Friday, June 12, 2015

Silence of the Lambs

a county worker tried to test me once.. I ate her liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti...FFFFFFFFFfSSSSFFF


is lamb an invasive species? I like lamb with mint jelly...mmmmmm!

I was a little worried about the County of Santa Barbara getting off track a little...but lately, they have shown signs of life..first with the Plains Oil/ EXXON permit denial regarding the oil trucks..then I saw a piece in the News-Press by the Botanic Garden people saying we need to keep the invasive species people who work for the county so they can battle the bad bugs...the invasives..the illegals..

Death's Head moth!!

but the county eliminated these two useless positions related to the ag industry...two guys who run around looking for insects that could devastate all the trees, the apples, the other words, the county just booted two members of the native-only cult!! good job

by now we know that the invasive species hysteria is a psychological problem vs an ecological problem...ok if I saw 55 55 foot boa constrictors coming up my balcony, I might be a little worried, but all these weird alarmists need to keep panicking so the money will flow..

no they will just send samples to a lab for proper examination

even  anti-gov't buffoonAndy Caldwell mourned the loss of the two county bug people only because he thinks the pests will wipe out the ag industry in Santa Maria...look Andy, the only threat to the ag industry in Santa Maria are the lack of ignorant illegal Mexican fieldworkers that your pal Joe Armendariz keeps referring to.. the way I see it, Wendy's got two for Joe and one for Andy...AHAHAHA!

 so we see little by little the folly of all these restorations and pesticides used to kill the invasives...such a waste of the Channel Islands are overrun with foxes...they are multiplying like rabbits and pretty soon the feds will have to start killing the much for captive inbreeding

but to pay two people to look for errrant bugs is crazy...I don't begrudge any county workers their salaries, pensions or benefits...but the county needs to cut the dead weight jobs...

and the private sector needs to watch the bugs..if ag is so worried about the Asian bug invasion, they can pay for it, and don't expect me to subsidize their little fruitfly deathsquads

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