Friday, May 15, 2015

The Thrill Is Gone

it's gone away for good..

after the rains, the Channel Islands were so clear...I've never seen Anacapa Island and the ocean look so surreal...I got my telescope out and spied two figures on top of Anacapa...Bigfoot??

two Bigfoot!
wait a minute...did Wendy buy Noozhawk? or did Noozhawk buy out Wendy's think-tank?
Wendy..the thrill is gone

ok so we got two illiterate dunces, Andy Caldwell and Lanny Ebenstein, writing opinions..the same opinion in different media outlets...and as you know, opinions are like we got Lanny's opinion in Noozhawk and Andy's opinion in Noozhwak and the News-Press..but in the News-Press, Andy is the Guest Asshole while over at Noozwack he's just a regular asshole conservative-type asshole...

so the question is why do I have to look at the same asshole in two differnt publications?? the only logical conclusion I can draw is conservatives are assholes!

I've written to the FCC to see if I can get rid of these assholes...somebody should consider my feelings for once...

so speaking of assholes, teabagger Chuck Norris thinks Obama is about to invade Texas and is going to conduct special ops near Chuck's Texas ranch...Chuck is 75 years old and has no career other than selling exercise equip..and some really bad movies to highlight his nonexistant acting ability...

and yes he's had a ton of facelifts...maybe he's gonna marry Bruce Jenner when Bruce turns into a woman...

but to suggest that the USA is going to invade Texas and start blowing it up and shooting people and..

hmmmm..well the feds did raid the Channel Islands and harass a teenage girl and drove the ranchers out years ago..and killed thousands of animals with the Nature Conservancy...and no one was prosecuted but rather hailed as heros for saving a little retarded fox

wait a minute..maybe Chuck is right and the feds are the assholes...yes that's it..the Channel Island Park Service and the Nature Conservancy are the assholes...

wait a minute, maybe not..they saved the Channel Island fox which may have brought Bigfoot to the islands..

hey, maybe Bigfoot is the real asshole!!

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Anonymous said...

What is the plural of Bigfoot? Bigfoots. Bigfeet. Bigfeets. Bigfootiiess. Please prove that it is indeed Chuck and Bruce out there on the island and put Lanny Lanny and Andy out there too, but on a different island.