Sunday, June 21, 2015


Dandy..where ya gonna go now??? who ya gonna run to??

ok so I'm reading the News-Press on Friday and in the Books section I see a big story on Peter Lance..I'm not really surprised but the News-Press seems intent on propping this idiot up and lying for him...

"I vant to kill you, Meek!"

and I was aghast to see he's moved to Carpinteria I guess to be closer to me..I saw Pete at the Oprah auction he stalking me??? what a dandy!

so, I guess Peter Lance is trying to sell his old (1997) book repackaged and now it's gonna be a blockbuster and blah blah blah....but the writer of the story, a simp named Dave Mason said Lance was "exonerated" from taking any responsibilty for his DUI bust...NO HE WASN"T!!! Lance went through a hearing that I attended and I wrote about in this blog leaving no doubt that he should have gone to trial....he admitted he was drinking and didn't eat a thing all day so's he could fit in his skinny tuxedo..what a dandy!!!

so we keep hearing that Dandy won five Emmys..James Taylor won five Grammys..who is more deserving now really..James of course cos he's got talent..awesome songs!!

but Judge Brian Hill, after many motions to dismiss by Lance and DUI atty Darryl Genis who I haven't heard from in a while..Darryl must be very busy after losing the Benjy DUI case...the 30-day suspension and 2-year probation ....wait a minute...look at all this other stuff from the State Bar website:

1. He must be suspended from the practice of law for a minimum of the first 30 days of probation.

2. He must comply with the provisions of the State Bar Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and all of the conditions of his probation.

3. Within 30 days after the effective date of discipline, he must contact the Office of Probation and schedule a meeting with his assigned probation deputy to discuss the terms and conditions of probation. Upon the direction of the Office of Probation, he must meet with the probation deputy either in person or by telephone. During the period of probation, he must promptly meet with the probation deputy as directed and upon request.

4. Within 10 days of any change in the information required to be maintained on the membership records of the State Bar pursuant to Business and Professions Code section 6002.1, subdivision (a), including his current office address and telephone number, or if no office is maintained, the address to be used for State Bar purposes, he must report such change in writing to the Membership Records Office and the State Bar Office of Probation.

5. He must submit written quarterly reports to the Office of Probation on each January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10 of the period of probation. Under penalty of perjury, he must state whether he has complied with the State Bar Act, the Rules of Professional Conduct, and all of the conditions of his probation during the preceding calendar quarter. In addition to all quarterly reports, a final report, containing the same information, is due no earlier than 20 days before the last day of the probation period and no later than the last day of the probation period.

6. Subject to the assertion of applicable privileges, he must answer fully, promptly, and truthfully, any inquiries of the Office of Probation that are directed to him personally or in writing, relating to whether he is complying or has complied with the conditions contained herein.

7. Within one year after the effective date of the discipline herein, he must submit to the Office of Probation satisfactory evidence of completion of the State Bar’s Ethics School and passage of the test given at the end of that session. This requirement is separate from any Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) requirement, and he shall not receive MCLE credit for attending Ethics School. (Rules Proc. of State Bar, rule 3201.)

The period of probation will commence on the effective date of the Supreme Court order imposing discipline in this matter. At the expiration of the period of probation, if Genis has complied with all conditions of probation, the stayed suspension will be satisfied and that suspension will be terminated.


We further recommend that Genis be ordered to take and pass the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination administered by the National Conference of Bar Examiners within one year after the effective date of the Supreme Court order imposing discipline in this matter and to provide satisfactory proof of such passage to the Office of Probation within the same period. Failure to do so may result in an automatic suspension

WOW!! well at least someone is finally taking responsibilty!! good on ya DG!

but Hill finally capitulated and dismissed the case...remaining at a green light for up to 30 seconds on New Year's Eve could not be considered probable cause for a cop to stop anyone, according to Judge Hill...Judge Hill of course should have resigned but still sits on the bench...

as trendy distilleries and breweries pop up with cutesy flavors, the booze lobby wants to minimize any criticism of their products...and there's the booze festivals everywhere...

the odd thing is Peter Lance now claims to be anti-drinking with his "new" book, targeting the party atmosphere in Isla Vista...yeah thousands of kids living in apartments may induce some partying...

but I wonder why Lance doesn't do an investigative series on the News-Press..the child porn on Wendy's computer, Nipper's son death from heroin overdose and drug problems before that...the labor law issues, the booze stories, and on and on...

Peter Lance ducked the DUI trial and justice was not served; Wendy ducked the child porn trial and justice was not served

the apple does not fall far from the tree

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Anonymous said...

Like any batty old broad with money, McCaw is a magnet to sycophants, gigolos, and con men and amazingly doesn't seem to have the intelligence to know better. People who've had a history of sucking up to money. Her choice, I guess, but someone should polish up that deed to the Brooklyn Bridge, she must be an easy con! I wonder if she thinks she's conning readers into believing she's putting out a quality newspaper? Peter Lance at least is using her for an honest motive - self promotion - compared to the cons and salesmen around her. He should write about the News-Press, now THAT would be an interesting story!