Sunday, August 31, 2014

Drivin' My Life Away

looking for a sunny day.....

ok so we got the "hook" in Carp...right before you catch Highway 150...I love the hook and the roadside fennel...bees like fennel so well....leave it alone CALTRANS

mountainside north; oceanside south

now the Lagunitas development was supposed to remove the hook when it was built but it didn't happen so I'm pleased...the fancy-planned huge campus didn't materialize instead some houses were built while a big swath of land waits to be bought or leased....remember, we have limited water so keep your goals grounded in reality

bee and fennel at the hook

the Highway 150/101 interchange was the start of a deadly accident..a 16 year old kid took the northbound exit ramp as a southbound onramp and started towards LA...but he hit a truck head-on around Bates Rd and died....

he drove the wrong way- an activity made popular by Travis Armstong during his News-Press days..perhaps the News-Press could be liable

the online media sources covered the story and then Billy Mac over at Noozhawk corner of State and Mission started complaining about some of the opinions/comments people were posting on the Noozhawk site...Billy called some of them trolls for suggesting the alcohol or drugs may have been involved in the what Billy, you wanna censor opinions now?

and this from TEXAS?... lawyers-ready to blame the truck driver!!! obviously this lawyer never drove the 101 by Bates Road....there's a bit of a ridge and curve there and wrong way driver can come up on you quick....


There are still several unanswered questions here, and we’re going to have to wait until authorities complete their investigation before a way forward can be determined. However, I will say that despite the fact that the victim was driving the wrong way on the highway and in that way was in the wrong, it wouldn’t give any oncoming traffic an excuse to just run into him. It’s possible that if it’s found that the truck did anything wrong, that the driver, and by extension the trucking company, could be found partially liable for the accident. I have no reason to believe that this is the case, but it’s a very real possibility.

– Grossman Law Offices


but I decided to take a look at the hook and the route the kid possibly drove when he mistook the off-ramp for an on-ramp....

pygmy pines hurt the eyes

as I come down from Ojai-way, a blanket of fog covers the road and I see a bunch of pygmy pine trees planted by Caltrans five years ago...these trees were part of the native plant kick and now serve only as a CALTRANS may be liable for obstructing clear views of the signs and ramps....chop down those little fuzzy stick-pines..they don't belong there....besides they interfer with the ocean vibe...

I get to the interchange and see a bunch of signs and exits and onramps...if I'm a 16 year old kid, at night, in a hurry I could possibly get confused and turn into the off ramp....but I'd have to be in a blur to do that...the Wrong Way Red Signs are clearly visible...was this the first time the kid traveled around here?? he was obviously disoriented..but always, the mountain side is northbound; the ocean side in southbound

who knows what happened..the CHP will investigate and GOD I hope they don't find the kid was under the influence..except of being under the influence of being 16 years old....

but to try and foist blame on the truck driver....only a lowlife lawyer would do that.. a lowlife Texas lawyer

Saturday, August 30, 2014

My Maria

Gypsy lady

you're a miracle worker for me


oh... my Maria

Friday, August 29, 2014

subterranean homesick blues

you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

Labor Day is coming up and the question is will Wendy fire someone just because it's her paper and she can do whatever she wants??? well the News-Press has shrunk to insignificance it's true, so the only ones left to fire...are Wendy and Nipper...and due to my incredible sense of irony, I find this ironic...

so I went out to see the big waves promised by the weathermen...I saw some waves alright but not giant ones...a former weatherman, Jim Brynes from KCOY was on Gramma Wimpy's Show talking about his involvement with NOPE...I'm not sure what his NOPE role is because Gramma and him just rambled!

geez....I can't get away from the No on P people...the brochures and ads are funded by the Californians for Energy Independence and Pacific Coast Energy Company... and I as read on, I see Brooks Firestone sitting atop the list of COALTION MEMBERS..BROOKS FIRESTONE...hahahahahaha!!

the pumps don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles

geez Brooks you think I've forgotten when you were a county supervisor and your involvement and attempted cover-up of all the Greka Oil spills...on your property no you leased to them...the many spills were responded to by COUNTY FIRE at taxpayer expense!! what a joker ol' Brooks is...him and his idiot son and all the stupid beer they produce and water they waste....

from 2008/USA Today
By Noaki Schwartz, Associated Press Writer

LOS OLIVOS, Calif. — When a Firestone Vineyard employee discovered oil trickling down a creek in January in this wine country town, the source of the contamination was no surprise to firefighters.

Of 21 refineries in California, Greka Oil ; Gas Inc. is the fourth-smallest producer, but the state's biggest inland oil polluter, according to state officials.

Broken pumps, busted pipes, overflowing ponds and cracked tanks at Greka installations have spilled more than a half-million gallons of oil and contaminated water since 1999, fouling the water, soil and air in the Southern California county many consider the birthplace of the nation's environmental movement.

Over the past nine years, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department has responded at least 400 times to oil spills and gas leaks at Greka, resulting in fines, citations, federal and local prosecutions and investigations by the Environmental Protection Agency and state Fish and Game.

"I've been in the hazardous materials business for 20 years and this is the worst oil company I've ever seen," said Robert Wise, who works at EPA's Superfund division.

The company says it is a victim of sabotage -- a claim local and federal authorities dispute -- and overzealous regulators.

"To say that Greka is a major polluter is a joke," said President Andrew deVegvar. "To the extent to which we're being portrayed as some kind of Darth Vader of the oil industry is not appropriate."

