Monday, May 11, 2015

Paper Late

paper late

so I look out my window and see a yellow chopper buzzing around...must be Wendy's..the Queen of Yellow Journalism

the News-Press knuckleheads like to fancy themselves gov't watchdogs...well that's fine but who watches the newspapers? the non-profits? the private sector? the bloggers, that's who..the only independent voices out there..nobody owns us bloggers!!

I know that the News-Press lies like a dog most of the time so I need to keep an eye on them as they try to piss on public workers...not on my watch, Wendy and Nipper..

and Nipper! would he have a Food Show and a Radio Show without Wendy's financial help? no..and he gets free publicity in her paper and lists himself as many conflicts of interest there?? too many.

so now I see that Scott Steepleton is claiming the News-Press wins the "top breaking news" award... from the Newspaper Publishers Association....the more you pay, the more awards you get..did the NP get any awards for claiming some folks on the front page were doing something "illegal" for being at the DMV a few monts ago? no

and what about my old pal Peter many Emmys did he win for all his investigatative series in the News-Press? NONE!!

so the News-Press is of course a sham and shame to those who support it...anybody can be bought and all these little NP sychophants are bought..

and then there's Scott Steeplton's attempt to discredit the fire dept folks who fought the fire in Montecito that killed an old lady..this is crazy ...trying to blow smoke up everyone's ass is Scott Steepleton's specialty...blaming the fire dept for a slow response that killed the old gal!!

ok.. so according to Scott..the fire dept was called in at 7:26 am and the fire crew got to the fire at 7:34...then Scott claims the News-Press was at the fire scene before the fire crews so I'm thinking that maybe Scott started the fire since he knew so much about the old lady and her deceased husband, Milton Schmerzler who created a nonprofit foundation years ago for disabled adults...

so Scott interjects all sorts of conspiracy theories-anti- fire dept- to explain why the local Fire Dept just let this poor 88- year old woman die! well Carp, Summerland and Montecito have fire districts not controlled by gov't...

but if you want to speculate maybe after 88 years, lady wanted to die...maybe it was suicide by fire...maybe her kids started the fire for the inheritance...

maybe it was an accident...where was the fire alarm? dead batteries?? and what about the neighbors? Scott praised them for using hoses but the call came in from a passing motorist..why didn't the neighbors call the Fire Dept..the professionals, to fight the fire instead of trying to fight it themselves with 60 psi hoses..

that's not enough pressure to wash a sidewalk let alone put out a house fire..Steepleton is an should read it because it is pure yellow journalism and just downright silly...

so the conclusion I reach is the neighbors killed the old lady..

case closed


Anonymous said...

This is simply a backhand attempt to get at former employee Mike Eliason who is suing the News-Press for wrongful termination. Eliason is now press liason for the fire department. This just shows how low Steepleton and the News-Press will go. Really, Wendy, now you have a vendetta against the fire department? Har Har Har. It's really hard to believe adults are capable of acting like such idiots. What's next? Attack the Police, the fire deparment ... how about an expose on that grocer who sold you a bad avocado? Oh, all these terrible public services that raise the taxes on my villa! Why can't all citizens afford to privately hire people to wipe their asses like me!

Mick Von Caw said...

if that's true then Wendy is sicker than I thought!

Anonymous said...

"This is simply a backhand attempt to get at former employee Mike Eliason"

This once and all this establishes who is the scheming and petty-minded editor at that paper who has ruined its reputation and driven it into the ground with this kind of garbage journalism -- although I'm certain the whole place is one big cluster fuck. The big question is: Does McCaw request and sanction these moronic charades or does Steepleton take it upon himself to further debase the reputation of the paper thinking he's pleasing his boss? If it is Wendy requesting these kind of hit pieces, then she deserves all the vitriol aimed at her over the years. If it is Steepleton, why the hell does she keep this hack on? Unscrupulous, amateurish and infantile -- that sums up these kinds of stories that made me dump my subscription 8 years ago. As long as they play this game, I hope people will continue to sever their ties with this rag and call out this trashy reporting for what it is. Cancel your subscription to the News-Press.

Anonymous said...

This definitely does sound like an attempt by Scott Stupidton to keep his lips firmly planted on the backside of Queen McCuckoo. She doesn't have much to do with the day-to-day ops of the News-Mess anymore, as she totally entrusts that her henchman Scott will do her bidding. This is his way of seeking revenge on her behalf. Scott has so little backbone that he can't even stand by his own beliefs and ideals - if he even has any. Before Wendy took the helm of the Mess, Stupidton was a liberal. Ironically, so was the publisher at that time.

Anonymous said...

It's "Anchorman" - mustached Don Katich, former KEYT benchwarmer, who has led the News-Press into the morass of flag-waving idiocy and the Republican Pre-Programmed Thought Process --- very handy set of life rules for those without a brain of their own.