Thursday, May 28, 2015

Black Water

oh black water, keep on rolling...

geez... I heard reports that oil globs were washing up in Oxnard and Manhattan Beach...some are saying it's natural seepage...natural seep my's from the goddam Plains All American spill on Refugio Beach I bet!!

so I jumped in my truck and went to Santa Claus tar issues but the stench from a dead seal or sea lion was bad..

fortunately, the clean up crew of one  turkey vulture was taking care of it...

oil attack..or shark attack..or both?

awesome birds!!

I snuck up to get some pictures and it looks like the seal was covered in oil....sorry I interrupted the vulture's lunch!!

and I'm a little angry that these Texas idiots from Plains All American Pipeline are in California!!

and what is so all-American about polluting America???


Anonymous said...

I love some of these idiots saying they're experienced divers and they always see seepage in the area. Oh, yes! I always see beaches turned COMPLETELY BLACK. Yes, it's the natural seepage you see all the time! Are these people for real? Probably not. They're probably guys from the rigs writing in since all they have to do is screw down bolts, booze and look at offshore porn. Natural seepage. That's why every you seal in Santa Barbara is always covered in oil!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah every time there's any question about excessive oil on the beach or gaseous fumes wafting well into the land the oil and fracking gas company hack coalab types take to making statements that its just mother earth having a little "natural" leakage and farts. Couldn't ever be oil company operations present and past. Nah, couldn't be us oil and gas suckers. NEVer! EVer!