the old Milpas post office has since been painted!! see how influential I am??

and the News-Press needs to take some pride in their Milpas newsracks...disgusting!!!

Scott? Wendy?? Don?? Nipper??

and I see they are cramming more trendy wineries and breweries in the downtown area by Haley...I heard a rumor that Home Improvement will soon be a brewery, too... I saw a story in the Sentinel where Lucy writes her stuff..but the story is very strange..some ex-Westmont people have a vision for Haley St called "the Mill" because "there's too many Mexican restaurants" in the area!!

so let's get some racist white Christians in here??? I'll be poking around this area and have more later..but who doesn't love La Tolteca??

a brewery and winery on every corner is just..well it's just so Los Olivos..we need heroes to deal with this booze menace..

kapoww!! blam!! kapuuut!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

catch a wave

and you're sittin' on top of the world

as the news of the oil spill spread, I raced outside to monitor the ocean off Carp...all's well

I love watching the boats go from the oil pier by the bluffs and out to the oil platforms off the Carp coast...I got no problems with oil or drilling until some operator spills and messes up the ocean...

I like watching people enjoy the ocean and dolphins swim in clean waters...the oil folks have grave responbsiblities on and off shore...

I have no patience for rogue oil operators

at Refugio Beach an oil spill four miles wide one is claiming responsibilty yet and I'm not surprised...and being an oil spill, the conservatives are gonna spill it into something positive like God's plan or something.. I recall Greka's oil spills and spokesman Mike Stoker trying to tell us it was sabotage by liberals...

then we see Plains All American is the culprit..they have a history of spills..All American?? of course, they are based out of  Houston, Texas where regulations are considered anti-American!!

but the California taxpayers have to clean up after these private Texas oil company this case the campgrounds were affected...people had to leave due to the strong petro smell...

of course, sea creatures are affected too..and the sand turns black with mucky oil...

so where is the oil company? where are their resources to help...where are their worker bees? the county fire crews capped the broken on-shore pipeline! nice job guys...

the debate must continue until these irresponsible oil operators are held accountable...but when guys like Brooks Firestone lease land to guys like Greka and then tries to hide the spills, we have a huge problem..

in this day and age there is no excuse for an oil line breaking onshore and spilling into the ocean..

hey where's Channelkeeper and Princess Kira?? probably out at a wine tasting event, then dinner in the Funk Zone with all that cash they got from the city because a sewer line overflowed a few gallons

and of course Andy Caldwell and Joe Armnedariz two dunces owned by the oil companies will run to Wendy and try to tell me this is just a natural occurance..

yes, a natural occurance for incompetent private sector oil morons...

and the Coast Guard is helping out! so instead of harassing sailors who get too close to the Prinncess cruise ships, they will do something good and help clean up the oil

the California camper, surf and ocean culture and all Nature lovers should not stand by and let these incompetent oil operators do business here...

send 'em back to Texas!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo

geez, do we still have rival motorcycle gangs in America? no we don't ...but in Texas they do


I remember we had some motorcycle gangs headquartered across from the Rescue Mission years ago...the Bravados or something? the outlaw biker thing is just so tiresome

Texas has long since seceded from the union in spirit anyways so the gov't/feds should just leave them alone to fight their little wars..and if Mexico attacks them, so be it

they want independence, let 'em have it...what good is Texas anyway anymore..taken over by teabaggers, steers and queers!

so in Waco, Texas at a restaurant called Twin Peaks of all things, rival bikers were eatin' lunch when a war broke out leaving nine dead! and the gang threatened the cops and hospital staff for doing their jobs trying to save lives..geez

Waco is the place where the feds stormed the Branch Davidians Christian cult years ago during Clinton's reign..and badass Atty General Janet Reno went right in and started killing the Branch Zombies who for some reason refused to give up peacefully

and then there was the contest about drawing a Mohammed cartoon...I got no problem with that but it drew two nutjobs who tried to crash the contest and kill people..the cops got them first..shot 'em dead...

and then we had the story of the Governor sending guards to stave off Obama's military mission/practice sessions..Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered members of the Texas Military to monitor federal troops in an upcoming two-month training exercise...geez what an idiot governor they just elected!!