While the company has been fined more than $2.5 million over the years, authorities are losing patience with Greka. This winter the county Fire Department hit the company with stop-work orders against most of its operations.

Some conservationists and others suspect Greka's political connections -- along with piecemeal regulation by overlapping agencies and weak inland oil spill laws -- have allowed it to continue operating. Greka leases land from current and former county supervisors; another former supervisor is on the Greka payroll.

That the spills are happening in Santa Barbara County is perhaps the cruelest twist for environmentalists.

The mountainous coastal area dotted with boutique wineries and the ranches of President Reagan and Michael Jackson was a catalyst for the environmental movement. A disaster at a Union Oil Co. platform in 1969 coated miles of beaches with oil, killed thousands of birds and helped lead to the Clean Water Act and a moratorium on offshore drilling.

Greka set up shop in Santa Maria in 1999, taking over aging facilities from major oil companies and turning crude into asphalt and other products.

From 1999 to 2007, the Santa Barbara Air Pollution Control District inspected Greka facilities 855 times and issued 298 violations. During that period, 203 Greka spills threatened or polluted state waters 20 times, according to Fish and Game.

"Right now I can't think of anybody that is worse than Greka," said Steve Edinger, assistant chief of Fish and Game. "They are the biggest inland oil pollution problem we are dealing with across California. Nobody has our attention like Greka does."

Authorities say Greka employees have been spotted covering up oil contamination with fresh dirt and were once caught plugging a corroded storage tank with a tree branch -- accusations the company rejects. The district attorney cited Greka for 104 violations in 2004 after employees were allegedly caught trying to tamper with old pollution-belching engines. Greka settled with the county for $675,000.

DeVegvar has said the number of incidents is not out of line with those of other producers when looked at on a per-well basis. But the EPA's Wise said that is true only if Greka wells that aren't in use are counted, too.

Greka has spent tens of millions of dollars in upgrades, deVegvar said. The company recently said it was tightening security, and in January announced an environmental initiative dubbed Greka Green. But just a day later, it was hit with an 8,400-gallon spill.

Brooks Firestone, whose family leases land to Greka, was one of two members of the county Board of Supervisors who blocked an emergency hearing on Greka in December. He said the staff needed more time to prepare, and warned board members not to become hysterical.

now who's hysterical, Brooksie?????


"To me, a huge event involving oil was the Kuwaiti oil fields that were fired by the Iraqi army in the first Gulf War, the 1969 oil spill in the channel, the Valdez tanker and the Normandy tanker," Firestone said at the time. "What is the meaning of this incident?"

Days later, on Jan. 5, Greka spilled more than 190,000 gallons of oil and contaminated water on the land it leases from the Firestone estate. Since that spill, Firestone has withdrawn from deciding matters related to Greka.

Firestone, an heir to the tire fortune, said it would be too difficult to calculate how much income he receives from Greka. On political disclosure forms, he said he owns only 9 percent of the vineyard land on which the Greka installation sits. Officials have to own at least 10 percent of a business to disclose income from it.

Brooks Firestone...another clueless hysterical wine taster....

making excuses to make more money fer himself at everybody else's expense.....

typical trustfunder!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Great Speckled Bird

What a beautiful thought I am thinking
Concerning the great speckled bird....

so I get a NO on P (NOPE) letter in the mail...I don't know about you, but I like a good P and Sarah Silverman likes P, too....that's one nice looking Jewish gal!! pretty and funny but I wonder how Jewish can she really be??

and Jewish they even make those??? all I know is Sarah's got nice tits..the kinda tits that could make a man cry

anyway the No on P (NOPE) survey had a bunch of dumb questions and crazy answer choices like Strongly YES, Somewhat YES, Somewhat NO, Strongly NO....I am somewhat PEE-ODE reading these silly surveys and strongly opposed to this junk mail....what a waste of postage

oh so I see Fess Parker's Doubletree Inn was busted for poisoning birds...Fess was a bad actor turned businessman and Injun-lover...the pigeons and sparrows I guess were the I hate pigeons as much as I hate gays and Jews, but poisoning them is a rather ghastly solution...(the birds)... a Hitler remedy altho they did that on the Channel Islands and eeryone was pleased and happy with Fess's crime seems pretty minor in comparison but putting poison in bird feeders as is claimed is just beyond belief...and HYDREX was the hired gun!!

you can keep sparrows away if they bother you with those little lace doily things on the window eves

HYDREX!!! dumbass moron on the TV commercials..oh, they kill bees, too

white people are hard to figure out sometimes....

Doubletree Bird Refuge

I've seen poisoned pigeons  and it's not a pretty sight...they get lethargic, can't fly..then they bloat up and lie down till they die..occasionally the poison wears off and they can fly away but mostly they die a staggering death....and then you gotta clean up the mess..

