Wednesday, May 27, 2015

losing my religion

consider this

remember when I drove Ann and Fife Symington outta town? you don't ? well I did...Ann was a deacon at the All Saints by the Sea church by the Miramar...a lovely little church with a sterling reputation..until they hired Ann..then it was discovered that a church gardener was accused of molesting a little girl..Ann and a few others like the Montecito Journal stood by the old gardener guy..he pled guilty to "false imprisonment" of the little, he molested her

that's why the Montecito Journal and Sentinel, both owned by conservative wimp Jim Buckley, are trash... first it's Wendy with her child porn issues and then  Buckley's paper supports a child molestor!! hmmmm. maybe a story on Jim and Wendy is in order

so anyway after my expose on Ann and Fife and their weird family issues, they fled to Hawaii..far away from me and now Ann works for another church...and Fife was responsible for turning the Botanic Garden into an old lady's wet dream of strange Aryan flowers...

but the Montecito church All Saints recouped and hired a new pastor, Aimee Eyer-Delevett and now it appears in good is the ONLY church that is setting aside a time to pray for the Gaviota coast after the oil spill..not a leak, a spill...not a seep, a spill...

other churches will try to steal your money, home-school you, and make you join the Army of God but we know those aren't real churches...

when you enter a church, you should feel inspired, humbled, thankful and awestruck..even if you're not religious! that's a feeling I get from All Saints whenever I go there which is infrequent...whoever built it knew it would be of uplifting service to the community...

Haley Street

remember I told you about the story in the Sentinel about the don't? well, I did...the ex-Westmont guy named Darrell (need I say more?) complaining there's too many Mexican restaurants on Haley and too many he envisons some conservative white restaurants here...right across from Buena Tool..haha..and there's no parking!!!

but this area a working class all the BS...and the Rose Cafe and Mi Fiesta market..and La Tolteca, a Santa Barbara icon...the Claveria family!! that family had a ton of  red Fender Strats back in the day..oh we had so much fun!!


but this Westmont  saint wants to bring in wineries and breweries and weird foodie places like the Public Market into working class Haley St...these are the kinds of guys who shop at wine boutiques instead of hardware stores..a bunch of pussies...I want a burrito and they offer this: Crostini — Garlic, Labneh, Japanese Cucumber, Shallot, Sprouts, House Cured Anchovy

WTF? most of the employees at HI are Mexican cuties!!

when I made the rounds I went down there to check it out, too...Haley St.....drugs and whores?? well, no more than Montecito...and did I see Lucy??? was she hooking??

Lucy the Haley St hooker???

Haley Street has been demonized by white faux- religious conservatives for unknown reasons..maybe so they can move in and get some of that business...but I've never seen these people try so hard to be so trendy...and phony

oh look..another brewery!!

Haley Street is real...let's not whitewash it to death...breweries and wineries?? please...

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