Texas Governor, Fearing USA Gov Invasion, Orders State Guard ...

the Navy had training missions at the Channel Islands in California so what's the problem? let them train!!

then, we had Bush and ENRON trying to fuck with California during the 1990s phony energy crisis...

Texas, now a place full of devout Christians is just plain crazy backwards and does not deserve to be part of the USA until they come to their senses...

I'd feel safer in Iraq!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dixie Chicken

If you'll be my dixie chicken, I'll be your Tennessee lamb

so I started off the Bigfoot thing as a lark, but soon discovered it was no larking may think I'm full of malarky, but as I went out to commune with Nature I found more evidence of Bigfoot....yet another broken tree!! and some spooky sounds

this was on a trail and the branch was up there about 12 ft I can only assume that the Coastal Bigfoot hangs out in the wooded Summerland area and swims to Anacapa Island for a fox lunch occasionally

then I heard the sounds of a giant animal coughing up in the scared the shit outta me so I ran back to the truck and got my hatchet just in case.. I was able to record the sound but unable to see the was ambling across the was coughing from Lillie's to Ellen's....

are these just coincidences or ??? or something else..sumthing bigger than you or me

and while I was wandering around I got evidence of red finches using purple thistle seeds for their nests...the finches are very fast and it's easier to photograph a dragonfly..but lucky for me I got three finches working the purple thistle....picking out the soft silky was will never see photos like this ever anywhere

Courting males sing softly while hopping and fluffing feathers in front of the female, often holding a twig or grass stem in the beak. If things go well, the next step is a short flight about one foot straight up, followed by drooping the wings and pointing his beak to the sky. Mating may follow

another example of native finches using non-native thistle for food and nests...native and non-native are just  labels some people misuse to denude the hillsides and kill animals....these flowers and birds need each other

but I got a and Bigfoot will correct these mistakes made by the native cult...we will restore Nature back to her balance, not man's balance...if Nature wants the hills full of delightful licorice-scented fennel, so be it...
 and once I gain Bigfoot's trust, I will put my plan into action..

and you folks up at the Botanic Garden eating your cheese and sipping your wine, gushing over your little native plants...

well, a coupla big hairy angry apes are about to pay you a visit

Saturday, May 16, 2015


at times I just don't know how you could be anything but beautiful....

ok so Shave IT Inc is honoring business women...really? Shave It ? geez

I like the beach..the sand and the water bring me solace in an oft-times ugly, confusing and troubling off the sand and the sea in Marina Del Rey..or here in Carp or Santa Barbara..all beach towns..our affinity with the water..the sea and the womb are one and the same chemically...

you could say the beach is a womb with a view..

I go to the beach often and like to take pictures of the various natural beauty scenes..but now I learn that taking pictures of girls or women at the beach makes me a pervert...but why? is it my fault that I take pictures of nature and there happens to be a near-naked woman sunning herself on the sand? so I try to get a good shot and she happens to be in the way, what am I supposed to do, ask her to move? pick her up and place her a few feet over?

and why should I have to ask permission to take a picture? it's free cuntry ain't it? I didn't invent these little digital it my fault I find them handy and useful?

my Masterpiece!

well, I'm not a pervert or at least no worse than any one else..besides, what kind of a girl goes to the beach, takes most of her clothes off, lies there in a bikini that's crawling up her ass and prances around in front of me ...I'll tell ya what kinda kinda girl!

the girls I photograph know I'm doing it and they never say a thing..they may look over at me and giggle or touch their tits and asses or something...but they know I'm just a guy with a camera..and they mainly ignore me, as usual..and they haven't yet called the cops

so I got an eye for beauty...and is there anything more beautiful than a woman on the beach???

not that that is why I take my camera to the's mainly for nature shots...

as you can plainly see

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

it's gone away for good..

after the rains, the Channel Islands were so clear...I've never seen Anacapa Island and the ocean look so surreal...I got my telescope out and spied two figures on top of Anacapa...Bigfoot??

