Friday, June 19, 2015

I Shall Be Released

any day now, any day now, I shall be released

when I was 21, I was out playing music and chasing girls....I wasn't plotting to kill anyone... I didn't hate anyone except my parents and brothers, but that's normal..I was a red-blooded American boy

now, we got drug- crazed white kids on killing sprees...Elliot Roger, Adam Lanza, the Colorado Joker, and now this pathetic nutjob, 21 year old Dylann Roof...goes to historic Charleston SC church...sits for an hour among the bible study group, then opens fire killing nine people...allegedly for being black but no doubt this kid's on drugs and psychotic...uggh... I just don't know....why are 21 year old guys without jobs living with their parents still?? is it the WALMART culture?

White Russians
seems real estate agents sometimes get drunk and get caught and then I find out about I see where a Montecito chick..a real estate agent from Russia was busted for being intoxicated in public...I think there's a difference between inebriated and intoxicated per the law, but putting two and two together, I bet she was drunk on Russian Vodka....

anyway she's exotic.....when I was investigating Bo Henry's Bar, I found out they don't serve Russian vodka but didn't the Reds help us defeat Hitler.. I say cut 'em some slack

people esp Russian people like to get drunk and there's plenty of places they can go and reasons to get long as they don't get drunk and drive I got no problem with long as their addictions don't interfere with my life, I say go stumble from bar to bar..from fundraiser to fundraiser

but real estate agents are an odd lot anyway....who knows about all those unexplained escrow fees? they got fees for everything and can pick your pocket before you can bat an eyelash...ugghh.. I need a drink, Svetlana

Crime Scene
I've always thought of the News-Press as one big crime scene..the porn, the drugs the labor law the time is right for payback..

and according to Scott Steepleton, the NLRB just subpoened the NP phone records...Scott seems worried

remember when Scott wanted to see the emails of SB councilgal Murrillo..well now the NLRB wants to see the phone records of the News-Press..according to Scott, Wendy is fearfull her sources for stories will be she relies on anonymous (to the public) sources for her stories, then has her hack reporters rewrite them? is that how it works??

Wendy has been trying to bust the unionization of the News-Press with lackeys like Gerry Fall, now we want to see who she's been talking to

and any source who provides info to the News-Press should be identified

so  I can investigate them...

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Anonymous said...

"Publisher fears disclosure of confidential source" The Santa Barbara News-Press is always good for a laugh! Who acts as a "confidential source" to the News-Press? Every story in the paper is a rewritten press release or has been caged from KEYT by the news editors. That paper hasn't done a SINGLE investigative story since McCaw took over, except for Peter Lance's "biographical" attack on the police (at least he has the good sense to steer clear of the paper lately, I see). What kind of "confidential sources" could the out-of-state 20-year-old interns the paper staffs itself have possibly made as connections? And on what stories did they use them? Steepleton's story is such a laugh. Let's get that Freedom of Speech hogwash cover story rolling again! The whole paper is a laugh. I believe the NLRB may have some genuine "confidential sources" and I hope they got something to nail the old witch with. Maybe following a money trail on that court of appeal victory? What dirty money among Republicans? Ridiculous! This protecting our sources stance is just another fairy tale and it's an old dodge that stinks to high heaven by now.. Luckily the NLRB doesn't deal in fantasy. Let's hope some ill-spend coin making its way to D.C. is the silver bullet to finally put down the unethical disgrace that is the News-Press.