Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Sailor Who Fell From Grace

with the sea

ok so the News-Press is trying to downplay the Refugio Oil Spill by Plains All American Pipeline..we got Sara Bush ( bush?? mmmm) with the front page duties..Sara is ditzy blonde, used to be on KEYT, then fell from grace and now writes for the News-Press..her last big story was on sugar daddies for college co-eds...hey girls, I got lotsa money in case you need a place to stay

now I gotta read the what ifs about big oil..what if we didn't have any oil..well, as I stated before, most of the oil products are unnecessary...pesticides, fertilizers...take vitamins and pee in your plants and you'll see..

then on the editorial pages we got Wendy's new oilboy Dale Francisco..Dale is out of the running for city council so he's the head of the Republican Tea Party in Santa Barbara!! so I already know what he's gonna say before he says it...

but Sara, this isn't about 'big oil''s about big oil spills which are totally unacceptable...especially if the spills can be avoided..and they can with regular rouine inspection and maintenance..


now suppose for a moment if  city or county workers had caused the spill (instead of being among the first responders to clean the oil spill)

you can bet the New-Press and her witless band of lackeys would be crying about unions and public workers and all those poor marine mammals and birds killed....
but since the private sector caused the havoc, the News-Press is full of praise and understanding...

the most gruesome picture I saw was the two dead dolphins washed up on the beach, choked with oil and tar in their mouths..

no company so graceless should be allowed to get away with you understand me Sara?? Ms. Bush??


Anonymous said...

Mick, you should be thrilled the News-Press has knowledgeable experts like Sarah Bush evaluating the ecosystems of Santa Barbara. Ms. Bush who graduated from top-ranked EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY (is that an oxymoron, or what) Azusa Pacific University (I believe ranked just behind Stanford and Self-Guided Medical University of Cabo San Lucas) and ducked real work by studying media and journalism, like all wannabe broadcast journalists with a blond dye job. She wen on the "work with some of the world's most adventurous people" for a company "specialized in extreme sports films" (always a bastion of the brightest -- who else jumps off cliffs in their underwear?) and was so "adventurous" she had to return home to the Central Coast to work in the high profile, competitive news region of Santa Maria (pop. 103) before joining KEYT with her tilted-head delivery style and oddly gaping idiot's mouth. Of course she's an expert on local economics! And, of course, the News-Press hires her! I'm just surprised the growing staff of laid off KEYT news losers haven't brought Paula Lopez onboard so she can go out drinking with Peter Lance!

Mick Von Caw said...

Sara does excite me!