I go into town to check out the Doubletree..then a walk on the beach and I see another issue "Beach Wracking" ain't fracking and it ain't whacking so what is it??? I don't know

when I was in Venice, Italy I saw tons of pigeons and they didn't bother me nearly as much as the Italians, but I guess Italian pigeons are cooler than American ones....

so the point of all this is poisoning things to get results..ok I spray a little RAID to kill ants now and then, but a larger scale operation is out of the question...putting poison in bird feeders outside is just stupid...I've seen birds of prey rip apart pigeons and that's the solution, not poisoning them..that poison ends up in the food chain one way or another....

so my advice to the late Fess and his merry prankster bird killers is to HARVEST the sparrows and pigeons..and put them on the menu....

ever hear of sparrow-stuffed squab??? it's to die for!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Water of Love

deep in the ground, but there ain't no water here to be found

back during the local elections, I went up to Lake Casitas in Ojai to check out the bald eagles...I was amazed at not only the eagles, but also the low level of the lake...I returned and warned the people and candidates to talk about solutions... instead they were worried about gay people getting married and how much public workers were getting paid....and unions...all red meat nonsense to satify some retarded conservative base...

now while I agree gay people can be gross and totally creepy, I don't think we should spend an ounce of energy denying them civil rights....and I don't think it's prudent to try and bust unions....the tax association in Ventura wasted lots of time trying to penalize public workers with a bogus initiative but the judge tossed the case out....

but both conservatives and liberals are to blame..the libs are trying to save steelhead trout in a drought....if you think about that for even a second you'll see they are delusional...I say fuck the trout, I got a pool to fill!!

there's talk of desal in Santa Barbara....put the old plant on line and see what happens..back during the other big drought, voters opted for both state water and desal..the desal plant ran for a week or so and was taken off line....some units were dismantled or sold off and the skeleton put it back together will be expensive..

I read there was an early wine grape harvest....but picking wine grapes is not really a harvest because making wine is a non-essential commodity to be grown locally....

and breweries...24 gallons of water to get a pint of beer..then it gets pissed out using more water to flush!! legalize pot and save water!! i'm down with that

water is the most important resource esp in California... can't keep building out and ignoring the water supply...

the irony is people want to drill locally for more oil but we may have to import water soon

Sunday, August 24, 2014

laugh laugh

I thought I'd die, it seemed so funny to me

"When I write and speak, I certainly do use vivid language, but one thing I don't do is risk my integrity by engaging in irresponsible, inflammatory rhetoric in order to bolster a weak argument. I believe the best course of action is to base my positions on reasons and facts, and challenge anybody who disagrees to have an honest debate anytime, anywhere. In that regard, a letter writer recently put words in my mouth in order to bolster his argument. I wish this was an isolated instance, but unfortunately....."

no I dint write that, News-Press Guest writer and Professional Liar Andy Caldwell did and I laughed at the words "risk my integrity"...geez Andy, buffoons don't have any integrity!!

Andy is mad at the Measure P folks..and BTW, Andy already offered to debate them, they accepted and Andy chickened chickens have integrity???

see I got no problem with oil..just oil spills

so what else is new? well, I went down to see if the red fox was gone and yep he was..the only thing left was a nice big reddish brown pine cone with some fur on it in the exact place where I pushed the fox to rest..I'm thinking that the turkey vultures may have left that for me as a "thank-you"....I do have a wild streak in me and they sensed that....I am proud to be among the Vulture Brotherhood..the vulture union!!

ants are everywhere and I've never had any problems but lately they have been a bit more aggressive because of the drought..had one crawling on my leg the other day and another tried to crawl up my ass like Andy crawls up Wendy's ass so I clenched my butt cheeks and farted and BAMMM!!!  killed him

the only good ant is a dead ant

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wild Horses

couldn't drag me away

so we got nativists in helicopters harassing wild horses because the horses compete with native species...this is in Utah..we're talking about 170 horses...they catch them and keep the ones that can't be sold off in corrals...

this is nonsensical...wild horses should be allowed to run wild in the vast public lands of Utah....the horses will live and die but to interfere with them is absurd..they are not harming anything

the National Parks Service and Nature Conservancy used helicopters on the Channel Islands to harass golden eagles and kill deer..oh those terrible golden eagles!! oh those terrible non-native deer!! I think there were some elk, too...ohhh those terrible non-native elk!

well, it appears that the BLM has hired the Yarnbomber dude.... he dresses up in brightly colored yarn and rides around Utah trying to scare wild horses...

some folks think the feral horses are pests that need to be exterminated....these are the nativists/biologists you may have heard me talk about....well piss on them I say...

let the miniscule amount of wild horses that roam free alone...just leave them alone...

how hard is that???

Thursday, August 21, 2014


My fingernails are filthy, I've got beach tar on my feet. And I miss my clean white linen and my fancy French cologne

just what the world needs: another fucking nonprofit

so I'm watching the Mr Wimpy Show and he's got two guys on he calls Lanny and Laddy...the first five or ten minutes are spent trying to get the graphics right on the screen...they fumbled and mumbled like they were all high, especially Lanny...Lanny Ebenstein who was fired from writing guest editorial for the News-Press..but poor Lanny still follows Wendy around like dog, showing up at the Reagan Center hoping for a few scraps of meat....poor Lanny

this other guy Laddy..well it seems he was in a skiing accident years ago, tried a reckless manuever and crashed.... and he's pretty messed up so it was hard to understand what he was saying...but I did get he wants otters to stay up north so they don't interfere with abalone fishing in the southland....and he's pro-oil..both Laddy and Lanny are pro-oil....and that means more oil development because as they said it's good for the environment and the economy...

Lanny says he remembers when before the 1969 oil spill, he used to walk on the beach in Santa Barbara and get tar on his feet and the Chumash used this tar to make boats..and there's natural seeps so it's all good

well they finally got the graphics up for Laddy's resume and he's part of a nonprofit called SOS...STOP OIL SEEPS...stop the seeps by drilling more I think is the logic..the nonprotfir was founded by Lad and a guy named Bruce Allen who has since died...

so I think these guys are trying to sell me this..that seeps and spills are the same so we can't blame oil companies like BP when they fuck up!

then I do some online searches and see this:
Last September 15, during the "drill baby drill" brouhaha over offshore oil drilling, a Fox News broadcaster named Trace Gallagher declared on national television that "more oil seeps through the ground off the coast of California than is ever spilled out there."

