Thursday, June 18, 2015

Torn Between Two Lovers

and feeling like a fool

so Lucy is running again for the Santa Barbara Council...her main competition this time is Cathy Murrillo...district elections and all

the News-Press and the Sentinel/SB View gave her the free publicity ..well at least she didn't play Rocking in the Free World!! hahah...

ok so you know as well as I do that I'm the one who got the old Milpas Post Office painted, not Lucy...but I'm sure she'll take the credit...oh how she's cleaned up the city!!

now look folks..I'm telling ya up front, Lucy bothers me..she's from Texas, she hangs out with the Milpas Community Association, which by the way is on the east side..she's running for a spot to represent the west side...torn between two lovers!!

and we've seen that the MCA has got at least one Believer in it...a Jesus cult-like group of guys who want to infuse gov't with God....and get rid of the uppity Mexicans on Milpas....

Lucy is being cast as Mother Mary out to save Santa Barbara...and she'll appeal to the dumbshit Christian conservatives...and what about PODER???

PODER will be cast as the evil ones with Cathy Murrillo as Satan herself...and the campaigns will be a riot!!

Lucy and the MCA and generally most Texans actually believe the story in the bible about the Garden of Eden with the snake and apples..and Adam and Eve...

I heard a Boy Scout got bit by a rattle snake in Goleta while on a hike with his troop..the kid's ok now but was treated at Cottage Hospital and the bill was about $500000 for the anti-venom! a half a million!! what a ripoff

maybe Lucy can do a fundraiser for the kid...I mean since she's saved Milpas, maybe she can save the Boy Scouts, too!

save us all, Lucy!!

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Anonymous said...

The snakebite bill was 66 vials @ $20,000 each = $1,320,000!!! This needs explaining. It all started with $65 for a box of kleenex. Non-profits don't have a license to steal -- or is it big PHARMA??