Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Keeping on Rocking in a Free World!!

we got a thousand points of light....

ok so Donald Trump is running for President of the United States..he anounced it with the Neil Young song blasting in the background "Keeping on Rocking in a Free World"...

Neil was not pleased and told the Donald to stop using his music for the Trump campaign...good ol' Neil!

but Donald Trump is a man of initiative and leadership..he sent a team to Hawaii to investigate Obama's birther find the President's birth certificate..we can't have a black Kenyan Muslim in the White it's still an open question because Obama, like many illegals, could have forged his birth certificate...

now, before I can support Trump for Prez, I need to find out if his wives were American citizens and upon my own investigation, I see Ivana is a Czech and their kids were 'anchor babies'...Ivanka was an anchor baby!! and Donald's present wife is a White Russian?

ok, let's clear this up then we can rock with the Donald as president and Oprah as VP...awesome!!

a kinder gentler machine gun hand...

so when did the News-Press go all religious? when did the News-Press get reborn? when did the News-Press.. become a neo-Christian paper? when Minister Katich took over??

or was it the child porn on Wendy's computer? (still waiting for justice)... how about all the drugs and alcohol and cigarette smoke and mold flowing through the News-Press vents? the overdoses and drunk driving episodes..the drug dealing among some of the employees..

I know God will forgive them but is this the neo-Christian model?? I get flyers in the News-Press from a religious group that states: We Are Not Governed By Man-there is no man or group of men who legislate the church. We answer only to Christ. There is no room for human wonder all these folks drive drunk!! they don't recognize the law!!

then we got Azuza Pacific University...a Christian evangelical "college" that is approved by Wendy's Young Miss America Foundation..they also approve of the Family Reseach Council that until recently was led by randy little Josh Duggar...but I don't blame Josh for messing around with his sisters...the gals are in their late teens now and both are pregnant!! I wish I was..oh well

anyway, I seached the APU and they got issues with transgender people and seem to approve of a dude named Charles Murray..."Normally when liberals assail Murray it’s in connection with his infamous tome The Bell Curve, which made him synonymous with race science—specifically the presumption that I.Q. differences between whites and blacks can be partially attributed to genetics..."

The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life is a 1994 book .... was part of a campaign to justify racism and against welfare and do you believe the News-Press is racist???

keep on rockin'!


Anonymous said...

"Religious flyers" carried by the News-Press? Of course! At this point they would carry anti-semitic propaganda if someone was willing to pay them to do so. They say another ad salesman recently quit, seeing the ship sink deeper and the unrealistic sales expectations of management -- who can't seem to understand their politics and ideology have no one wanting anything to do with the paper. It's these folks abandoning ship that let it slip the News-Press' circulation has sunk to 15,000 -- a loss of another 10,000 readers since Wendy McCaw shrank the size of the paper. I am just baffled how the people running that paper think Santa Barbarans have the same pea-brain sized outlook of the world as the blue-collar evangelicals might swallow the reactionary tripe the News-Press pushes as news. Racist? Possibly. Wendy, would you want the people you think you're selling your paper to living next door? As yourself that sometime, publisher. Start singing a new tune and maybe people will listen again.

Anonymous said...

"Charles Murray

Charles Murray is one of the most influential right-wing ideological architects of the post-Reagan era. His career began in a secret Pentagon counterinsurgency operation in rural Thailand during the Vietnam War, a program whose stated purpose included applying counter-insurgency strategies tested in rural Thailand to America's own restive inner cities and minority populations. By the late 1970s, Charles Murray was drawing up plans for the US Justice Department that called for massively increasing incarceration rates. In the 1980s, backed by an unprecedented marketing campaign, Murray suddenly emerged as the nation's most powerful advocate for abolishing welfare programs for single mothers. Since then, Murray revived discredited racist eugenics theories "proving" that blacks and Latinos are genetically inferior to whites, and today argues that the lower classes are inferior to the upper classes due to breeding differences."

Wow. An inspiration to one of these whacked out Christian universities? No wonder those people give me the creeps. I'd love to sit on a class at one of these "universities." I bet the geology, science, and history classes are a scream! This is the educational outlook of the Santa Barbara News-Press writers? That's one scary newspaper, Wendy McCaw. Nice work staffing your paper. Who does your hiring, Adolf Hitler?