According to Ira Leifer, who runs an institute at UC Santa Barbara called Bubbleology that publishes scientific studies on the seeps, this is partly true, but only if you ignore the element of time.

"The Coal Oil Point seeps produce the equivalent of one Exxon Valdez every three years," he said. "But there’s a vast difference between drinking a glass of vodka every night and drinking a year’s worth of vodka in one night."
The infamous 1969 oil disaster at Platform A off the Santa Barbara coast released about 100,000 barrels of oil — roughly 4 million gallons — in just 12 days. The oil came ashore in a thick layer along our central coast, fouling beaches from Rincon Point to Goleta, and killing seals, birds, otters, whales and other forms of sea life by the thousands

Summerland oil...5-30 wt..I use it in my truck!
some folks are still claiming the 1969 spill was "natural"

Marines and Mammals

I know the Marine Mammal Center was founded by News-Press columnist Peter Howorth and he is affiliated with a guy named Lad Handelman...Laddy!!!! well Lad had an opinion on EDHAT about fracking...about Measure P which is causing fits among nearly everybody..way to go girls... you Water Guardian girls are all uppity and soft and purty and those fat ignorant bitches up north don't take kindly to you....hehehe

but ah...hmmm..oh yeah, this Lad dude and Howorth also have a business: the Marine Mammal Consulting Group..the resume is padded and these guts are responsible for saving every creature in the sea while the oil companies drill offshore..I guess the oil companies hire Lad and Howorth to protect the seals and sea lions from the oil workers! or something

The following outlines several highly visible, extremely sensitive
projects MMCG has recently completed off the California Coast.

1994: U.S. Navy ship shock trials of Aegis class destroyer USS John Paul Jones.
To test the integrity of each new class of vessel and its systems, the U.S. Navy detonated 10,000-pound explosive charges at progressively closer distances to the ship to simulate a near miss. This also taught sailors how to respond under such circumstances, thus ensuring the safety of our military personnel. The project budget was over $1 million a day.

MMCG was tasked to establish and maintain a moving four-by-eight-mile safety zone for wildlife 200 miles off the California coast as the destroyer moved through the test area. MMCG’s approach was so successful that it has been applied toward the ship shock tests of the USS Seawolf, a new class of submarine. These tests took place off the east coast.

and somehow when the oil facility needs repair by the Carp Bluff, Peter and his crew mitigate problems with the sea life.and the seals...although they don't say how..

Served as a mitigation consultant for oil companies. He helped design and implement the mitigation strategy for Exxon's Las Flores and Santa Ynez Project northwest of Santa Barbara, a $5 billion operation spanning several years. Howorth also was involved in pipeline and pier repairs conducted by Chevron and Venoco that extended through a harbor seal rookery in Carpinteria. These projects, spanning several weeks each, were carried out with no significant impacts and no complaints even though the site was within 20 yards of a bluff occupied by an environmental group that watched each project, plus allowed immediate access to the media.

maybe Peter and Lad gave the seals little ear plugs to quiet the noise??? and I've never seen MMCG working in Carp....these consultants and nonprofits...these potheads and drunks trying to explain oil and environmentalism...hmmmmm

it all sounds very fishy to me..

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Carry On

one morning I woke up

so I told you about the Red Fox and that the Turkey Vultures would be down soon to dispose of the little fox kit...I've been watching the vultures glide and swoop down from the hills for years and am always amazed at their rid the landscape of carrion...always there to do the job...I see three perched atop a power pole, sometimes fighting for a spot...the pole is close to the fox, so I know the vultures are planning....ooooh, I see Carrion Crow hanging out with a vulture...enough food for everyone... I've never seen that before!! usually the crows are trying to attack the vultures! but they've all come to feast on brer fox....

then the Kite comes back and sits on a branch of a skinny eucalyptus for two hours preening himself...this is bird behavior never seen before except here on these pages....the Audubon Society will call and offer me an honory bird watching degree and I will decline and tell them to go jump in a lake..or a marsh hahahaaah!!

seriously, three vultures on a power pole; a crow and a vulture sitting in harmony on the pole; and a Kite preening for two's unprecedented

crow hangs with vulture!

but I started to think about territory and what a crime it is to build houses and vineyards where they shouldn't be..the City of Carp saved the Salt Marsh and to the council that made that happen, I will be forever grateful...

but anyway here's a primer on territories in case you get and your dog

your territory: front country with houses and condos and grocery stores

turkey vulture territory: power poles, telephone poles and anywhere the remains of death lie below

mountain lion territory: back country and foothills

coyote territory: back country and foothills and creeks

your territory: at Joe' at Macy's

shark territoy: the ocean

your territoy: your boat upon the ocean

sea lion territory: the sea..duh

dolphin territory: Stearn's Wharf fountain

your territory: the sand

your territory: biking down a nice road

plover territoy: Vandenburg Airforce Base and all the beaches up there

kite territory: the sky and the trees and the ground prey..the marsh

ant territory: my kitchen

hummingbird territory: Mexican sage

lady bug territory: fennel

bee territory: all the flowers..ALL THE FLOWERS!!!

