Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Babylon Sisters

shake it...

"of the city of Babylon in the days of King ... trope of evil and decadence; it was the place of sin"

now what kind of person would go to the Santa Barbara Wine Festival... in the hills..by the Mission? I don't know, I've never been to one..but I can guess...probably someone with unresolved id and unintegrated ego issues forever drowning in the sub-conscious with a wet Varietal

a wine festival-goer, or classy boozer, needs to be pampered and coddled...someone who thinks nothing of tanking up on a Syrah in the afternoon only to be driven home by a stranger, having lost any sense of self-control or self-respect..in other words, people who attend wine festivals are rascals,  wretches, imps

and some wretches gathered at the SB Museum of Natural History to get drunk on Rieslings and stuff their bloated botox faces with rich pocket food...oh don't eat too fast..sip wine first, then taste the food..oh.. it's yummy!!

and celeb chefs were on hand to sign their food and plates and take pictures only if their agents allowed...oh those chefs!! so talented!!! they don't just cook..they infuse their food with love and dreams..and serve it all to the imps! do these people understand anything?

now why would a Natural History museum host such an event..a four hour wine and food event? what is natural about drinking to the point where you can't drive...how embarassing! adults who can't even drive themselves home..

but it's ok because it's a fundraiser for a nonprofit and they got rides waiting for the winos..the well-heeled winos with trust funds to support them..or rich husbands...

well I don't know who these people are but I can tell ya this: get me the fuck away from them!!

Drive west on Sunset / To the sea / Turn that jungle music down / Just until we're out of town...


Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: Wendy McCaw is so broke she's living on the dimes, nickels, and quarters from her newspaper racks and is in tizzy! Why doesn't she contact the "illegals" she claims defaced her building? At least they had the money to buy a can a spray paint! She apparently doesn't, otherwise she could PAINT HER DAMN NEWS RACKS. To think Wendy would even suggest suing the city shows what a litigious manic she is -- wasting everyone's time and money instead of taking responsibility for her own property!

And this news director starts spouting off about free speech on an issue like this? Methinks these alarmists are having Fox News bleed over into their reality making every issue into a grandstand on AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. Just laughable, Katich, it's really an issue of taking care of your EYESORE tin boxes! Paint them!

Free speech. Wendy, next time you send out your whipping boys to do your dirty work, why don't you send someone who knows what the fuck they're talking about! Otherwise it looks as ridiculous as your nonsensical paper.

Anonymous said...

California is just about to allow beer and wine tasting at farmers markets....so we can taste before we buy. That is if the market rules allow sales of brewery and wino delights. Now we can't even go to the market without drinking! No objections from the legislature. What does that tell you about our culture.