two Bigfoot!
wait a minute...did Wendy buy Noozhawk? or did Noozhawk buy out Wendy's think-tank?
Wendy..the thrill is gone

ok so we got two illiterate dunces, Andy Caldwell and Lanny Ebenstein, writing opinions..the same opinion in different media outlets...and as you know, opinions are like we got Lanny's opinion in Noozhawk and Andy's opinion in Noozhwak and the News-Press..but in the News-Press, Andy is the Guest Asshole while over at Noozwack he's just a regular asshole conservative-type asshole...

so the question is why do I have to look at the same asshole in two differnt publications?? the only logical conclusion I can draw is conservatives are assholes!

I've written to the FCC to see if I can get rid of these assholes...somebody should consider my feelings for once...

so speaking of assholes, teabagger Chuck Norris thinks Obama is about to invade Texas and is going to conduct special ops near Chuck's Texas ranch...Chuck is 75 years old and has no career other than selling exercise equip..and some really bad movies to highlight his nonexistant acting ability...

and yes he's had a ton of facelifts...maybe he's gonna marry Bruce Jenner when Bruce turns into a woman...

but to suggest that the USA is going to invade Texas and start blowing it up and shooting people and..

hmmmm..well the feds did raid the Channel Islands and harass a teenage girl and drove the ranchers out years ago..and killed thousands of animals with the Nature Conservancy...and no one was prosecuted but rather hailed as heros for saving a little retarded fox

wait a minute..maybe Chuck is right and the feds are the assholes...yes that's it..the Channel Island Park Service and the Nature Conservancy are the assholes...

wait a minute, maybe not..they saved the Channel Island fox which may have brought Bigfoot to the islands..

hey, maybe Bigfoot is the real asshole!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Obla Di Obla Da

life goes on, bra!

web: As only the Islamophobes, who hate Islam or those Muslims, who want to enforce Shariah Law, of their imagination, by hook or crook, make headlines, the compassionate teachings of the Holy Quran are lost to the ordinary, non-Muslim observer.

ok so the News-Press Islamophobe-faux- Christian- religious- Guest Opinion writer Andy Caldwell has teamed up with an a Dutch Somalian to expose Islam and Muslims as killers..and if America doesn't go to holy war, the Muslims will win and start slaughtering women, homos, illegals, Christians and people who wear blue jeans...

Andy pits the bible against the Koran

bible-Obadiah: we have heard a rumor form the Lord and an ambassador is sent among the heathen, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle

Quran: And create not disorder in the earth after it has been set in order, and call upon Him in fear and hope. Surely, the mercy of Allah is nigh unto those who do good. (Al Quran 7:57)

now this woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, is giving a speech at the Granada... she was born in Somalia and her Muslim experiences were in the of her pals was killed by a Dutch Muslim extremist for criticizing Islam....

by hook or crook!

that is not enough for me to go to war...that's an isolated incident of a faraway land

in America 30,000 people are killed by firearms each year in this country. More Homicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-24 year-olds....

but I see Andy has been adopted by Noozhawk, too! maybe Andy's days at the News-Press are winding down, so he's preaching to the Noozhawk infidels...

ok....onward Christian soldiers...but this lady who's speaking is a known liar...and an illegal alien! I thought "illegals" were a no-no at the News-Press...

Dutch citizenship controversy[edit] wikipedia

In May 2006 the TV programme Zembla reported that Hirsi Ali had given false information about her name, her age, and her country of residence when originally applying for asylum. In her asylum application, she had claimed to be fleeing a forced marriage, but the Zembla coverage featured interviews with her family, who denied that claim.The program alleged that, contrary to Hirsi Ali's claims of having fled a Somali war zone, the MP had been living comfortably in upper middle-class conditions safely in Kenya with her family for at least 12 years before she sought refugee status in the Netherlands in 1992.

LIE #1: Hirsi Ali admitted that she had lied about her full name, date of birth, and the manner in which she had come to the Netherlands...

