Tuesday, June 2, 2015

You're So Vain

you probably think this song is about you...

Bruce Jenner is the creepiest 65 year old woman I've ever seen..Bruce of course has transformed into Caitlyn Jenner with hair makeup tits the whole nine yards...why did Bruce become Caitlyn?? what about the kids??


after consulting with my DSM-III-R, I find that Bruce suffers from Gender Identity Disorder..or the GIDDY SYNDROME....a childhood thing..probably brought on by a domineering dad...that's the clinical def...it's not something to celebrate, but rather treat

and there's more I think I know...

I've told you before about my displeasure with Ryan Seacrest...the TV producer who introduced American culture to Keeping Up with the Kardashians...the odd reality show that follows the Armenian clan around as they do nothing...the gals, Kim and the rest like black guys because their dad defended OJ Simpson...no one in the famly has a job or any talent...all they do is eat and have babies!

Kim got married in Montecito in a mansion below Pepper Hill...it was a fiasco.. a few days later she divorced her new husband and went for that Kanye West feller, such an annoying little country tar baby!! and then when Kardashian's widow, Kris married Bruce Jenner, they had some kids...but as they years went by, Bruce was overshadowed by Kris so he in essence became her...like Norman Bates in Psycho became his mother, dressed up in her clothes, etc

so Kris and Bruce divorced and Kris got a little tar baby of her own to compete with Kim..geez what a slut!! and then Bruce decides to one-up them all and comes out as a woman named Caitlyn Jenner!! WTF???

I object to Ryan Seacrest and his crew trying to infect Montecito with all this cheezy nonsense, but maybe it's too late..

I was driving through Montecito and saw that the old Peabody's now owned by Craig McCaw is still not remodeled..after about four years now it's still got the green tarp covering it! has Craig McCaw transformed into a lazy GIDDY himself?? geez, it's embarassing

so I'm driving and I see the old Coast Village shopping center has also been transformed...they call it Montecito Country Mart now....the Starbuck's building has been painted zane grey...

 Montecito County Mart ??? it's as if someone from Santa Ynez came in and turned Montecito from a Bruce to a Caitlyn!! it's a weird mix of a project unfinished! where's the will to power??? and besides, it's closer to the beach than the country!

there's nothing that makes sense here!! so the reason Bruce Jenner turned into a woman is because Ryan Seacrest let him..

so I sped off to my fave place up above the fog..

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Anonymous said...

Who is Craig McCaw paying off that he can let his eyesore sit for four years! Jesus Christ, finish the fucking thing mate, I'm sick of looking at your shack. You and your wife are a fucking blight. Someone call the planning commission and register a complaint. Maybe I will.

-- Sick of It in Montecito