Sunday, May 10, 2015


Oooh, Superfly You're gonna make your fortune by and by. But if you lose, don't ask no questions why. The only game you know is "Do or Die" Ah-ha-ha.

I've come down to the conclusion that the drought is a gov't plot..controlled by Obama...and of course the unions..and I don't drink Starbucks coffee...I never will..oh I had a few cups once but once is enough...but they must lace it with EX-LAX...

super freaky!

Starbucks also sells bottled water..and the source of that bottled water is California! Starbucks is based in water-rich Seattle and yet they use California water as a bottled water source...

As Mother Jones pointed out late last month, Starbucks bottles water for its western U.S. customers in Merced, California, where residents are now required to cut their water use by 35 percent -- the highest percentage reduction assigned to water districts under Gov. Jerry Brown's executive order last month. Starbucks' Merced plant sources groundwater from nearby private springs and gets the water free of charge, which California typically allows businesses to do. (!!)

Starbucks launched the Ethos water brand under the banner of social responsibility, with the goal of increasing access to clean water. Starbucks contributes 5 cents from each purchase to "help support water, sanitation and hygiene education programs in water-stressed countries

oh that's alotta BS...they take free water from underground springs in California and sell it back to stupid conservatives!! another reason to BOYCOTT STARBUCKS...such phonies!


I went looking for Bigfoot again and saw and heard some strange sounds in the hills...something was crying out real loud...then I saw a bunch of buzzards circling...I pinched myself to see if I was still alive..yup..but I must have 9 lives!

while I whooped it up, I didn't see Bigfoot...but I did see Bigfly...this fly..or whatever it was, was the freakiest looking thing I've ever seen...a big abdomen with an anvil logo on its Field Guide was useless..I thought it wasa bumblebee

I searched online's a tachinid..a opportunist..a threat to monarch butterflies...a threat to every living thing and a threat to my happiness

I named it Starbuck

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