LIE #2: She admitted to lying in her application for political asylum to enhance her chances to stay in the Netherlands. Hirsi Ali said that she omitted some information, for instance, that she and her family had lived for years outside the country. She said she returned to Somalia to try to rescue additional family members from refugee camps and then sought asylum. This issue raised doubts about other elements of her biography that lack documentary or circumstantial evidence.


2006: Miss Hirsi Ali, who cut short a book tour in America to return to Holland and address the media storm, is expected to announce she is moving to Washington DC, to take up a post at the neo-conservative think-tank, the American Enterprise Institute, the newspaper De Volkskrant reported.

the neo-conservatives of course want only Christanity (CHRIST-INSANITY) in America..but I remind them: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press

ok so I see this chick Miss Hirsh Ali is likely crazy spreading anti-Islam propaganda...she's a tool for the conservatives...and a liar and an  illegal!!

however, I would definitely bang her

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Brain Damage

the lunatic is on the grass....

the divorce laws must change..there is simply no reason Wendy should have walked off with millions of dollars from her divorce..none whatsoever

ok so I'm surfing and I stumble upon the Mr. Wimpy Show and he had Scott "No-Neck" Steepleton on!! geez, Scott look like he's aged 50 years since I last saw him at the court house..and his fingers were all skinny and weird, like he's never done any real work in his must be tough living up Wendy's ass

City Boy

ohmygosh...I couldn't believe it...these guys are so full of shit I had to flush my TV....these lyin' little clueless weasels were pathetic!!

first of all, they talked about PODER and had so many errors and strange interpretation of events of the protest day in January....the protest was of the racist News-Press..not free speech

some statements need correction


subscriptions UP claims Mr. Wimpy?? correction: no they are down

PODER charged money for brochures they were handing out, says Scott? correction: I didn't see that..

PODER harassed the pro News-Press racists..says Mr .Wimpy ....correction: of course not..didn't see any of that..saw lots of proNPers screaming at the grass about illegals

then Mr. Wimpy tells Scott that the News-Press had to sue to get Cathy Murrillo's emails.. Scott corrected was simply a public records request, not a lawsuit, Mr Dummy

Mr .Wimpy made so many other misstatements it was funny..he looked hung over as usual...the dude struggles to finish a what a dunce!

ok, so I guess FOX News stopped calling Scott  for interviews so he has to resort to the Mr. Wimpy Show
watching these two bozos try to interject their twisted logic into themes like free speech, immigration, and donuts is torture..this guys are just so stupid it defies..LOGIC!!

anyway, Scott says he will continue to use "illegals" as I've said before, the NP problem was labeling people on the front page "illegals" without any evidence whatsoever of any wrong doing..the fact is they were at the DMV and were Latino...and the News-Press concluded they were "illegals"....that my amigos is RACIST and a direct violation of the News-Press's own letters- to the- editor policy!!

then Mr. Wimpy asked Scott why the Peter Lance thing took so long..why so many stories in the News-Press.... Scott tried in vain to defend the News-Press and Lance saying Peter was "wronged" by the gov't! and Scott says you "gotta bring it" and fight when the gov't goes after you with unlimited resources..huh?? Lance got pulled over for DUI, cried and ran to the News-Press, wrote a bunch of lies about the cops and got set free by Judge Brian Hill....Hill claims Lance was stopped on New Year's Eve unconstitutionally...of course that's bullshit which is why Hill won't hear any more DUI cases..he is an incompetent judge outwitted by Darryl Genis!!

and part of the reason Lance is so long-winded is he goes on these wild goose chases disguised as investigative journalism!

so Mr. Wimpy and Scott just went on and on about the big bad evil gov't to please Wendy no doubt....

and they talked about free speech...hmmm.. I wonder why Wendy doesn't have an uncensored comments section for like other online news-mags

because  she's  afraid of free speech, obviously

Monday, May 11, 2015

Paper Late

paper late

so I look out my window and see a yellow chopper buzzing around...must be Wendy's..the Queen of Yellow Journalism

the News-Press knuckleheads like to fancy themselves gov't watchdogs...well that's fine but who watches the newspapers? the non-profits? the private sector? the bloggers, that's who..the only independent voices out there..nobody owns us bloggers!!

