Saturday, May 16, 2015


at times I just don't know how you could be anything but beautiful....

ok so Shave IT Inc is honoring business women...really? Shave It ? geez

I like the beach..the sand and the water bring me solace in an oft-times ugly, confusing and troubling off the sand and the sea in Marina Del Rey..or here in Carp or Santa Barbara..all beach towns..our affinity with the water..the sea and the womb are one and the same chemically...

you could say the beach is a womb with a view..

I go to the beach often and like to take pictures of the various natural beauty scenes..but now I learn that taking pictures of girls or women at the beach makes me a pervert...but why? is it my fault that I take pictures of nature and there happens to be a near-naked woman sunning herself on the sand? so I try to get a good shot and she happens to be in the way, what am I supposed to do, ask her to move? pick her up and place her a few feet over?

and why should I have to ask permission to take a picture? it's free cuntry ain't it? I didn't invent these little digital it my fault I find them handy and useful?

my Masterpiece!

well, I'm not a pervert or at least no worse than any one else..besides, what kind of a girl goes to the beach, takes most of her clothes off, lies there in a bikini that's crawling up her ass and prances around in front of me ...I'll tell ya what kinda kinda girl!

the girls I photograph know I'm doing it and they never say a thing..they may look over at me and giggle or touch their tits and asses or something...but they know I'm just a guy with a camera..and they mainly ignore me, as usual..and they haven't yet called the cops

so I got an eye for beauty...and is there anything more beautiful than a woman on the beach???

not that that is why I take my camera to the's mainly for nature shots...

as you can plainly see

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Anonymous said...

".I'll tell ya what kinda kinda girl!"