bald eagle territory: eucalyptus trees

your territory: a UCSB lab

dog territory: beach, restaurants, banks, doctor's office, post office, grocery store, the lawn, hiking the foothills hiking with their masters and getting lost

red fox territory: the Salt Marsh and foothills

your territory: the toilet

bear territory: back country and trees

my territory: from the Clark Estate to Padaro Lane to the Carp bluffs

I offer this guide to you as a guide to guide you down the road whether you're hiking, biking, wheelchairing, or just out for a walk.....

carry on....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite

 there will be a show tonight...

a Kite has been hanging out at the Salt Marsh so I went down on Sunday to see if I could see what he's doing..up to his wings in mouse ass, no doubt ...I know a more expensive camera would allow me to catch viewable zoom close-ups, but a new camera is not in the budget right yet...because of the taxman...he wants my money

so I go down there and park and see a dead fox in the the pull-out area on the exit ramp right by the marsh...damn, it's a Red Fox and despite efforts to demonize and remove (kill them) by the crackhead biologists at UCSB, there must still be some foxes here... hoorah!!!

the foxes have been here since the 1870s....
and they are beautiful ..they do no harm to anyone or anything ('cept a rat or mouse)...foxes gotta eat too... and not that gourmet shit people feed their dogs..these little canines are left to their own devices which is why we need to make sure the biolgists who think the foxes don't belong here..we need make sure we shut down these idiot nativists...I'm simply fed up with them...these red foxes are  awesome

ok, so I took some pics and fashioned a large y-shaped stick to move the fox off into the bushes so he wouldn't get squished by a car...the vultures will get him as they should...

he died last night, hit by a can see the blood and his leg is broken...

good-bye B'rer Fox..

so on I went to see if I could see Mr. Kite...nope...but I trust he'll be back tonight..this evening..and I'll take some more bad pictures of him....but he doesn't care..he's got more important things to think about...

for the next few days, I hope Mr. Kite will be topping the bill...and of course Mr. Fox, too

I Walk The Line

I keep a close watch on this heart of mine...

did I ever tell you the story about me and Johnny Cash...the night we tore up Ventura? well, maybe later...

so I see some blonde chick modeling at the bus stop on a motorcycle....I wonder how she'd feel if I went over there and started to harass her because I thought it was my right as a man...

well, I 'd be arrested.....

and that other old blonde chick-fil-a Wendy...well I guess my praise for the News-Press reporting was without merit because Wendy is still firing people, although she's keeping the boozers...but the next to go is the chick editor of SCENE, so I've heard..and Wendy's main ass-kisser Scott Steeplton is back on page one mixing opinions up with stories regarding the UCSB porn professor

bad vibes, Wendy?

and if I were protesting abortion I might think twice about showing bloody images to pregnant women for I may induce a miscarriage, God's form of abortion....

it seems the City of Santa Barbara was sued in 1995 about the so-called Bubble Ordinance relating to Planned Parenthood...the legal is pretty convoluted but the lawsuit by two gals whom I've never even heard of, targeted city council members like disgusting old lesbian Harriet Miller and Elenore Langer and another pro-abortion lady, the Mayor at the time....I can't remember her name...but she escorted baby-killers into Parenthood to shield them from the anti-abortion folks...


In May of 1993, the City Council of defendant City of Santa Barbara ("the City") adopted an ordinance limiting protest activity outside medical clinics and places of worship ("the Ordinance"). The Ordinance was passed in the wake of complaints by individuals and organizations about the conduct of anti-abortion protestors. For instance, a representative of a local Planned Parenthood clinic complained that protestors were disrupting traffic, impeding access to the clinic, and confronting patients and staff members in a harassing fashion. See, e.g., Exhibits 103, 104 to Defendants' Opposition to Preliminary Injunction (letters to City Council members from Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, detailing incidents and complaints and requesting legislative response). There were also complaints that protestors had confronted abortion providers at their churches.

A. The Ordinance

The Ordinance has two main provisions.1 Section 9.99.030 ("the Driveway Provision") prohibits all "demonstration activity" on or within eight feet of the driveway of a health care facility or place of worship.2 "Demonstration activity" is defined to include "all expressive or symbolic content, whether active or passive...." Ordinance at 9.99.010(D). Section 9.99.020 ("the Bubble Zone Provision")3 forbids a person from "impeding" or "hampering" access to a health care facility or place of worship by failing to withdraw to eight feet away from a person when the person so requests. This provision is effective in the "access area", which is the area within 100 feet of a health facility or place of worship. Ordinance at 9.99.010(A). Obviously, both provisions encompass activity on public sidewalks.

Plaintiffs suggest that they have proved viewpoint animus by showing that certain members of the Santa Barbara City Council were affiliated with pro-choice groups. The Ordinance was requested by the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood of Santa Barbara, who wrote a letter to City Council members Harriet Miller and Eleanor Langer. See Plaintiffs' Exhibits Nos. 918-959. Langer was a member of the Board of Directors of Planned Parenthood when the Ordinance was enacted. Plaintiff's Exhibit Nos. 1242. Council member Miller "has attended Planned Parenthood meetings." Mayor Sheila Lodge, who is on the Council, is also a member of Planned Parenthood and serves as a volunteer "escort." Rollings Deposition at P51, L18. Plaintiffs conclude that these affiliations prove viewpoint discrimination. Plaintiffs' Opposition to Summary Judgment at 23. They have proved no such thing. Even though such membership permits an inference that these individuals may disagree with the anti-abortion viewpoint, plaintiffs have utterly failed to connect that disagreement to the enactment of this Ordinance. As discussed above, plaintiffs' evidence shows only that the Council members wanted to protect free access to clinics and churches.

