Sunday, May 31, 2015

by the time I get to Phoenix

she'll be rising...


from Sam the Vulture

ok it's Sunday and everyone in Texas is probably in church or having sex with a cow... but by the time you get back home, Texas will be under water! KARMA DUDE!


now if you listen and take note, California has some good energy companies, Southern California Gas being among the best...

they practice preventive maintenance, not corrective maintenance..they are pros not some backward Texas drunk hillbillies..they know how to communicate with appropriate signage

I don't mind a free meal now and then, but trying to feast on a fat dead seal covered with dried oil is not especially appetizing...

do you read me, sweetheart??


Anonymous said...

While no spill is a good thing, some folks are making more out of this than it is. 21,000 gallons is less than half a swimming pool. There is more gas under most gas stations. Keep in mind that there is a natural seepage in the same area that is as large, if not larger, than the reported spill itself. Perspective is important.

Who do you suppose benefits from taking a small spill and making it into a environmental catastrophe? I propose local environmental non-profit groups with various agendas and cash flow requirements would be a good place to start. They have a cash cow as long as the story remains alive.

We are also going into an election year. I see no shortage of political hacks taking every photo op they can.

There is A LOT of money under the auspices of "we care."

Mick Von Caw said...

ok... so the oil spill was a liberal plot for political I've said many times, spills and seeps are not the same AT ALL!!

a 24" dia oil pipe under pressure ruptures and spills for X hrs, it's likely the spill was closer to 100000 gallons or more..

Plains Oil fucked up..that's all

hahahahahaha said...

Oh yes perspective is important. Suggestion to number one commenter; go to any of our local beaches. Pick up any tar ball, naturally seeped or wrecklessly leaked. Put it in your piehole. Chew. Swallow. Let us us know, if you recover, from your perspective, how good it really is. And then tell us which gas or oil sucking organization it is that is paying you to post such idiotic comments.

Anonymous said...

That was amusing and thought provoking comment. I can appreciate the time and effort you put into your response to a respectable topic of discussion worthy of various points of view, including yours.

I am not paid by any oil company or environmental non-profit. However, I am guilty of reading a wide variety of materials from all perspectives including this blog.

A couple of points for your further consideration:

1. According to NOAA, the baseline natural oil seepage in the Refugio Beach area is about 4,000 gallons a day or about 28,000 gallons a week - every week. That would be 1,456,000 gallons a year! That estimate seems high but clearly dwarfs a 21,000 leak.

2. One of the other sources of oil on the beach is from ships off the coast who dump their bilge tanks at sea. Oil tankers are also know to leak. Lab test will identify the source(s).

Emotion and profiteering is at play here coupled with poor maintenance, and supervision, a delayed and lackluster contractor clean-up response and slow release of real information. Political posturing and pandering is also very much alive an well.

There is plenty of finger pointing to go around. No doubt the litigation will go on for years and the legal parasites move in looking for "victims." However, in the end what will change?

It is all about perspective. One persons crises is opportunity for another. In the scope of the big picture, this is not a disaster but a huge cluster fuck.