I know that the News-Press lies like a dog most of the time so I need to keep an eye on them as they try to piss on public workers...not on my watch, Wendy and Nipper..

and Nipper! would he have a Food Show and a Radio Show without Wendy's financial help? no..and he gets free publicity in her paper and lists himself as many conflicts of interest there?? too many.

so now I see that Scott Steepleton is claiming the News-Press wins the "top breaking news" award... from the Newspaper Publishers Association....the more you pay, the more awards you get..did the NP get any awards for claiming some folks on the front page were doing something "illegal" for being at the DMV a few monts ago? no

and what about my old pal Peter many Emmys did he win for all his investigatative series in the News-Press? NONE!!

so the News-Press is of course a sham and shame to those who support it...anybody can be bought and all these little NP sychophants are bought..

and then there's Scott Steeplton's attempt to discredit the fire dept folks who fought the fire in Montecito that killed an old lady..this is crazy ...trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass is Scott Steepleton's specialty...blaming the fire dept for a slow response that killed the old gal!!

ok.. so according to Scott..the fire dept was called in at 7:26 am and the fire crew got to the fire at 7:34...then Scott claims the News-Press was at the fire scene before the fire crews so I'm thinking that maybe Scott started the fire since he knew so much about the old lady and her deceased husband, Milton Schmerzler who created a nonprofit foundation years ago for disabled adults...

so Scott interjects all sorts of conspiracy theories-anti- fire dept- to explain why the local Fire Dept just let this poor 88- year old woman die! well Carp, Summerland and Montecito have fire districts not controlled by gov't...

but if you want to speculate maybe after 88 years, lady wanted to die...maybe it was suicide by fire...maybe her kids started the fire for the inheritance...

maybe it was an accident...where was the fire alarm? dead batteries?? and what about the neighbors? Scott praised them for using hoses but the call came in from a passing motorist..why didn't the neighbors call the Fire Dept..the professionals, to fight the fire instead of trying to fight it themselves with 60 psi hoses..

that's not enough pressure to wash a sidewalk let alone put out a house fire..Steepleton is an should read it because it is pure yellow journalism and just downright silly...

so the conclusion I reach is the neighbors killed the old lady..

case closed

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Oooh, Superfly You're gonna make your fortune by and by. But if you lose, don't ask no questions why. The only game you know is "Do or Die" Ah-ha-ha.

I've come down to the conclusion that the drought is a gov't plot..controlled by Obama...and of course the unions..and I don't drink Starbucks coffee...I never will..oh I had a few cups once but once is enough...but they must lace it with EX-LAX...

super freaky!

Starbucks also sells bottled water..and the source of that bottled water is California! Starbucks is based in water-rich Seattle and yet they use California water as a bottled water source...

As Mother Jones pointed out late last month, Starbucks bottles water for its western U.S. customers in Merced, California, where residents are now required to cut their water use by 35 percent -- the highest percentage reduction assigned to water districts under Gov. Jerry Brown's executive order last month. Starbucks' Merced plant sources groundwater from nearby private springs and gets the water free of charge, which California typically allows businesses to do. (!!)

Starbucks launched the Ethos water brand under the banner of social responsibility, with the goal of increasing access to clean water. Starbucks contributes 5 cents from each purchase to "help support water, sanitation and hygiene education programs in water-stressed countries

oh that's alotta BS...they take free water from underground springs in California and sell it back to stupid conservatives!! another reason to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS...such phonies!


I went looking for Bigfoot again and saw and heard some strange sounds in the hills...something was crying out real loud...then I saw a bunch of buzzards circling...I pinched myself to see if I was still alive..yup..but I must have 9 lives!

while I whooped it up, I didn't see Bigfoot...but I did see Bigfly...this fly..or whatever it was, was the freakiest looking thing I've ever seen...a big abdomen with an anvil logo on its Field Guide was useless..I thought it wasa bumblebee

I searched online's a tachinid..a opportunist..a threat to monarch butterflies...a threat to every living thing and a threat to my happiness

I named it Starbuck