Plaintiffs have not shown that the Ordinance was motivated by disagreement with the anti-abortion viewpoint; in fact, their evidence shows that it was justified by reference to effects, not content. Therefore, their argument about legislative intent must fail....

back then, a guy from Poland would chain himself to Planned Parenthood cars, get arrested, get out, then come to work the next day.....he'd hand out bibles to his fellow workers.... I worked with him and he was a great guy but most assuredly on a get in the face of Planned Parenthood..I wonder what ever happened to Richard?

maybe he joined up with Westboro Baptist Church!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

she's come undone

she didn't know what she was headed for....

well if I'm driving down the road and I'm DUI and the CHP pulls me over they can either arrest me or detain me...but can they unarrest me...apparently yes...but why drive DUI when such pretty girls are waiting to be done...and undone???

so I don't know why this thing about the CHP updating their records is such a big deal until I read who was behind the lawsuit....a DUI atty named Makler who for all intents and purposes is a Darryl Genis-lite..Makler is a skinnny bespectacled dork who tries to get college kids out of DUI arrests..see people still won't take DUI seriously...

if you hire a DUI lawyer you were DUI..period..the degree is the issue..and that's where all this whining comes in and I've seen it at the court house..Makler and his clients, usually the mom and dad and the kid all dressed up and looking guilty as hell, but being that DUI law is so full of loopholes you could drive your daddy's BMW through it, these kids get off easy unless of course they crash and or kill someone...

and that's why the CHP arrests people...they suspect them of DUI...those 188 that got their records cleared were 188 who were taken off the road when they were drinking and driving...this is apparently lost on the fuck DUI lawyers and dumbass judges

but the bottom line is teaching kids to duck and dodge personal responsibility seems to be the norm....and if you've been arrested but after five years not prosecuted, I would think your record is cleared automatically...but this ruling simply saves kids from the embarrassment of being arrested! silly! I was arrested once for vagrancy and parking tickets but that never stopped me from getting a job...course I never told my employers I got arrested ..I figure what they don't know won't hurt me! HAHAHAHAAH!!!

I once applied for work at a clothing store in La Cumbre Plaza and I failed a lie detector test, so they told me to get lost... a lie detector test!!!

well I know this Holzer dude is crazy guilty even though DA Joyce Dudley stood up there during the news conference, thoroughly undone, and said Holzer is innocent until proven guilty..well Joyce, he confessed...that means he's guilty


but the look in this guys eyes was sociopathic all the Hannibal Lecter...Hannibal Holzer..

should never have had custody of his kids...and the News-Press actually did some real investigative reporting by getting the divorce documents before other media! this a few days after reporting that north district Peter Adam was busted for not reporting about $40,000 from his campaign! are we turning a corner with the News-Press finally??? without fear or favor of friend or foe?? finally a separation between news and editorials!! someone must have lit a fire under the management

well the report said that the ex-wife Juana was fearful of Holzer and he was in psychiatric hospitals and she wanted to keep the kids away..instead the judge said she could have supervised visits and needed to attend parenting classes!! and gave custody to Hannibal

WTF!!! this Judge whoever he/she is totally fucked up!!! this is outrageous!! I'm more than a little disappointed in Santa Barbara judges lately and although the divorce was in 2006, a bad decision is a bad decision....and this one has blood all over it...

I think Santa Barbara judges are retards..fucking retards and they have sex with their sisters and the results of this incest is the bevy of lawyers I see seated in the court chambers..dressed in cheap gabardine...ghoulish looking creatures...all of them..

those little boys deserved much better....

Thursday, August 14, 2014

No Time To Cry

My father died a year ago today....

The rooster started crowing when they carried Dad away.
There beside my mother, in the living room, I stood,
With my brothers and my sisters, knowing Dad was gone for good.

Well, I stayed at home just long enough,
To lay him in the ground and then I,
Caught a plane to do a show up north in Detroit town.
Because I'm older now and I've got no time to cry.

I've got no time to look back, I've got no time to see,
The pieces of my heart that have been ripped away from me.
And if the feeling starts to coming, I've learned to stop 'em fast.
`Cause I don't know, if I let 'em go, they might not wanna pass.
And there's just so many people trying to get me on the phone.
And there's bills to pay, and songs to play,
And a house to make a home.
I guess I'm older now and I've got no time to cry.

I can still remember when I was a girl.
But so many things have changed so much here in my world.
I remember sitting on the front yard when an ambulance went by,
And just listening to those sirens I would breakdown and cry.

But now I'm walking and I'm talking,
Doing just what I'm supposed to do.
Working overtime to make sure that I don't come unglued.
I guess I'm older now and I've got no time to cry.

I've got no time to look back, I've got no time to see,
The pieces of my heart that have been ripped away from me.
And if the feeling starts to coming, I've learned to stop 'em fast.
`Cause I don't know, if I let 'em go, they might not wanna pass.
And there's just so many people trying to get me on the phone.
And there's bills to pay, and songs to play,
And a house to make a home.
I guess I'm older now and I've got no time to cry.

Now I sit down on the sofa and I watch the evening news:
There's a half a dozen tragedies from which to pick and choose.
The baby that was missing was found in a ditch today.
And there's bombs a'flying and people dying not so far away.

