Sunday, June 7, 2015


in the pastel shades of sunlight I have wondered, with my eyes my ears my heart strained to the full
good beach day!

is it any wonder that ultra-conservative Dale Francisco praised the "diligent" efforts of the private sector All Plains Oil for cleaning up their big disastrous oil spill...Dale gushes over the Texas Plainsmen, dressed in white suits like the KKK, combing the beaches

what a bunch of kooks!!

kelp 'n oil
speaking of kooks, it's Invasive Species Week


speaking of kelp invasive? well it's seaweed so the nativists are probably out there right now trying to kill it..maybe they blew up the oil pipeline to kill the weeds in the sea!!

I went to check the beach again...I heard a thresher shark washed up in Carp...the oil spill effects on the beach are huge and the sea weed and kelp that washed up on Santa Claus beach is full of oil..the kelp is coated with dried oil and sticky blobs are everywhere..even with eight oil platfoms off Carp, I know the kelp got hit by the Plains Oil Spill.....

the ocean has been different colors of late..some plankton no doubt but the color was a sickly brownish- green I've never seen before...and the waves looked black..that's not a pretty turquoise color

an oil spill is invasive..let's worry about that..worry about the lingering effects...still washing ashore...

what is important about kelp? it's a health food, a supplement, it's a soil conditioner for the's importance to the ocean ecosystem is immeasurable

and there it is, on Santa Claus Beach..washed up and covered in seaweed

it looks like the Plains KKK clean-up crews missed the Carp beaches...and I think they should come down here and clean up after themselves

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