Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rain on the Roof

you and me and rain of the roof, caught up in a summer shower

well thank-you  Mexico and Hurricane Blanca for the storm..the lasted longer than any storm of the last 4 years!! AWESOME...I had sex with a gal named Blanca once and you know what she told me? NO MAS!!

I was out playing in the rain and guess what..I got all wet!! I stood on the sidewalk and dared vehicles to spray me..they did

earlier I went into SB and guess was raining! I was behind some dudes in a pickup truck with Texas license plates...on the window was a sticker: Keep Honking ..I'm Reloading

typical stupidass Texans... I wish Austin would secede and join California.. I love Austin and the music scene...otherwise Texas belongs under water....maybe those cowboys came to California to get away from the rain!! guess's raining here..ahahahaha!!!!

so, as I was returning home I went through the Summerland hills and spotted a deer in my rear view mirror, crossing the road.. I went back and tried to find get a picture but way too elusive..but that's a good sign...I haven't seen deer in years..used to see them all the's a sign the drought is over so I expect some rain this winter..and more deer! so cool..

see, the drought is mostly psychological so don't worry about it

then I see some cops on Via Real and the streets around here are blocked off and the cops got guns drawn..what, they don't like my blog??

naw..someone is holed up in Motel 6 again down the road..some druggie-killer-loser...geez this Motel 6 by the highway attracts country Mexicans, mentally-ill Negro gentlemen and white trash with shaved heads and super-small brains..

well living in Carp you gotta take the good with the bad..

we'll keep the light on for ya!

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