And I'll take a beer from the 'fridgerator,
And go sit out in the yard and with a cold one in my hand,
I'm gonna bite down and swallow hard.
Because I'm older now: I've got no time to cry.

I've got no time to look back, I've got no time to see,
The pieces of my heart that have been ripped away from me.
And if the feeling starts to coming, I've learned to stop 'em fast.
`Cause I don't know, if I let 'em go, they might not wanna pass.
And there's just so many people trying to get me on the phone.
And there's bills to pay, and songs to play,
And a house to make a home.
I guess I'm older now and I've got no time to cry.

I guess I'm older now: I just ain't got no time to cry.

No time to cry.
No time to cry.
No time to cry....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Darkness on the Edge of Town

They're still racing out at the Trestles,
But that blood it never burned in her veins,
Now I hear she's got a house up in Fairview,
And a style she's trying to maintain.


the nuclear American family is a scary thing....if you are from a broken family, have step brothers and sisters or half brothers and sisters, consider yourselves lucky....raised by aunts and's always good to see things from someone else's perspective

with such diversity, the familial power structure changes  and the chances of a family member going crazy and killing everyone else diminishes...the reality is people wanna leave quick and start their own lives instead of living with mommy and daddy into their 30s, 40s or shit even their 60s!! this is very unhealthy

if your parents cared, they raised you to be get out there and take on the world, make your mark and your own mistakes..not coddle you like puppy dog

so the news coming out of Goleta was distressing....father stabs family to death...including two kids stabbed to death by their went crazy....and killed his parents who also lived in the house

the killer was divorced but had full custody of his kids...why...what Judge gave this dark creep full custody???

and how can a man kill his own young sons?? how??? well....psychosis of course but who knows....

the weird thing is the dad and his kids were living in a house with the dad's parents....the house was owned by a family trust..

this is odd for white family, still living with your parents although in Mexico it may be customary...

I wish I was married to a Mexican girl!

Everybody's got a secret, Sonny,
Something that they just can't face,
Some folks spend their whole lives trying to keep it,
They carry it with them every step that they take.
Till some day they just cut it loose
Cut it loose or let it drag 'em down,
Where no one asks any questions,
or looks too long in your face,

In the darkness on the edge of town....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sitting In Limbo

Sitting here in limbo, But I know it won't be long, Sitting here in limbo, Like a bird without a song....

one thing I'll never do is ride a recumbent bike or's like flying a helicopter with the propeller on the bottom...uncool


so Sunday's News-Press was pro-DUI...Scott Steepleton had two stories that "may possibly" affect how the CHP arrests drunks...well not really but Scott is hopeful

the another story about Scott's pal DUI lawyer Darryl Genius was hopeful Darryl will only get a private reprimand instead of a forced vacay by the State Bar for his dirty courtroom deeds...

the  News-Press Sports Page had a bunch of articles by the Associated Press...does that mean that Sports Editor Gerry Fallwell and his new pal Zack the Jew were drinking beer at the bar again??? care for a Tic-Tac, fellas?? geez

then On Monday I'm watching the news and funnyman Robin Williams (Good Morning, Vietnam!) is dead then all the power goes out then I hear sirens outside then I go outside and see a truck crashed into a power pole down the road..then the power comes back on..but who crashes into a power pole in the afternoon...a drunk!! power poles are there to transmit power to me and others, not to crash into!!! dumbass pickup trucks drivers..or maybe it was a stoner who dropped his roach, burned his leg, the over-corrected into the power pole! stoner! HAHAHAHAH!!

then the power goes out again and the SCE crew is working on the poles...worker fixes problem caused by slacker...and so it goes

well, we're in drought are we not and I see that the County is installing new Dog Spas at the beaches and parks...the Arroyo Burro Mesa dog wash this really necessary? using water to wash your dumbass dog???

we don't want poor doggies to get sand on their little paws now do we??

when cats get dirty they lick themselves clean... but dogs, domestic dogs not wild dogs, domestic dogs are too stupid to clean themselves so the county services the water, heats it up to 72 degrees and the yuppiemuppiewuppies can pamper their miscreant fleabags

so my tax money will be spent to waste water to clean your mutt!!

neither does the County Parks!!!

the muttwash is out of service at Summerland's Lookout Park and they need to remove is an EYESORE!!!

I... awww geez...I gotta put a stop to this...some of this.. not all of it just some of it

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fever Dream

stand back and see if they circle..

a super moon on my left and flourescent green and white fishing boats on the water....
and oil below the surface makes for a rather spooky awesome night!

hey...don't mess with moms who want a healthy environment for their children to grow up in...that's the lesson to take from Measure P....the anti-fracking I watch the vote day get closer, I see the pro-oil folks up north are in a fever and sweating globules of oily water from they brows..the News-Press of course is any cost because of the money and the profits that are promised to everyone...kinda like the Chumash who promise lots of money to everyone...nevermind that it's all blood money....

so I'm reading the News-Press and Andy Caldwell is opining about oil..Andy is a professional liar as I've pointed out and is threatened by the women who put Measure M on the ballot....

ok we know all that but another guy caught my attention..a feller named McCalip who was a principal and superintendent but the byline doesn't say where or what or why...a principal of what and a superintendent of what..a toilet???

anyway this guy says acidizing is safe and used to clean not only oil wells but water wells of "crusts"..I think he means mineral desposits...just pour a bunch of acid down the well and dissolve the crusts?? well, not exactly... you need to be really careful when using acid...muriatic acid can burn you quick and will react VIOLENTLY with high calcium deposits..This reaction causes overfoaming or an explosion of acid spewing 20-30ΚΌ out of the well...It can create a hazardous cleanup condition since inherent ingredients consist of heavy metals, i.e., lead, arsenic, zinc, etc....

