Saturday, June 27, 2015


oh Donna oh Donna

so I heard that the Carpinteria Bluffs have an infestation of special dog-eating rattlesnakes...cooool!!! the proliferation of dogs in these nature areas has created a menu for the snakes...oh, there's all kindsa dogs out leash...some dogs I've never seen before so I don't know why they were bred...I guess for some status for the dumb owner? using a dog to prop up your image?? geez

Oh Donna!

but you can go to the pet store and  get your dog's teeth cleaned and there's a dog spa...and a few weeks ago while downtown in Carp, I saw a teabagger couple pushing a baby the carriage was a dog... a dog!!! that was the most pathetic display of anthropomorphic fallacy I've ever witnessed!

I've written about this weird relationship some folks have with their dogs, but it's gone far enough...why just the other day I saw on TV an ad for sponsoring a dog with a monthly donation...give the dog hope, the lady says...hope? dogs don't hope..people hope but dogs don't because they are not people... gorillas however, have hope


anyway, it's seems Nature has intervened to reduce the over-population of these odd little mutts....and the rattlesnakes are coming!!

so I'm off to see if I can see one of the snakes..I admit I'm a little nervous..a rattler can bite...we caught a baby rattler by the creek in SB once and put him in lab beaker..then let him go after messing with him for a while...

but first I had to check out the cars at the Rods and Roses Show in Carp....won't be the same without Andy Granatelli.... well it's better...way better cars and Bruce Springsteen was playing on the loudspeakers...saw Wounded Warriors booth there..trying to get money for the illicit wars they enjoy...and the poor saps who volunteered come home with no arms and of these days, America will think first, then act

saw my dream motorcycle...a Triumph Bonneville..the Shelby Cobra, the Corvettes, Mustangs and awesome muscle cars....sure they use oil..but they use oil wisely..

muscle car

the rattlesnake is wise... bites only when provoked

America must be as the rattlesnake...

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. California is leading the way in "fashion dogs" where every idiot has to tote a dog with them 24/7 hoping someone will fawn over little fido - who they increasingly and sickeningly treat like some weird canine extension of themselves. I'm glad nature is reacting by breeding more snakes to cut down on stupidity. California led the way with the hoola hoop, skateboard, and tattooing and this is just another fad that people slavishly are falling into step with proving we are a state of mindless trendy twits.