Little attention is given to the dangers of chemicals to on-site personnel, the effects
of corrosive liquids on well casings or screens, and the potential of contaminating aquifers with nonbiodegradable, hazardous chemicals

is it safe? is it safe? is it safe??

Wenonah Hauter

BIG oil and gas believe their industry should have no boundaries. They want to frack wherever, whenever and however they please, to build dangerous pipelines anywhere they wish. Their cynical CEOs say it’s all about energy independence, while they push to ship gas and oil across the globe to whomever can pay the highest price. They fight to prevent citizens from suing for fair compensation when deadly accidents and dangerous spills occur, while they push for the right to sue anyone who discloses the names of the chemicals used in fracking.

when I was living at Rancho Monte Alegre before Arnold and Maria but after Olive Carey, we used well water..occasionally pebbles/sand would come out of the tap or clog the lines...the ranch foreman had to hightail it up to the well and clean it out..he never used acid...never never....

so to claim that acid is used on water wells and used safely..well, this dude McCalip must be stuck somewhere back in the 1950s

this is the year 2014...and the oil companies need to clean up their act...God Knows they got the money to do it...but that money is going to pay people like Andy Caldwell to lie for them...and this other get McCalip...I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he took some oily cash too!

dumbfounded...yet elated!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mystery Achievement

Don't breathe down my neck no I got no trophies on display.....

I go to CVS in Carp and the clerk says she's staying away from downtown today due to all the drunks! oh yeah, the Surf and Suds Festival is's a pretty sad affair...

dreamt up by the boozers at Coastal View (Nipper's pals), the beer fest costs $55 to get in...$20 if you are a designated driver...unbelievable...dumbshits drinking beer all day...

how 'bout a little exercise, Porky!!

the campground was full of families and kids and the stupid beer fest was hogging the big field so they had to deal with drunks all day!

there's a subculture of people plaguing the social scene and they are called "hipsters"...they don't have any practical skills so they spend their time drinking beer, covering rocks and trees with yarn...hipsters..weenies..beerhounds...white trash

the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum at the Harbor has gone hipster and sunk to a new a beer party


the Montecito Journal and Sentinel, both owned by Mr. Cocktail and old hipster Jim Buckley have been promoting some Jew hipster named Zak Rosen, who is a beer expert...must take a lot of beer to cleanse the conscience for killing those Palestinian kids

a beer silly is this! what a waste of time and energy to hole up in the SB Maritime Museum in the middle of the day and drink beer...don't we have enough problems with drunk drivers??? I may have to attend this little bash which is sponsored by the Montecito Journal and another useless nonprofit Hutton Parker Foundation...hmmmmm

the usual suspects

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum advisory council members:

Russell E. Galipeau, Jr.
Channel Islands Nat’l Park..
you wanna talk animal abuse, this guy along with Nazi Kate cleansed the Channel Islands of unwanted species...killed THOUSANDS of animals for no reason

Kevin McTeague
Santa Barbara Navy League

Erin Graffy de Garcia....pop historian writes for the News-Press and likes whiskey

Hillary Hauser..she tried to clean up the ocean but I can't ever understand what she's saying
Heal the Ocean

Peter Howorth...has an absurd fear of sharks...writes for the News-Press and tries to panic the public for donations to his nonprofit
Marine Mammal Center

hipster Ted

now, making beer takes tons of water that we don't have and it all gets pissed out rather quickly...if pot is legal, maybe the Maritime Museum can have a reefer seminar!

the News-Press has a new feature called "Drink of the Week"...this week presents a Kamikazi..the article was by  faggy Ted Mills who promotes alcohol abuse with his buddies and is now a News-Press correspondent....

"drink a bucket of booze at Happy Hour" .....what a freakin' punk!!!

hipsters and their mystery achievements..... these boys are now on my radar

Friday, August 8, 2014

Fishin' Blues

bet your life your lovin' wife can catch more fish than you.....

so I moved to Carpinteria about 15 years ago and then the stars started following me here...Rob Lowe, Kevin Costner, Alan Thicke, George Lucas, and so on....these guys paid a lot of money to live by the railroad tracks and the highway on Padaro Lane...I paid a little but I think it's see all kinds of cool stuff on Highway 101....military vehicles, Harleys, old muscle cars, some accidents with death and blood..and the train, the Amtrak at night with the windows lit up is so romantic!

so last night I'm gazing out over Marsha at sunset and see some weird green and white lights, close to shore..the moon was nearly full and the marsh was also nearly full....high was enchanting but I couldn't makeout what the lights were...looked like some boats adrift and some swaying back and forth...

so I start to think about the stars on Padaro Lane..maybe they are shooting a film...maybe Steven Spielberg is doing another "Jaws"! and Rob Lowe is being cast in a "Shark Week" promo for some reason

well, it looked like that scene in Jaws when Chief Brody and Hooper are on the boat and Hooper dives in and discovers that dead dude....the lighting was real spooky like that.....

it was cool and I still don't know what happened because there was no sign of boats there today....

some squid boats someone said....awful lot of commotion for some squid...

I think they were looking for sharks..or a body...or maybe some good actors!